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UHIVE aims to transform social networks into something different by combining human physics and technological capabilities of Blockchain and artificial intelligence. UHIVE is able to provide a natural yet unique and highly entertaining experience. Platform commitment to enhance the interaction of individuals in groups, communities and couples can be seen from the concrete steps.

UHIVE is set to pave the way by developing the world’s first social platform equipped with physical dimensions. Tirelessly pushing themselves toward the new edge of social networking, UHIVE will not only provide users with common interaction options. This platform not only comes with comments or media sharing capabilities but also unique opportunities to run through unique but unlimited space.

UHIVE is the latest innovative platform that allows users to create and show their space with digital physical location address in the world with the maximum space available to live in. Users will be able to travel, maneuver, and analyze the space easily with the exploitation of a simple smartphone.

UHIVE insists on the existing conditions, transforms the social network and brings it to a new Era, which combines technological capabilities with human psychology to store a special, natural and entertaining experience. UHIVE’s certainty is to enhance the interaction of individuals within groups and communities through combining the basic knowledge of social psychology and sociology and development with our advanced blockchain technology, which has paved the way for creating the world’s first social platform with physical dimensions.

Over the years in the creation of a new digital social network (UHIVE) with many innovative ideas and technologies, it will follow the release of the UHIVE token, and will use it as the main currency to help all digital transactions & build a solid trading base in the UHIIVE digital economy.

UHIVE is unique because it does not rely on any third party to use Tokens (such as resellers, dentists, shops, or government financial institutions).

As the number of social network users increases, the Token value will increase. Behind it, is a highly skilled team with a successful track record in product development.

Unlike other social networking platforms today, UHIVE does not limit its users to search for relevant words, tags, or keywords. To start traveling and exploring random topics and communities, UHIVE will give them flexibility. The platform’s realistic experience not only provides users with vision sensors to view information. But also to see the information through visual representation involving visual effects, depth perception, size and scale, and more.

UHIVE social network has two innovative experience

  • The civilized world: This is a civilized network governing by rules and regulations, identity is real and allows people to connect with others. It is a network that exposes and is influenced by external factors such as politics, social norms, and global regulation.
  • A gray world: This is a world that defies social norms, external political regulation, and is completely isolated from your identity. The world offers the maximum space to live in.


UHIVE’s aims and objectives include:

  • Revolutionize and communicate the way to the future of social networking by providing users with a new and entertaining social platform experience.
  • To create the best user experience and become the most active social network in the world.


This can happen in the following ways:

  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Digital assets
  • Experience and retention
  • The digital economy is self-sufficient

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We design UHIVE to be a fully self-sufficient economy, as in life, governed by supply and demand.

As demand increases and with more users in the system, the UHIVE Token value will consequently increase.


It allow user’s to become completely anonymous by paying a small fee using UHIVE tokens. The fee will cover the network fees of storing the data within the blockchain system.

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Inspired by cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and the era of fulfilling dreams come true. Our years of team experience in the development of advanced intelligent systems and with our commitment to a positive impact on user life, making the UHIVE project an achievable challenge

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Teknologi Hybrid Blockchain
  • UI technology and an innovative new user experience
  • Gray’s new innovative world technology
  • Virtual Reality concept of new social network
  • The digital economy is sustainable
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

The network will be released in two stages, the first is the UHive Token, and the second is the network itself with the mobile apps. This social network will be accessible only through Android and iOS mobile devices, and the app’s interface will be very easy to use, fast, efficient and entertaining (apps are being developed at this stage).

The user experience for both apps will be intuitive and simple; it will have walls just like Instagram and Facebook, but with unique innovation, and a high level of human psychology integration with a physical dimension

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Built from scratch to become VR Ready (optional for users), the world of social networking is designed from scratch to adopt a VR experience that maintains an easy interface that is suitable for all users.

  • Explore it all with your VR device
  • Explore the space and the world around you
  • View movies and photos using VR
  • Post, comment, and share in new experiences


UHIVE is designed to be everyone’s social network without restrictions. Everyone with mobile devices and internet access are potential users.

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*Token Name: UHIVE (HVE)
*Protokol: Ethereum (ETH)
*Token Supply: 80 billion
*Price sellToken:
*Presale: $ 0.0015
*Audience Sales: $ 0.003
*Soft Cap: $ 10.000.000
*Hard Cap: $ 54.000.000

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• Started working on the Idea

• Researching social networking and human Psychology


•Working on the Financial Ecosystem

•Working on the Grey world concept and behaviour

Q1 2017

•Working on integrating Hybrid Blockchain in the Grey world

•Adding Cryptocurrency ecosystem

Q2 2017

• Starting working on A.I. Technology and Preparing prototypes

Q4 2017

• Start working on our UHIVE ICO Token Release

Q2 2018


Q3 2018

• Expanding the Team and working on preparing a beta release for iOS and Android Apps

Q4 2018

• Releasing Beta version to the world

• Release UHIVE Tokens into Cryptocurrency Exchange markets

Q1 2019

• Release the Final App globally

Q2 2019

• Release the App in 8 Different languages

• Release new updates and features

• Start working on our ADs (Advertisments) Platform

Q3 2019

• Enter China with Partnerships with China biggest Cloud Providers and ISPs (A

New World for China)

• Release new Updates and Features

Q4 2019

• Release the App for another 10 Languages

• Release our Advertisement Platform Version 1.0

Q2 2020

• Release XBOX and PS4 editions, where people can explore the social network

• Platform Updates

Q4 2020

• Connect it with Smart TVs and many new IoT Devices

• Platform Updates


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