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Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the behaviour of users, owners and miners has proved to be very diferent than what was expected. Rather than turning into true ‘virtual coinage systems’ used to buy goods and services on a day-to-day basis (from your morning latte to houses and cars), Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have turned into long-term investments; from something, you keep in your wallet into something you store in your safe.

On the other hand, quickly appreciating assets, which cryptocurrencies have proven to be, have become a valuable asset for lending and crediting.

The market for this type of platform will typically consist of miners, projects that received funds from Token sales, cryptocurrency exchangers and providers of services for cryptocurrency purchases. In addition, early cryptocurrency traders with significant paper gains will also find it enticing.

Roger Ver, Founder of, adviser at MoneyToken
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“MoneyToken is a bright example of the real use of blockchain technology, as well as offering a massive boost for crypto market liquidity for all market players, and especially for businesses.”

Our Vision

At this stage of the market’s development, we see that cryptocurrency assets have gained the characteristics of various financial instruments. We can divide cryptocurrencies by their qualities and algorithms; into investment assets and means of payment.

  • Investment assets are volatile and compelling for the long term, made to earn on the dierence between rates of exchange or getting other types of earnings, such as from proof-of-stake algorithms, rate in interest and so on.
  • Payment cryptocurrencies are created to support the stability of the rate of exchange – they usually are embedded with a self-regulation mechanism, a unique algorithm to regulate the diculty of mining or the release of new coins.

The problem is that, even if the new functional cryptocurrency has a capitalization of several million, it’s probably not recognized by the pre-existing fiat financial system as an asset. Even if on the governmental level the cryptocurrency has a certain status, the banking system and its loan services are closed for the cryptocurrency business or the holders of such an asset.

What problem does MoneyToken solve?

The problem has been obvious for some time-spending crypto assets today prevents cryptocurrency holders from gaining on any future growth in asset value; holders who buy low need to hold on to their investments in order to benefit from selling high.

This is where MoneyToken steps in. The MoneyToken platform allows you to borrow liquid funds instantly, based on the current value of your cryptocurrency asset holdings. You take out a loan, collateralized with more volatile assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum - and in return you receive an agreed loan amount in a stable currency.

And after repaying the loan you receive your whole collateral back; even if the collateral has increased in value multiple times.

This way, you're able to acquire liquid funds for immediate needs, and save your crypto position, all at the same time.

Lending Model

MoneyToken’s lending model uses fluctuating crypto-assets as collateral for a loan provided in fiat currency or stablecoin.

The list of the advantages of this model versus traditional banking or pawnbrokers’ schemes:

  • Automatic confirmation of the loan within seconds or minutes. *No requirement for credit scoring or verification of assets.
  • The customer regulates the loan conditions on their own within the confines of the platform’s terms.
  • An option to deposit the collateral in several cryptocurrency assets in order to stabilize the general fluctuation of the collateral and lower any upward pressure on interest rates.
  • Transparency of the operation during both transfer and retention of the security deposit.
  • Transparency of collateral evaluation and the fluctuation of its value over time for both parties

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Interest rates for this type of loan can be settled using the collateral value or paid o in crypto- or fiat currency, in which case the security deposit will be returned immediately after the settlement.

Who is the platform for?

  • Miners
    Avoid cash flow issues or invest in more equipment, without losing your existing mined cryptocurrency
  • Traders and investors
    Hold on to your cryptocurrency investment portfolio and use leverage to make further investments or increase your liquidity
  • ICOs
    Quickly access cash, without all the red tape, for short term business needs
  • Exchanges
    Meet extra cash needs while hedging exchange risks and leveraging your crypto assets

At the MoneyToken exchange service, users will be able to purchase and exchange cryptocurrency assets, as well as fiat funds.

MoneyToken exchange will be used for automation collateral liquidation in cases of collateral currencies price drop.

IMT Token
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Name: MoneyToken

Symbol: IMT
Token selling price: $ 0.005
Retail Price: $ 0.05
Max. emission: 20,044

Private Sale: Feb 07 - 21 Mar Soft Cap: -. Hard cap: $ 1.5MM

Pre-Sales: March 22 - May 1st Soft seal: $ 1.5MB. Hard coverage: $ 5MM

Token Sale: May 02 - Jun 06 Soft seal: $ 3MM Hard cap: $ 35MM

Retail Sales: Jun 07. Soft seal: -. Hard cap: -.

The Retail Price of IMT will be higher by x10 of the final price on the Token Sale, as it is unlimited and will increase in the future and will never be eliminated any lower than the Token Sale price.

Funds received from Retail sales will be transferred to the Safety fund to secure the interests of the lender. The fund's security mechanism is explained in detail on our white paper. We will refund the money if the soft hat will not be achieved. All unsold tokens will be burned


  • Private Sales: 1 - 6 weeks - 40% PreSale
    First day - 30%
  • Week 1 - 4 - 25%
  • Sales Token

Sales Token

  • 0-10MM - 20%
  • 10-20MM - 15%
  • 20-25 mm - 10%
  • 25-30 mm - 5%
  • 30-35 mm - 0%

Legal Status of the IMT Token

  • IMT tokens are utility tokens.
  • IMT tokens do not share the properties of paper securities.
  • To ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) policies, Know Your Client (KYC) procedures will be implemented.

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Introducing Amanda

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February 2017

  • Concept development
  • Formation of the team

June 2017

  • Platform development underway

November 2017

  • International Patent filing to protect, the IP of tie platform

December 2017

  • Official announcement of the platform

February 2018

  • Private Sale round

March 2018

  • PreSale round

Q1 2018 — MoneyToken
platform 1st release presentation

  • Stablecoin as a loan currency
  • Bitcoin and Ether as a collateral
  • Repayment to Collateral Ratio selection
  • Loan repayment using collateral
  • Loan term extension options
  • Early repayment options
  • Amanda operating as loan assistant

May 2018

  • Token Sale round

Q4 2018 - MoneyToken
platform 2nd release

  • Options to become a lender, depositing IMTs
  • Multi-currency collateral; multisignature collateral custody feature
  • Exchange service
  • MoneyToken Payment Card
  • Referral program
  • MoneyToken lending API for external platforms: exchanges, wallets, mass media

Q2 2019 — MoneyToken
platform 3rd release

  • Adding more popular stable coins as credit currencies
  • Obtain financial licences and begin integration of fiat currencies as credit currencies
  • Adding successful ITO tokens with working products as collateral
  • MoneyToken Mobile App
  • Amanda as SaaS (Software as a Service) for other financial services

Q4 2019 — Full
decentralization and
Phase 4 of platform

  • MoneyToken decentralized exchange launch
  • Decentralized decision making system
  • Atomic swaps and multi chain transactions, smart-contract deals

Founders and Key members
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Local ambassadors

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