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Present day Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) is building the eventual fate of cryptocurrency. MF Chain is building the fate of blockchain which starts with our customer shipper installment arrangement and prizes program. In a general sense, we will likely extend cryptocurrency utility to the point of omnipresence. We are helping cryptocurrency reach past being just a venture, exchanging or theoretical apparatus. Purchasers, traders, and ventures both vast and little will now have the capacity to profit from the accommodation and security that cryptocurrency and blockchain give.

Modern Finance Chain is what MFChain stands for and it can be seen at the website of the same name with a .org at the end. The platform is designed to bridge the massive gap occurring between the merchants and the consumers plus a public blockchain technology smart contract platform. You can watch a lengthy video on the company website with more information on the platform plus you can also read a detailed whitepaper explaining the business model that goes into even more detail than you’ll learn in this review.

How Does MFChain Work?

The digital economy is where consumers can buy more goods and services with any cryptocurrency they currently own in their possession. And they can use it at any number of their favorite merchants. This is a place of people who have visions that are game changers, not only that – but its where the visionaries and game changers can meet each other and collaborate their ideas to bring them to the light of day. And then eventually launch their innovative new ideas to distribute them as applications across the digital world that is highly dependent on trustless transactions in any type of currency they see fit to choose.

The platform is also where any developers who are international can get full support in a multitude of different languages, that have a capability and library of different smart contracts. Each of them will be designed to help promote the fastest development and deployment. It’s an ecosystem that is designed to embrace each of the various blockchains in existence so they can be accepted in one place as a type of cryptocurrency/blockchain utopia.

Modern Finance Chain is designed to help the world adopt to new cryptocurrencies as very real types of money and be seen as the same way they would traditional fiat currency. It’s a platform that will help the world transition into a new type of solution for payments and rewards program for vendors and consumers that make it simpler for them to embrace using digital cryptocurrencies for making payments on a daily basis.

The company has an even bigger vision that for finance that will create a system that has a multitude of features and is highly intelligent. More so, then any other system of its nature currently online. MF Mainnet will be fully integrated with the different types of blockchains on multiple levels as well as be able to be verified through a sequence of digital identification process that also work in conjunction with government-related compliance when they are needed as well as user-controlled privacy features like not seen on other platforms.

The platform will also operate with multi-currencies for the purpose of ICOs on the platform. And allow them to be accepted under any number of ICO projects that need to use multiple currencies through a form of live token generation and events.

Now let’s discuss about how you can participate in the MFChain airdrop and earn your free tokens!
The MFChain airdrop will run from March 19th, 2018 through March 31st, 2018. You can get the required details below, with information on how to participate and become a part of the Modern Finance Chain community.

MF Chain Mobile POS Client App

Merchants can download a free mobile app that will transform any mobile device to a fully functional Point of Sale system with all MF Chain features.
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Once authorized the app is ready to create orders and accept cryptocurrency to the merchant’s wallets that are configured in their accounts. Both Android and iOS platforms are supported. The recommended device format is a tablet for the best user experience; however, the app is also fully compatible with smartphone mobile devices.

The user flow is as simple as with credit card point of sale (POS) terminals: the order amount is entered, user selects the preferred cryptocurrency, and receives the QR code to complete the payment using the mobile wallet app on their smartphone. After the payment is completed the merchant can view the transaction confirmation status. The system can be configured to rely on any number of consensus node confirmations through merchant settings to declare a payment success.

The MFX token is compatible with any existing ERC20 wallet. Consumers will have the ability to use their existing wallets to store tokens and make payments. Merchants are afforded the same flexibility with the MF Chain Mobile POS Client App.

Client App MVP
The MF Chain Mobile POS Client APP MVP is available for download at the MF Chain GitHub:

What Do I Need to Receive My Free Tokens?

