Bitxoxo is an Indian cryptocurrency (bitcoin) exchange platform that is currently having its personal token sale. Bitxoxo has real time trading, a flexible interface that can be intuitive to allow the user to trade easily and execute fast because of its technological design and sociability.
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Bitxoxo platform is based on Blockchain technology that does not depend on a single server and is optimized for mobile phones with 24/7 customer support including low fees that are 0.1% per transaction grown a lot lately. Bitxoxo platform has been up since 2016 before the Bitcoin craze, having more than 100 thousand active customers and a volume of over $10 million USD daily. Bitxoxo was founded by an experienced team made of long-time investors lead by Hesham Rehman (founder and CEO) and Mohammed Rezwan (co-founder and COO). The technical team includes Mohammed Sadic (CTO), Archit Tyagi (partner), Salvina Samson (certified Bitcoin professional) and advisors like Roger Ver, Mate Tokay, Stephen Drew, Sydney Ifergan and Robby Schwerner. The company is also partners with Crypto Global Capital and Obbserv Beyond the Obvious.

Bitxoxo future objectives with XOXO token includes:

  • Bitxoxo International Debit Card for users.

  • Bitcoin Cash marketplace with top 15 cryptocurrencies and more in order book model.

  • Bitxoxo Incubator to provide all the necessary needs like funds and advisory for the new blockchain startups.

  • The expansion of Bitxoxo cryptocurrency exchange worldwide starting from Singapore, Australia and UAE etc.

  • Security of fund and information is among the top priority list of Bitxoxo.

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Fast processing

Bitxoxo exchange platform carries out their operation with good speed. Bitxoxo system is fully automated, all the buying and selling of trades get instant processing. Bitxoxo's system is designed to process thousands of trades per seconds.

Experienced team member

The Bitxoxo team is made up of well trained and experienced people specially trained in the art of cryptocurrency.

Mobile Friendly

The bitxoxo platform is designed to be accessed through mobile gadgets, giving people easy access anywhere they are.

Bitxoxo blockchain Technology

The advent of blockchain technology has further enhanced the acceptance of cryptocurrency. To further promote use, Bitxoxo is built on the blockchain technology which makes the platform decentralized.


Security of fund and information is among the top priority list of Bitxoxo. Bitxoxo's security system is under regular improvement to ensure 100% security of users fund.

Customer care

Bitxoxo offers amazing customer care services all round the clock. They ensure all customers get good services while transacting and remain a successful investor.

Bitxoxo Platform has many features that can be used to enhance the services of the people who decide to use like the Bitxoxo Gift Card, the mobile app, ICO launchpad, the BCH-altcoin marketplace, among other things.

The Bitxoxo Gift Card can be used as a pre-paid gift card. It is a physical gift that works in a similar way to the e-commerce ones and can be given to your family or friends and bought with cryptocurrencies. The Bitxoxo Gift Card can be redeemed on the company’s website and can be used to buy cryptocurrencies there.

The mobile app is another interesting feature because it enables the users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. They don't even need to be at home sitting in a computer to make exchanges.

The ICO Launchpad serves for the users to invest in ICOs without having to look for projects. All the projects on the platform are selected by expert traders and use many variables to determine which are the best options. Unfortunately, this options is for Indians only at this point, but you might expect to use it in the future from any place.

Bitxoxo will release a platform for Bitcoin Cash in the future, as it states that this is one of the crypotos with potential to surpass the original Bitcoin. The platform will enable people to use fiat currency to buy Bitcoin Cash and use BCH to buy altcoins at any time or place in the second half of 2018.

The company also has other services like a POS Bitxoxo app so you can buy offline using your Bitxoxo cryptocurrency wallet, the Bitcoin Cash e-university certification program, the Bitxoxo Incubator for blockchain startups and finally the Bitxoxo Debit Card so you can use your coins to buy anywhere at the time that you want.


Symbol: XOXO

Token Supply: 20,000,000 XOXO

Token Type: ERC20

Pre-ICO Sales Token: 5,000,000 XOXO

ICO Sales Token: 10,000,000 XOXO

Founders, Advisors & Team 5,000,000

Pre-ICO Token Price: $1.5/XOXO 25%

ICO Token Price: $2/XOXO

Soft Cap: $5,000,000

Hard Cap:$27,500,000

The company is having a pre-ICO at this moment to launch its own XOXO token and develop the platform further. In the pre-ICO, you can buy the tokens for $1.50 USD each. The pre-sale will last until the end of April, when the main sale, that will happen during May, will begin. The price per XOXO token will then be $2 USD each.

There will be 10,000,000 XOXO tokens sold in the ICO and 5,000,000 of them will be going to the founders and advisors.

The soft cap is $5,000,000 USD

The hard cap is $27,500,000 USD.

Bitxoxo stores 5,000,000 tokens and plans to distribute them as follows:

  • 1 million - for marketing support, as well as for the Bounty campaign;

  • 1 million - for the advisers and partners of the project;

  • 3 million - for the founders and the team, that will be retained for at least 12 months.

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The funds received from the token sale will be distributed as follows:

  • 30% - for development;

  • 20% - for marketing and technology;

  • 10% - for administrative needs;

  • 10% - for cryptocurrency.

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