DataBroker DAO is decentralized data marketplace where owners of IoT sensors will be able to make a profit by selling data from their IoT sensors in the simple, transparent and efficient manner. DataBroker DAO operates based on blockchain technology and by issuing DATA utility tokens as a payment instrument with the first peer to peer marketplace for IoT sensor data. DAO team created a perfect ecosystem that will connect buyers and sellers efficiently. DataBroker DAO takes an interest in each conceivable crypto, blocking gatherings, finish up genuine contracts.

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DataBroker DAO is the main provider of sensor data that enables sensor proprietors to transform created data into income streams. This will open up numerous open doors for various enterprises. DataBroker DAO platform will be very useful for sensor owners, network administrators, sensor makers, smart city activities, agricultural part and academics. Presently, numerous organizations utilize sensor data to upgrade and screen their tasks and DataBroker DAO deals with the advancement of a really “brilliant life”, making these information effortlessly available to urban areas, associations and business people at a moderate cost.

Economy DataBroker DAO will be based on inward token DTX. These tokens will originate from the save finance stage and will be sold for cash fiat with full charging, similar to some other computerized merchandise. The group won’t purchase back tokens or issue more.

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DTX token is a utility token in the Databroker DAO as a ERC20 compliant token with 18 decimals. The token will serve as the credits to buy and sell sensor data within the platform. Data sellers can stake more DTX tokens if they want to and taking more allows these streams/sets to appear more prominently in the listings (e.g., sorting, or additional badges in the interface) improving the chances of being bought, and at the same increase the guarantees a buyer has that the data is of good quality and contains the advertised information. A data buyer that is unhappy with the quality of data can challenge an entry in the registry by staking some DTX tokens. Upon reaching a certain threshold of challenges, a check of the data provider will be performed by a DataBroker DAO administrator. Upon finding issues with the advertised data, it’s stake is distributed equally over all challengers and the DataBroker DAO platform wallet.

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Token name: DTX Token

Number of Tokens: 225 Million (48% per sale)

Presale date: March 19th, 2018.

Price: 1 ETH = 4000 DTX + 50% bonus for early adopters

Main sale date: From March 26th, 2018 to April 23rd, 2018

Price: 1ETH = 4000 DTX

Bonus: 10% Bonus first 24h of sale.

Currencies accepted: Ethereum

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