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As more and more people are starting to invest in digital coins, the cryptocurrency market is becoming more active than ever. A large number of new players dominate the market and some exchanges even stop accepting new members because of this. In addition, the issue of jurisdiction and government intervention is a classic problem in the cryptocurrency market. The London Cryptocurrency Exchange (LCCX) aims to solve the problem. Here is some more information about this new cryptocurrency exchange.

There are now millions of crypto-traders around the world, buying and selling coins and tokens 24/7. Current exchanges are even halting new signups because they can’t handle the exponential growth of the industry. Also, customer support is being ignored because the current exchanges have no knowledge on how to handle the growth of their platforms, and this is causing delays, constant complaints and even loss of users. But the worst part is that exchanges have been hacked, resulting in losses of over a billion dollars of clients’ funds, which is now leading to governments and regulatory authorities to knock on the door.

The London Crypto Currency Exchange is a customer-centric exchange designed to place crypt-fiat trading and a massive menu of crypto to trade in a single exchange. To top it off, the team has promised all crypto on the exchange will be secured with insurance and any customer queries will be promptly supported
LCCX is a powerful product offering, but it is entering a very tight market. There are plenty of exchanges already out. However, crypto trading is a market where consumers do not have a fan affinity towards an exchange; they simply want the best offering. This has allowed the reigning exchange to change almost on a quarterly basis.

With LCCX offerings of convenience and security, it can easily penetrate the market. The only thing is that it will need strong marketing campaigns which can eat up initial budgets. Given the Robert Benwell has been able to scale his previous venture without any outside funding, he already has the know-how of resourcefully push into a market; now with some external funds, he can truly reach his full potential.

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The main goal of LCCX is to create a better environment for the exchange of cryptocurrency. The main problem of the current exchange of cryptocurrency is unclear jurisdiction, bad customer service, and especially security. LCCX wants to be a reliable platform for customers. By using blockchain technology, it can protect client funds and prevent them from being hacked and stolen. Learn more about the whitepaper.

Main features

  • Transparent contact information, including upfront details about the team, the office location, and more (a surprising number of exchanges, even the largest ones, don’t offer this information)
  • Pro-active participation with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and other regulators around the world
  • Keeping 60 to 75% of client funds safely offline in cold storage vaults
  • Insuring clients online funds against hacks
  • Industry leading customer support including a live chat service
  • Trade from hundreds of cryptocurrencies
  • Paired with both popular cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies
  • Added liquidity of smaller coins with LCCX’s market making service
  • Low withdrawal fees for customers
  • The latest and exclusive crypto assets with LCCX’s ICO underwriting service

Overall, LCCX aims to be “the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the world by addressing a combination of current industry issues”, including all of the issues mentioned above.
Meanwhile, the platform uses the LXT token as a utility token. You can use the LXT token to pay trading fees, earn money through the referral scheme, or to earn prizes from trading contests. Demand for the token is expected to grow as the exchange’s userbase continues to grow.


  • A 24/7 customer support and live chat (which almost no exchanges offer), offering support in different languages.
  • Fees will be paid with LCCX token.
  • Will keep 60%-75% of funds in safely offline cold storage vaults.
  • Insurance against loss of funds due to hacks.


  • They have a very good value proposition, but they will have to face the big players like Binance, Bitfinex and Bittrex, which combined have a trading volume of more than $ 4.5 billion.
  • The project is a work in progress and is a recent inception, so they do not have much presence in social networks as yet, and the website could offer more content. As of right now, their One Pager offers more content than their actual website. The advantage is that it keeps the information simple.
  • It would be useful if they offered more specific information about their ICO on the website and white paper since the deadlines and quantities to be offered are not well-defined.

The LCCX LXT Token Sale

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Token information

Token name = London Exchange Token.
Acronym = LXT.
Technology = Ethereum ERC 20.
Max.Number of tokens = 100,000,000.
Currencies accepted = Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Token distribution

Public Token Sale = 60%.
Bounty & Referrals = 8%.
Advisors & Early Investors = 14%.
LCCX Team = 18%.
Funds usage

Development cost = 35%.
Marketing & PR = 25%.
Liquidity = 20%.
Contingency = 10%.
Insurance & Security = 5%.
Legal & Auditing = 5%.

Available = March 12th 2018.
Close = When 32 million are sold or April 30th 2018.
Bonus = 30% to 10%.
Token price = $0.15.
Offering = 32,000,000.

Starts = when 32 million of pre-ICO are sold.
Close = April 30th 2018.
Token price = $0.15.
Max. offering = 20,000,000.


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The team

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The Advisor

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