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Data for January 2018 shows that 2.5 billion people on Earth use social networks every day and post a variety of content ranging from text and photographs to comments and likes.

Social network users can be sorted into three categories:

  • Professional bloggers, opinion makers, photographers (when creation of content is a source of professional income)
  • Regular users who post quality content but don’t have the opportunity to monetize it
  • Regular users who do not create quality content (or any content at all) but make use of someone else’s product (photographs, posts, comments)

Only a small percentage of users, those included in the first category, are able to monetize their publications by cooperating with brands and companies that promote their services. A significant number of social network users that create high quality and popular content don’t have the opportunity to make money from it (the second category). What happens is that the content earns money for the companies that own the social networks as opposed to the creators themselves. This is how Facebook’s market value has reached $350 billion to date and continues to grow first and foremost because of user content.

The overwhelming number of social media users is the audience (the third category). They usually do not create their own content but actively use social networks, ranking and commenting on content posted by others and also communicating with each other. This is the audience that creates the added value of a social network as a product.

Description of Problems for Social Network Users

The biggest problem of existing social networks is their “ungratefulness” for the efforts made by ordinary users that create content. On existing social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, VK, and many others, users generate quality and unique content without any compensation at all. No users of these popular social networks get rewarded for their content by the network or other users.

Monetization of content through advertising is usually done by hyped bloggers and photographers who decide which advertisers to cooperate with as well as new authors who advertise questionable goods and services to earn money.

The structure of most social networks does not value the idea of likes as promotion of the content’s author. This leads users to like things even when they don’t really like the photo or video and also like things for the sake of attracting new followers. But even if the like is legitimate, it still doesn’t bring direct benefit to the author.

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To solve this problem, a team of specialists has developed the innovative Monoreto

platform. Monoreto is a social network that:

  • Gives every user the opportunity to earn from posting photos and videos
  • Increases the significance and value of likes and improves the overall quality of content
  • Reduces the need for blogger ads as a monetization method
  • Makes fake likes and bots unprofitable

Project Ideology

Each of these user categories needs to have several important psychological and economic attributes:

  • Creative fulfillment
  • Compassion
  • Recognition of talent and professional skills
  • Earning income

Statistics shows that the two most popular social networks in the world are Facebook and Instagram.

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The comScore portal reveals that users visit their Facebook pages eight times a day on average. Moving along the statistics, we see that, on average, Instagram is checked six times, Twitter is checked five times, and Facebook Messenger is checked three times. Data from the Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2018 indicates that Facebook and Instagram are the main social platforms used by businesses and demonstrated positive dynamics in 2017 compared to 2016.

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Monetization of Daily Use by Regular Users

Monoreto will make communication even easier and more convenient. Every Monoreto user will get modern social networking tools:

  • Improved timeline of posts with photos and videos

  • Comments on posts to keep in contact with followers

  • Stories function, which allows for creation of photos and 10-second videos with overlaid text, emojis, and handwritten notes

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Unlike most other social networks, Monoreto will see winners among not only those who gain popularity but also among those who are sincerely ready to support authors of quality content.

Our token

MNR is ERC20-compliant app token with limited emission. Each Like promotes your account in the news feed along with popular ones. Besides, you can pay by MNR for advertising on the platform. The possibility of convertation of MNR to internal tokens MON in equal proportions after the launch of the platform is under consideration. Link to our: GitHub.

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Token Ticket

Pre-ICO start and finish dates 10 May 2018 – 10 June 2018

ICO start and finish dates 15 August 2018 – 30 September 2018

Token Supply No more than the hard cap

Distribution of Tokens and Collected Funds:

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Token Distribution:

  • 23% to initial platform users

  • 11% remains the company’s share

  • 3% used for bounty prizes

  • 63% to crowdsale participants

The smart contract mechanism allows indicated proportions to be maintained including in the case that less money is collected during the crowdsale than is planned.

Accordingly, there won’t be an increase in the team’s share if this happens.

Distribution of collected funds after the Token Sale:

  • 50% for development of the Monoreto platform

  • 25% for marketing and advertising applications

  • 15% for future development of the Monoreto platform

  • 10% in expenditure on legal regulations





  • Research needs of market
  • Research of platform launch on the international market
  • Creation of draft platform design



  • Development of marketing innovation mechanism inside platform Monoreto
  • Resolving questions of technical realization of the platform and its scaling



  • Preparation to blockchain technology use in project
  • The beginning of work on Whitepaper
  • Engagement of consultants
  • Project introduction to potential users
  • Development of ITO campaign for raising funds
  • Overview of technological solutions of the platform and its positioning
  • Development of media plan and marketing research




  • Beginning of marketing campaigns on tokens sale
  • Organization of Monoreto’s community
  • Presentation of project and integration into mass media



  • Presentation of functional core of platform
  • Start of fund raising to bring product to world market
  • Presentation of project to holders of tokens at international level
  • Completing distribution of tokens
  • Beta-version of product



  • Monoreto Investment
  • Launching escrow system
  • Smart contracts within the platform




  • Unlock 20% of tokens for first users from platform development fund
  • Designing effective smart feed tools to promote users
  • Developing mobile application
  • Translation to additional languages

Monoreto Team and Consultants

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Monoreto Consultants

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