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INV is an open and non-lease blockchain that facilitates the trust, low trust of Ethereum-based asset backed by Platform Realm. Developers can use INV as a platform to build the above exchange applications.
Investa (INV)  - offers a unique platform of free cryptographic services, which operate in tandem, to allow its users and to manage and invest in cryptocurrency in the managed portfolio. Investa was designed in such a way as to offer best-in-class tools for managing a crypto-currency fund, ICO investments, loans, debit cards and ATM networks. 
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Multi-channel: Transactions can be taken place on a channel basis by configuring separate channels for each task on a single blockchain network

Investa Numerical Value chain: A consensus algorithm named Investa Numerical Valuechain or INV – ability to process large amount of transactions in real time.

Interchain: Different blockchains can be connected with the INVESTA Network using the power of REALM.

Modular architecture: Each module can be customized to ensure its high scalability. Delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm – community representatives are incentivized for the activities generated within the community.

INFLATION: set at a maximum of 20% per year.
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Lots of channels
Transactions can be done by channel by configuring separate channels for each task on a
single blockchain network.

Investa Numerical Value chain
Consensus algorithm called Investa Numerical Valuechain or INV - the ability to process large numbers of
transactions in real time.

Different blockchain can be connected with INVESTA Network using REALM power.

Modular architecture
Each module can be customized to ensure high scalability. Dedicated evidence of the stake consensus algorithm - community representatives are given incentives for activities generated within the community.

set a maximum of 20% per year.

Basic Information about Investa ICO

Token code: INV
Maximum Coin Supply: 50,000,000
SOFT CAP: 1,000,000
HARD CAP: 30,000,000
Selling price: 1 ETH = 2,158 INV
The Investa platform is developed and operated by experienced, experienced, experienced, technological, financial and business engineers. Investa is not just a blockchain project, it includes innovation, security, scalability and flexibility.

Some non-competition restrictions and secrecy prevent publicity of the team until they forget the person. Investaco participates in a transparent process, even outside the source code. This is another way to convey transparency and community control..
The Investa project team offers its users: ·

Compatibility with several assets (any packet resource compatible with the INV platform and accepted by it). · The best available exchange rate and transaction fees. ·

Decentralized and secure storage. ·
Direct access to services such as ETF Basket, Enterprise Loans, Launchpad, Asset Management, INV Cards, money transfer services and much more.

Tokens and details of the ICO .
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INV-token is a smart contract marker compatible with ERC-223. The owners of the tokens will be able to use them on the Investa platform as a means of paying for all APP services. INV batteries can also be used as a payment method for upcoming Investa events, such as an annual crypt summit, INV roadshow or our mindshare forum.

These events will be published in due course, and INV owners will be able to participate by paying for tickets using the INV tokens. INV owners can also place their tokens in programs, such as Enterprise and Launchpad, for lending to small businesses and other approved borrowers.

Users will also be able to transfer their INV to other Investa users who can then exchange them for other currencies such as BTC or FIAT. Pre-ICO will begin on April 12, 2018 and will last 60 days. Standard - ERC-223 The symbol - INV The maximum number of coins is 50,000,000 SOFT CAP - 1.000.000 $ HARD - 30.000.000 $ Cost of the token: 1 ETH = 2,158 INV Accepted currencies BTC, ETH, LTC and USD

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