Joy Token platform removes the financial and regulatory hurdles that cripple gambling game creators and allows independent game makers to introduce new games to casinos worldwide. Joy token is the online casino equivalent to an app store. Joy Token aims to radically transform the gaming industry to make it fairer to all parties. Joy Token is building a gaming ecosystem built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, with trustless smart contracts that cannot be tampered with and are viewable to the public. Smart contracts eliminate the need for trusted third parties that add costs, thus bringing cost savings to users of the platform. Joy Token will also implement a random number generator (RNG) that is auditable and reflected in the smart contracts. Moreover, before games are added to the platform, they will be carefully audited by the Joy Token team to ensure they comply with the quality and expectations of the platform.

All games offered on the Joyful Network will be legally compliant with fully transparent gaming algorithms that are viewable in each smart contract. The games will allow users to be in full control of their cryptocurrency wallets at all times (similar to a DEX). In the future, Joy Token may integrate its platform with emerging distributed ledger technologies such as IOTA to improve the user experience and lower the costs of transactions. Joy Token will also use its own proprietary software to complement the blockchain and provide the quality gaming experience that users expect.
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Joy Token is coming up as the link that will connect casinos, gaming developers, software houses and gamers. They will be hosted in a platform that will take care of all their needs in their respective industries. Bringing parties with different interests but the same progressive goal for the gambling industry is probably the strongest suite that the Joy Token application has. Joy Token will use blockchain technology in its platform. The Joy Token platform will use the transparency of blockchain to provide services that will be satisfactory and clearer wager system so that users do not feel short changed when they receive their winnings or when they lose. The basics of the Joy Token platform is fair and transparent based on blockchain technology.
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The Joy ecosystem will have tokens known as Joy tokens which will support the activities that will be running in the platform. These tokens will have different use in the Joy platform. Gamers can use the tokens to participate in games that will be available in the platform. This will make gaming cheaper as through the Joy tokens, a frictionless operation can be carried out hence reducing the cost of every transaction made in the platform. The tokens can also be used to give out commissions. This can be useful for upcoming games that require backing by established player in the gaming industry. Casinos and game developers, through the tokens, will also be able to secure payment. They can be used as a guarantee for payments that are to be made as the tokens will hold a certain value in the platform. This value may increase or decrease depending on the demand of the tokens by the market. Blockchain’s immutability will be essential in this system as no fraud through payments made can be carried out. All transactions will be recorded in the platform and can be audited when the need arises.

The Joy tokens are currently on sale and will run until 19th April, 2018. This sale is the primary way through which anyone can acquire the Joy tokens for use in their upcoming platform. It is also the method through which the Joy Token team is raising the money that they require to develop their platform. The target set by the Joy Token team for their soft cap is the sale of tokens worth US$ 1 million. Once this amount is achieved, the development of the program will commence.


JOY an ethereum (ERC-20) based tokens would be used to pay for services on the platform

Details of the sale.

Price: 1 JOY = 0.20 USD

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH and wire transfer

Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 46,340,000 USD

Total supply: 700,000,000 JOY

ICO is Live

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