For a long time the genome is called haploid set of chromosomes. The accumulation of information about the informational role of non-chromosomal DNA changed the definition of the term "genome". Currently, it means the full composition of the DNA of the cell, i.e. the totality of all genes and intergenerational sites. It can be considered that the genome is a complete set of instructions for the formation and functioning of the individual.

I have my own unique code of blood and when studying it and my state of health scientists, doctors, it is possible to draw certain conclusions: what medicines are more useful to take, what food to eat, what physical activity can those people who have similar DNA data with mine.

This is a very useful opportunity for the resolution and treatment of many diseases, the production of medicines accurate and the right composition, planning sports training and learning what better way to live, taking into account many of my characteristics to be more healthy, energetic and happy!

We almost always pass a medical examination if you need references to work permit driving a vehicle while blood tests, not knowing that all this data is very easily used and sold by medical institutions to third parties, receiving billions of dollars in revenues!

But fortunately , I got acquainted with a very interesting project called Shivom, which uses blockchain technology and will be able to solve this situation in our direction.
The idea of Shivom is to create a decentralized platform, which will be a collection of data from donors, patients in the field of genomics with the possibility of selling them. We will be happy that not only hospitals can make money from our information, but also ourselves.

For example, my dad is an honorary donor in our neighborhood, and every one or two months he gives blood to be used for transfusion to others. In return for this, he is usually given a little money, it's about $ 5 and one day to rest, and that's all.

In the case of cooperation with the Shivom platform, he would be able to sell his blood information to many interested parties, and there are many of them: pharmaceuticals, research organizations, insurance companies, the government, because by receiving them, they can determine their immediate goals for this person, analyze and create a new better vaccine.

Plus, for the sale we get platform tokens, which can be used as it is the same when buying various medical services that will be integrated, or sell them on the stock exchange. Now the blockchain technology is very actively beginning to develop and capitalization for cryptocurrencies will be at least one dozen trillion dollars.
This idea will develop harmoniously, because many people want to help each other, and only Shivom will be able to avoid the monopoly of using our data. In the future, with the development and promotion and receipt of a large amount of data, it will be possible to create an artificial intelligence that will improve the health care system several times.

Now I will easily sell my data in one click to absolutely any pharmaceutical institutions regardless of their location, which in the future will create more working medicines to cure diseases. The whole world will become more healthy due to Shivom.

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