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The crypto world was dominated by the majestic fever. More and more people enter the crypto world and many of them just through the majning. What is it? Majning is the allocation of your hardware, mostly graphics cards to a task called mining the cryptovalue. You actually use your card to maintain a network of coins that you dig and in turn get a reward in that coin. A lot of people entering the world of majning are beginners and a lot of effort has to be made to reach the goal, or start making money.
EasyMINE is a complete standalone software platform for Cryptocoin mining. This is set to make the overall process of setting up and managing your own mine as closely and intuitively. Whether you are a beginner of Cryptocoin or an experienced blockchain veteran, you will appreciate easyMINE’s ease of use, control and simplicity.

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The development plan outlined below is very conservative.
Our team is already working on the system and we are positive that easyMINE will be launched soon!
Q3 2017
Beta version of the easyMINE OS, including inventory management functionalities. Web-based administration dashboard.
Q4 2017
Beta version of the automatic configuration functionality.
Q1 2018
Beta version of the automatic mining functionality.
Q2 2018
Core-feature version of the eMOS operating system (general access, free of charge)
Q3/Q4 2018
Mobile application. Full-featured version of the eMOS system.
2019 and onwards
Further development of the platform according to user needs.

ICO (10-Aug-2017)
27,000,000 EMT tokens will be offered to the public through sales. Sales will continue until one of the following conditions is met:
500,000 ETCs collected, or
27,000,000 EMT tokens sold, or
198,000 blocks have been added to blockchain ETC (example: approximately 34 days have passed).

EasyMINE Token and its Distribution (EMT)
To fund the project, we will bring up 33,000,000 easyMINE tokens (EMT). Tokens will be based on the EthereumClassic (ETC) platform and management using existing ETC solutions, such as ClassicEtherWallet.
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Token will be distributed on sale. Unsold tokens will be burned. No additional tokens will be made at any time during the sale or after. Token allocated to the developer team, project advisor, and easyMINE company will undergo a grant period of 180 days, after which they will be released to holders rated 0.5% per day.

One thing that miners are keen on taking care of is the mining device maintenance which is why they usually do adjustments because its necessary to do for the devices to last. Mining isn’t just running mining devices and profit, its not as easy as ABC even when you are just mining using GPU with ETH/XMR. There are a lot of things to check to upon getting into this kind of business but with easyMine, all these can be managed automatically and simple.
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easyMine lives up to its name because its pretty easy to start with, you can just download the operating system onto a USB drive, insert it to your mining machine and boot to get yourself operating. The software wil configure your
mining hardware and software components for its stability. The best part is that you can remotely monitor your mining rig and even adjust manually the settings on your easyMine dashboard. Its like you can travel anywhere yet you can somehow check physically your system
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