Spark Ad Network rekindles the fire between advertisers and developers.

It’s Day Five of the ION Storm. Today we introduce the Spark Ad Network, featuring up to 12x faster BTC payouts than other networks.

A better ad network: fast, powerful, and low-cost
Spark is born out of the need for a better way to monetize freemium games. Existing networks suck time, energy, and revenue from developers. Spark, by contrast, integrates perfectly with the ethos of ionomy products and services. And a portion of profits is reinvested in the ION economy, instead of being siphoned off by big corporations.

Integration is easy and hassle-free with any app or website. Payouts are higher than traditional ad networks, requiring only five days, and are available in most popular digital currencies. Spark enables developers to efficiently monetize their project and reinvest the proceeds sooner. No verification, no currency conversion, no bank accounts.

And when developers add Spark to their games and websites, ionomy also reinvests a portion of the service’s profit into the ION economy. What’s more, developers, themselves, can launch campaigns to cross promote their own games.


There’s no doubt Spark simplifies freemium app development and management, but it’s also just as powerful for advertisers. Besides the obvious — lower fees — valuable demographics enable advertisers to efficiently fine tune their campaigns with Spark Analytics for more effective marketing.

Spark quickly monetizes any project with zero hassle.

Entering the Eye of the Storm
We’ve introduced five components of the Power Grid so far: Thunder, Lightning, Jumpstart, and Alchemy. Forecasts tomorrow call for tempered weather while the eye of the storm passes through. So enjoy the calm center, but expect intensity to return on Thursday as the ION Storm culminates in a major announcement.

The ionomy Team


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