Baltic Funds choose Lithuania as the base country where they operate. It is because Lithuania is an EU member and Eurozone. Besides, it also the 16thcountry with the friendliest atmosphere for business and the 1stmost comprehensive emerging economies according to the World Economic Forum. It makes the country as the right hub for tech genies relocation from CIS countries and Russia. The prospects grow rapidly and higher as the good climate of economic and political. The Baltic Funds’ team has huge experiences in the market environment of Lithuania. Secondly, the founder of fund and incubator of Baltic Funds is a famous security and IT expert from Lithuania named Marius Parescius. He is also a parliament and serial entrepreneur. With the huge experiences of work in the related fields, he and the team can evaluate and product startups in the country.

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Our team is very experienced in this special market environment. We are very focused in this region after years of working with startup and IT recruitment in and for Lithuania, with some of our team members actually in Russia.

Second, technology and industry are underestimated. Our incubators and funds were founded by Marius Pareščius - a renowned Lithuanian IT and security expert, serial entrepreneur, and IT adviser for the Lithuanian Parliament. He has managed dozens of IT, security and internet projects both as CEO and advisor; working with banks, software development companies, data centers, web hosting companies, retail, and business associations, across Europe, the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. He, along with his team, is one of the few entities that can predict and grow startups in this region because they speak the same language, in every aspect of the business and investment world.

Thirdly, our ICO offers to expand the scale for investors. Being an accelerator and traditional technology fund at the beginning we raise funds from institutional investors and private equity. However, as fintech changed rapidly, we made the decision to check for new opportunities. All funds raised in cryptocurrency will be converted to Euro and invested in the traditional way.

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  • Lets’ crowd-incubate the startups!

We are building the platform, where you support the startups you like with BALT tokens and get perks or income for doing this. Be the first one to get the unique products and other benefits from the most promising CEE and CIS startups!

  • All the startups, registered at the platform, post a token investors’ proposal:

• how many tokens do they need

• what do they need them for (development, production, marketing, etc.)

• what would they offer their backers in return

  • So, what startups can offer you for your support:

• their products and services

• partnership and collaboration (help with some of your tasks)

• tokenized loan (they take your tokens, and give them back to you with multiplication after ancertain period, buying BALT tokens at a public crypto exchange).

  • How startups can participate:

• offline, using our incubator space and its production facilities

• online, using our services and partners facilities

  • How does Baltic Fund and NHB incubator help startups for the tokens you invested:

• incubation program with the experts from EU and the US, and our own mentors

• production and engineering facilities, other incubator’s office opportunities

• BHV.Labs’ developers, designers, marketers, PR pros, analysts, engineers, etc.

• venture partners

• and the growing number of new opportunities!

What happens after the incubation:

• startups launch their products (and the contributor gets one)

• partnership and collaboration (help with some of your tasks)

• startups grow and develop (and the price of your investments grow)

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Token BALT

Price in preICO 1 BALT = 0.00020 ETH

Price in ICO 1 BALT = 0.00025 ETH

Country Lithuania

Whitelist/KYC KYC

Restricted areas USA is restricted

ICO start 19th Feb 2018


2010 Launch

2015 Launch of BHV Accelerator

2016 Acceleration programmes for cybersecurity startups

2017 Official launch of

January 2018 First 2018 event: Opportunities for ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Lithuania, ICO public announcement

February 2018 Private token pre-sale for white-listed investors Unlock your 15% bonus

March 2018 Public token pre-sale, Unlock your 15% bonus, Token sale, Your last chance to join our project

May 2018 Tokens unlocked for trading in the community, Baltic Fund blockchain platform pre-launch

June 2018 Tokens unlocked for public trading at cryptostocks

Baltic Fund tokens

165.000.000 BALT tokens are issued

150.000.000 tokens for sale

15.000.000 tokens not for sale (advisors, team, bounty)

Token price:

1 BALT = 0,00020 ETH

Minimum amount of purchase – 100 tokens


15% bonus during the pre-sale

10% bonus during the sale


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