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SilentNotary is an ecosystem, which develops around SilentNotary Smart Contract, ensuring the evidence of existence and permanence of certain events. By the aid of ability to integrate Smart Contract into messenger, you can record events in various digital formats: images, video, audio, chat, multi-user chat. Moreover, mailbot allows to record written communication with any number of counter agents.
The project starts with a practical demonstration of a chatbot, based on Facebook messenger. As of Q1 of 2017, there were 1.2 bln active users of the messenger

A need to record the fact of an event arises on a regular basis in almost any person's everyday life. Moreover, it should be done with allowance for possible judicial defense. It means, that the evidence must be relevant, admissible, credible and verifiable. Blockchain suits perfectly for this task. There are many examples of successful proof of document existence. Nevertheless, these technologies did not get widespread use due to absence of a usable interface for broad audience.
But this interface exists in the form of messengers. They are installed on almost all smartphones. They are convenient and common for users. They allow us to record video, send files and communicate with many users in real time. Obviously, a chatbot with protocol writing and record of evidence to prove the existence of information, obtained in the course of a dialog, supports the solution of event proving problem.

SilentNotary is not a notary as a centralized institution in terms of existing legal systems. It is a decentralized system, which allows to clearly identify the fact of existence of an electronic document at a certain time. This is an alternative to notary protocol of an electronic document inspection. The main aim of the system is to ensure the evidence of event existence,
recorded in digital format, in the most user-friendly way.

In what cases do we need SilentNotary and what can it do to help?

  • Performed work, rendered services. It will be easy to record the result at any phase of work. Just launch the messenger and send images or video files of the work results to SilentNotary chatbot. You can share the received link with the employer. By doing so, you will be able to prove the fact, that, at this moment, the work is done. If the work was not finished within the agreed timescale or there were deficiencies detected, the employer can do the same and record the problem in a format of certified image or video. Certified records may be used for preparation of acceptance certificates for work performed or
    objections to quality and timescale claims.

  • Communication via e-mail. Letters of critical importance must be saved and certified. Just add SilentNotary address into the list of recipients. The system certifies the letter content and data from mailing servers (RFC-title of the letter). It means, that the list of recipients,the fact of dispatch, delivery and email routing would be recorded.

  • Offers are done in a digital format. Any company, selling anything via the Internet, makes a public offer to its clients. In this case, the text of the offer is just published on the
    website. This text may be changed at any time. There are many cases, which require confirmation on the offer content and the fact of its publication on the website. Both the seller and the buyer may need it. You can use SilentNotary website to certify the document and the page, where it was published. Just send a link to the page and order certification of the page content.

  • Priority of authorship. Code text, picture, story, music... Any intellectual property item, which can be represented in digital format, is subject to legal protection. SilentNotary cannot replace a patent solicitor, but it helps to prove precedence of case of dispute. In order to certify the item, you can use any way convenient for you: send a file via email to SilentNotary address, certify it on the website or share in a message to the chatbot.
    and many more just log into

SNTR tokens.
The system tokens (hereinafter SNTR or "tokens") are issued in a limited amount of 1*1012 tokens and are used to organize the interaction of the ecosystem participants. The main contract for its operation is required by SNTR. Only the SNTR token holder can use the services of the contract.
Since the service is aimed at rendering services in the real economy, the cost of services shall be denominated in fiat currencies. However, calculations within crypto economics are made in crypto currencies. Compared to crypto currencies, the cost of fiat currencies is marked by high volatility.
The following solution is proposed to resolve the issue of regulating the cost of services and linking it to the fiat currency: to control the SilentNotary contract execution cost by changing the basic cost for Document certification (serves for recording the market conditions and competitive
environment). Coefficients USD/ETH rate and Certification costs are published on the web-page

For example, according to the calculation formula, if a basic cost of certification equals to 0.2 USD and USD/ETH exchange rate is 300, the requirement of the contract is 667 SNTR.
For the service of the ordinary user, it is planned to support the creation of independent service
providers, commercial organizations, acting as intermediaries between the end customer and
SilentNotary service. To render services, the providers will have to buy SNTR tokens.
These tokens can be obtained in three ways:

  1. During the Token sale by exchanging ETH for tokens in accordance with the rules of sale
    at the exchange rate from 0.01 ETH to 0.2 ETH for 1 M SNTR.
  2. Exchange from the existing owners in a free transaction.
  3. Refer to the main contract, sending it ETH, which it will exchange from the owners of the
    token at the rate of 1*106 SNTR = 0.2 ETH. In this case, the tokens transferred are
    withdrawn proportionally from all owners, and the received ETH is charged to the owners
    of the tokens in proportion to the seized tokens. This way of obtaining tokens is reserved
    for a case when it is impossible to obtain tokens by any of the aforementioned ways in
    order to eliminate the possibility of blocking the system due to the lack of offer on the
    secondary market.

Scheme of token withdrawal.
SNTR tokens are not securities, shares or cash equivalent. They are a software and cryptographic code, which is used by the main Smart Contract to perform the task. If there are no SNTR tokens, the required number of tokens may be compulsorily exchanged at a fixed rate 100 M SNTR=20 ETH. Exchange is performed by Smart Contract automatically on a pro rata basis between all token holders.

Flexible pricing.
According to common practice, earlier participants of a Token sale get an advantage over subsequent participants. We have made this principle absolute and created a mechanism to define token market value. Initial exchange rate is fixed at 1 ETH for 100M SNTR. The price of a token rises with every deal, unless it reaches the level, at which token purchase deals stop. We believe the market has set a reasonable estimate of SilentNotary tokens. The remaining unsold tokens will be transfered to the team in order to serve the long-term interest in project development and accomplishment of necessary application tests.

According to the best practices of organization of the public sale of tokens, we use Escrow to secure intended expenditure of attracted funds. If the checklist conditions have not been fulfilled within the time specified, uncommitted funds are automatically returned to token holders.

The purpose of token sale.
The purpose of token sale is to raise funds for the expansion of the existing service functions,
introduce the service into the legal practices of the leading jurisdictions, and create an ecosystem
of application users. Below is the planned budget of the project.

The future.
We believe that a whole system of services will emerge that will use SilentNotary, in particular,
P2B, B2B, P2P credit systems, real estate management, insurance, evaluation of physical assets.
In fact, we are currently working on such a project – a system for the transfer of financial and
legal documentation called the DebtLock Project. These services will use documents certified by
SilentNotary as their basis.
We are willing to collaborate with other teams and projects. If your project needs solid proofs
that certain events or documents took place, we will develop a convenient interaction interface.
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