Potentiam is a musical platform governed by its users where rewards are distributed between those that brings value to the platform without involving a middle man. Potentiam was created to give a voice to emerging artists, content writers in the music world and all those who strive to make it possible. Potentiam platform core function is to bring fresh faces to light through varying interactions within the music industry and propagating the scenes untapped talent. Potentiam aims to achieve this by creating a decentralized and incentivized ecosystem for musicians, bloggers, and music supporters.

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Potentiam provides all the necessary conditions for the music industry to continue growing and offering endless options for creatives to go afloat in a market that tends to be quite complex for those who do not have the backing of large firms. In other words, where Potentiam points is the creation of a great ecosystem for all those who are interested in the music sector or its industry, so that it can break with those old characteristics of an archaic system in which there is endless intermediaries that cause artists to end up losing a good part of their potential profits.

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Potentiam platform was created to give voice to the new artists that are emerging, as well as all those who are composers or who participate in some way in the world of music, all those who in one way or another are interested. in which these types of projects are possible at some time. The main objective revolves around the possibility of propagating and dispersing all kinds of scenes that link talent that has not yet been discovered that has not found enough opportunities to be recognized.

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Potentiam logoAs a space operated based on the principles of the blockchain giving a develop decentralized platform where all kinds of public participate to carry out transactions or operations from person to person, but all in the same network. There are no intermediaries that participate, but the transactions will be executed from person to person, thus eliminating unnecessary payments and always providing certain conditions of trust that will allow all transactions to be carried out without any type of fear.

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Opportunity for Musicians: Potentiam is more like a social network for those individuals who are working on their luck in the music zone.

Incentives: The rewarding system ensures giving awards to all the participants who contribute to the platform and serve the quality music.

Crowdfunding: This is one of the brightest chances for the musicians to earn money. They can raise a lot of money by putting up details about their projects. Additionally, it also brings them options to connect with the interested artists.

Advertising: With the platform, it becomes quite easy to make interactions with the advertisers who are looking forward to making an investment in you. This benefits both the parties that are involved and helps in working out on an efficient deal.
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Potentiam ICO

A total of 100,000,000 tokens will be minted for the Potentiam platform. Our aim is to render an extensive and groundbreaking experience with the features on Potentiam. Funds collected will be used for the technical development, legals, testing, deployment and marketing. One hundred percent of the total tokens allocated for our Core Team will be locked into a smart contract with an emission rate of 5% per month, beginning one month after the end of the public crowdsale. This is to create incentive for team to deliver, show our commitment and increase confidence in the value of PTM to the investors. If the crowdsale does not reach the anticipated amount, we have a strategy to re-adjust our timelines, development and marketing process to safely accommodate the outcome.

Initial Token Allocation The token distribution will be allocated as follows:

— 60,000,000 (60%) Public Crowdsale

— 25,000,000 (25%) Potentiam Team (Locked for 20 months)

— 11,000,000 (11%) Platform Development Tokens

— 3,000,000 (3%) Bounty Tokens — 1,000,000 (1%) Reserve Tokens Public Crowdsale

— Amount of PTM that will available to the public for purchase during both pre and main sales. Team Tokens

— Allocated to the founders of the potentiam platform. Platform Development Tokens

— Used in conjunction with earnings from the crowdsale to finance the successful development of each branch of the potentiam platform. Bounty Tokens

— Used as rewards for various community bounty programs. Reserve Tokens

— Held in reserve in case of extraneous circumstances.

Crowdsale Details

1 ETH = 4000

PTM Presale Hard Cap = 5000

ETH Total Hardcap = 15000

ETH ALL UNSOLD TOKENS WILL BE BURNED (This will happen in the case of not meeting our cap or in the case of Eth value increasing to the point where the hard cap cap is met quicker)

Bonuses Presale Week 1 Cap 3000 Ether = 20%

Presale Week 2 Cap 5000 Ether = 18%

Main-sale Week 1 Cap 9000 Ether = 12%

Main Sale Week 2 Cap 12000 Ether = 8%

Main Sale Week 3 Cap 14000 Ether = 4%

Main Sale Week 4 Cap 15000 Ether = 0%

Note Main-sale will begin two weeks after the beginning of the presale, or the moment that funds raised has reached the presale hard cap, whichever comes first.


Potentiam Founded

Potentiam is founded by the core team members: Marcus, Ben, and Ali.

August 2017

Potentiam Alpha Launched

In November, Potentiam launched their first alpha product.

November 2017

5000 Alpha Users

Just one month after launching the alpha product, Potentiam has already onboarded over 5000 artists to test.

December 2017

ICO Launch

Potentiam launches their new and improved ICO.

February 2018

Sale Concludes

The ICO sale will connclude either at the end of 6 weeks or when the hardcap has been reached. At this point the Potentiam team will begin to onboard more developers.

Mid — March

Design Begins

The design and styleguide for all of the Potentiam applications will begin to be developed. This is estimated to take roughly 3 weeks.


Development Begins on Potentiam Classic

After the design work has concluded, work will begin on Potentiam Classic. This includes development of the smart contracts as well as the vault and crowdfunding modules.


Development Begins on Potentiam Core

The development for Potentiam Core is estimated to take roughly 8 weeks. This is the core of the Potentiam platform and will back nearly all services that are provided by Potentiam.

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Kind Regards, please ensure to join this incredible project.


WEBSITE : https://www.potentiam.io/

WHITE PAPER :https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/73bd45_581334cbc5bc4d1a9cce6ee2133a7049.pdf

FACEBOOK :https://facebook.com/potentiam.io

TWITTER :https://twitter.com/potentiam_io

TELEGRAM :https://t.me/potentiamgroup

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