Bitcoin Zero platform serves as an applications for future blockchain development and indicates the effects of extreme scarcity on the cryptocurrency market. Project Zero is a unique, continuous and event-based buyback and token burn strategy which is established to evaluate the application of extreme scarcity to the market, ideally with the least amount possible. Bitcoin Zero platform aim to create a new system that will stimulate market growth potential through either deflation events and increase investor profitability. Bitcoin Zero platform hope to develop the most deflated coins in the history of the crypto-cardiac market and to be the turning point for future crypto-escalation.

Zero Project’s “Buyback and Token Burn” strategies are based on economic theory and are accepted by investors in good faith. Bitcoin Zero does not guarantee strategy effectiveness due to the well-known volatility of the encryption market. Decisions, Commitments and Transactions of Individuals, based primarily on The Project Proposal is executed on own account, at the risk and with satisfaction of the provided up to date information.


The event of a campfire will reduce the supply of tokens to create scarcity. If demand is kept constant, due to irrelevance of prices in relation to demand, token prices will increase due to burns. A deficiency in the token supply will result in a left equilibrium shift, which will affect the new equilibrium thus increasing the market price.

Equilibrium 1: Pre-burn pricing.

Equilibrium 2: Post burn. New balance due to token supply reduction.

[2] Equilibrium: a state in which supply and demand are balanced.

Bitcoin Zero Burning Nero Project’s strategy is experiencing extreme deflation due to a stimulated

BCZ Tokens deficit The reduction of BCZ tokens in the market (via Bonfire events) will be announced seven days before the event on the official website of BCZ and on social networking sites. Bitcoin Zero evaluates the transparency of its market, the number of tokens for recording, the method of roasting and redemption. Ads are documented and published.

Bitcoin Zero will do everything possible to ensure the reliability and reliability of evaluating future project plans. This article is not a statement of intent. It is based on assumptions that are considered the best prospect for the development of platforms and investors.

Bitcoin Zero’s Project Zero, has a unique combination of token burn events that will reduce the market cap requirement to achieve an ideal multiplier. In layman’s term, we will reduce our supply through token burn events to help our investors increase their profit as much as possible. It will take less market cap to achieve x100.

Reducing the supply of BCZ tokens can result to the value of remaining individual BCZ tokens in the market to go up. Therefore, even in such cases as a stagnating market cap, you can still increase your potential profit.

  • Retention Buying Net

The buyback strategy of Project Zero will act to support the market as a failing and secure strategy to reduce investment losses during market downturns.

  • Marketcap is low

Bitcoin Zero will start with a low market cap that will allow investors with a higher ROI compared to high market caps. Now investors have the opportunity to grow their hard-to-reach investments by 2018 the cryptocurrency market

  • Driven Deflation Events

Reducing the supply of BCZ tokens triggered by the Bonfire Event, will help the active price growth of individual BCZ tokens as a result of scarcity based on supply and demand laws.


  • Campfire event

Bonfire events will destroy some tokens from buybacks, and tokens owned by the founders if needed. Theoretically reducing the supply of BCZ increases the value of individual tokens based on reduced inventory – if demand is kept constant. Announcements and countdowns for Bonfire Events will be aired on BCZ’s official website and social media accounts.

Bitcoin Zero has been designed to support long-term and continuous supply burning events. The number of tokens to be burned will be announced by the Bitcoin Zero team via BCZ’s official social media platform. The team will allocate a count of seven days before the event gives investors time to respond.

  • Purchase Program

Bitcoin Zero will start a buyback program based on the price of ethereum instead of the USD price. Therefore, the buyback strategy will be used to reduce losses in case of market losses to short-term investors and retain the ability of the Bitcoin Zero team to burn tokens.

  • Project Warlock

New event function designed to speed up the reduction of BCZ tokens. More information about Project Warlock will be released in mid-February 2018

  • Firestorm Event

Bonfire events are large scale in a row. Firestorm events will be held between Q2-Q3 2018. More information about Project Warlock will be released before the event.


The ICO has already been officially launched and its validity will be: 01/24/2018 to 04/26/2018.



Q4: Development of Project Zero


Q1: BCZ Launch and Registration to Exchange

Commencement of Bonfire Events

Q2: Launching Project Warlock (new function)

Q3: Firestorm Event

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