SSOT Health is based on smart contract and blockchain technology provides fundamental re-engineering in the medical records system through the way the healthcare providers and stakeholders interact with healthcare teams and manages the electronic healthcare records. SSOT Health Foundation introduces the SSOT Health and SEHR tokens based on the blockchain technology utilizing ‘’health information network (HIN) ‘’ as the powerful solution for the healthcare sector. The SSOT Health enables the consistent application and employment of the medical data of the patients with the help of the features of information cohesion, decentralization and continuous transaction operations.

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Thus, the feature of smart contract and blockchain powered health information network (HIN) redesign the existing healthcare networks and system to bring a seamless solution for healthcare industry which will flourish the world with healthy living. This system will even provide the opportunities for the decentralized and efficient transaction of data without any trust-based system, data integrity and a single source of truth. This network even reduces the cost, improves the outcomes for the patients, eliminates the duplicate reports and even bring a high level of satisfaction for the patients.

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How Does SSOT Health Work?

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The transactions are recorded chronologically on the blockchain. In the data recording, a chain will form that will not ever change. And, while its done may seem less personal to some, it still requires human implantation to work. And in this case, the ledger being distributed, is being done by a multitude of various participants on the network. But once it’s completed, it’s all done at the same time and looks like nothing out of the ordinary. According to SSOT, the platform is mainly powered by procedures and individual distribution that is also pushed by the Patient Centered Healthcare Approach. And in the case of SSOT, service providers need to adopt the network standards to use the platform with their system and move all data stored on paper to electronic storage on the SSOT platform. The vision of SSOT Health is to change this through the changing of the technology used in the industry. Blockchain technology help avoid getting personally ripped off by other people and big pharma, be fully protected through their entire journey in the medical industry with the use of smart contracts. SSOT Health introduces the two types of clients that are SSOT Ethereum Web APP Client and Mobile Client. With the help of the unique SSOT Blockchain based SSOT EHR, participants will benefit from the administration of the individual medical data in a trusted and secure environment, and they will be able to manage their HIPPA/CMS compliant data in CCR format. Furthermore, SSOT Health presents the SSOT Blockchain Pharma application that will transform the pharmacy and drug industry utilizing the artificial intelligence technology.

In addition, SSOT introduces the SecuredClaims as Artificial Intelligence tool will resolve any existing fraud issues and enhance and improve the health insurance sector. In the end, blockchain technology will prevent any fraud and security issues in the health industry promoting the better healthcare service for the patients and better protection of the medical data. All the actors in the healthcare systems will benefit from the advanced and sophisticated nature of the SSOT Health products and services.


• Higher security and privacy

• More time to spend on patient care to doctors due to less admin time

• Better sharing of research results to facilitate new drug and treatment therapies for disease (medical history data tied to Patient global ID)

• Global inter-operability

• Distributed data monetization

• Healthcare information accessibility


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The crowdsale for the token started back on February 02, of this year (2018). That’s roughly one month ago, give or take a couple days because of February’s bizarre calendar. ICO is running at full force right now and has another 34 days until it closes on April 30th of this year (2018). Total number of the SEHR token issued is 1000 million. 50% of the tokens or 500million of them will be offered through the pre-sale and following sale. 18% of the tokens or 180million will be reserved to be used by the platform’s team. And 20% of it or 200 million will go to the community. While another 9% of the tokens or 90 million of them are for building a foundation of long term investing and the development of the company. The final 3% of the remaining tokens will be used to fund the ICO token sale. The SSOT Foundation has issued 1000 million SEHR Tokens. No more will be issued and 500 million of the tokens are being offered up for sale during the currently running ICO. The rest or other 500 million tokens are saved in reserve for the foundation, the team and the community.


SSOT Health introduces the native SEHR tokens for the SSOT Blockchain. Participants who want to benefit from the SecurePHR, SecuredPharma, and SecuredClaims will need to have SEHR tokens. The value of the SEHR tokens is likely to grow exponentially because of the limited supply and potential exponential growth of the SSOT Health project.

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