In the world of crypto currencies, everything moves very quickly and dynamically. Many new and good projects have already appeared. But now a unique one is here, with a great idea. This project is S3ntigraph
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What is S3ntigraph?
S3ntigrapH is an Ethereum Smart Contract with a Waves-based token, Graph. Graph will be used to compensate data-scientists, mathematicians, contract developers, and bloggers that contribute to the S3ntigrapH project.
There is currently an Ethereum Smart Contract in place that we have carefully written to interface betwee user client inputs (web or mobile browsers) and the blockchain. A Node JS application serves the User Interface to the browser for the user’s interaction. Each user entry triggers an asynchronous XHR to IBM
Watson’s Tone Analyzer API, which returns a 5-vector sentiment coordinate. We use Mongo to store
Watson’s JSON feedback, perform some off-chain calculations and finally persist our sentigraph index(si)
to the blockchain. si is a value representation of an arbitrary user’s coordinates, computed based on an
algorithm. Finally, the user can see the overall trend as a chart plots si against time, t.
Crowdsale is the process of raising funds for the development of the platform by selling Graph, the
s3ntigrapH token. Graph is a Waves-based token. We have made this choice to not only foster the utilization
of cross-platform utilities but to have a lean decentralized application void of Smart Contracts for the sole
purpose of generating ERC-20 tokens. Another benefit of a using a Waves-based token is the speed to trade
them. Graph will be listed on Waves DEX, and it has now been verified by the Waves developers.



To be able to participate in ico you should visit this link and wait if ICO is live then you just can participate, and there are three payments ie Bitcoin, ethereum, and waves, for waves you have to make Wallet at

Distribution time will start for 3 weeks since ico ends.

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Here are the advantages of this application:

  • Mood analysis applications
  • Betting predictions
  • Debates
  • Election results
  • Diagnosis of patients with their comfort
  • Students trust level - Even tweets can be analyzed based on moods and what the result will be for other users
  • S3ntigraph analysis may be A revolutionary step in predictions and in social networks
  • It can also be used in portable devices
    Some calculations are performed on the basis of the algorithm to get the value of feeling for the block chain.
    Based on how close the user is to happiness, his analysis can be performed, for example, what actions he can take or what other people might do for the behavior.
    Watson: - A user can enter the application through a website or own mobile application and presents a string of characters representing the user's thoughts. And since we can represent the thoughts of users, we can compare Actions related to his thoughts, for this we need to determine the mood or emotions that the user experiences.
    Algorithm outside the chain is applied to 5 vectors (anger, joy, fear, disgust, sadness) that Calculate the factor S, And with this help, we can represent users. Current emotions and this will help in predicting the mood of users and thus various links can be made about his actions or actions that he can take in the future.
    Similarly, steps can be taken to predict the events of the event, which will be a revolutionary step. And the S3entigraph applications are huge, some of them are mentioned below
    Common Problems we have now
    The world we occupy now a lot of events that affect directly or indirectly either in the day-to-day or in groups can also occur in a State. The event is relatively negative, Positive or Neutral. While the classical economy in trade in Gross domestic product, GDP, as a method of judging is already where a country's economy is, it is a fundamental thing of the happiness of an individual and the whole of a country.
    Happiness is the "core" of our lives. As much as we try to remain happy neutralize the mind and neutralize the influence by external input and encouragement. Thus, we need a dynamic way to keep track of overall happiness or sentiment from anything.
    Why s3ntigraph is the best solution
    They (s3ntigraph) are plotting an algorithm for categorizing different tones. From the given utterance (in this case, textual input) passes the calculated data in a decentralized way through Blockchain technology (in this case, Ethereal Blockchain) and renders the user trend, A good start to track/monitor our happiness in real-time, and also to map it periodically to actual events.

It is clear that the opportunities to be exposed to this solution are abundant. In politics, debate, promises, and legislative action can be measured by cumulative indices resulting from citizens. In medicine and psychiatry, for example, medical diagnosis and patient care can be tested for their benefit by the cumulative index of the patient. We also consider situations where twitter can tweet @ s3graph to immediately see the trend of sentiment, and categorize these trends by other twitter responses to specific topics or news.

We have considered combining the sentiments of various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Thus, the user can continue to analyze his cumulative index regardless of what platform he does. How about wearable? Yes, we anticipate other modes for capturing "speech" users including signals and waves. Sports, criminology, psychology, TSA / border security and so on, are areas we can reach. Again, opportunities are plentiful and may not be fully exhausted.
For more information on the S3ntigraph Project you can visit the links below:

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