MFChain will be launching its MFX Tokens on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token. ERC20 is the standard protocol for decentralized applications built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Since it is based on Ethereum platform, you will require an Ethereum wallet to participate in the airdrop. If you provide a wallet address that is not compatible with ERC20 tokens or an exchange wallet address, you will not receive the MFX tokens. If you do not have an Ethereum digital wallet, you can obtain one for free by visiting myetherwallet. If you are uncomfortable with digital wallets, there are physical wallets that you can purchase.

How Many Tokens Are You Giving Away?

We are giving away a total of 1 million MFX tokens in the Airdrop. The 1 million tokens will be distributed equally between everyone who signs up for the airdrop. This will be accomplished by assigning users ‘stakes’. Stakes can be earned by enrolling and following our social media profiles. MFChain will then take the total number of stakes and divide that from the 1 million tokens. For example, if 1,000 people sign up, with 1 stake per person each person would receive 1,000 tokens. But let us assume that only one person signed up, then that individual would receive all 1 million tokens.

There’s no limit to the number of people who can participate in the MFChain airdrop! MFChain is striving to involve as many users as possible.

Token Allocation

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Public Tokens

Presale & ICO – 57% (301M)
Airdrop & Incentive Programs – 1% (5M)
Devs & Advisors – 8% (40M)
Merchant Incentive Program – 15% (75M)
Locked tokens to support development & marketing – 19% (100M)
Future development and marketing tokens will be locked according to the following schedule:

50% unlocked on random date: Q2 2019
50% unlocked on random date: Q2 2020
Initial Circulating Supply (max): 306,000,000
Max Supply: 521,000,000

Developer and Advisor tokens
Developer and Advisor tokens will be unlocked on a slow rolling quarterly release ending in Q2 2019.

Multi-Blockchain Integration

MF Chain is building a multi-cash installment framework, that is intended to permit simple trader and client selection while grasping all blockchains inside its system. The outcome is a genuine decentralized and open source group where no coin can achieve pre-distinction over the other. A people group where nobody coin is better than another, fairly a place where trailblazers and group clients can use different blockchains to their pertinent and most helpful reason. Our concentration is to cause blockchain economy to its actual potential.

Whitelist and KYC

To partake in the MF Chain ICO, forthcoming stage clients should be endorsed and added to the whitelist. MF Chain intends to run two separate whitelist crusades permitting clients late to finding out about MF Chain to take part. Every single imminent member can apply amid any whitelist organize (case: member needing to contribute amid ICO stage can apply amid the primary whitelist arrange; this case is empowered).!

Modern Finance Chain Conclusion

The company website is very thorough, with a solid roadmap and lots of information. Verify the information given on the team mates and perform a little more research on the team and company before making major investments. Other than that, MFChain seams like they’re a good company to consider investing into. Lastly, the company cannot be invested into from the United States or China – this last piece of information would make me consider them a very high-risk investment, as these two countries have the strongest regulations with cryptocurrency to protect their citizens.


Q4 2017 - Concept & Discovery
MFC founded
R&D blockchain options
Cryptocurrency market research
Fiat payment market research
Business plan created
Team recruiting commences

Jan 2018 - Initial Business Rollout
Smart contract development commences
Whitepaper first draft
MVP Ui/Ux developed
Wire frames built out and approved
Consumer crypto payment solution MVP development begins
Merchant backend console development begins
Marketing plan developed

Feb & March 2018 - Development Stage
Team build out
Full development team working on multiple sprints
Market research
Consumer & Merchant focus groups
Consumer & Merchant surveys
Website development
Whitepaper draft

April 2018 - Private Offer
Whitepaper released
Website launch
Private sale opens
Crypto community surveys
Crypto community focus groups
Marketing campaign kick off

May 2018 - Pre ICO
Pre ICO opens
BTC, ETH, MFC payments integration
MVP Release
Alpha software release
Beta testing merchants
Beta testing consumers

June 2018 - ICO
Initial Coin Offering
Public Sale
Live Token Generation Event

July 2018 - Payment Systems
Payment system integration
Sales process developed
Sales team building
Merchant processing roll out

Aug 2018 - Exchange
Live on exchange

Q3 2018
250 Merchants processing with MFC
Magento Cart Plugin
Zen Cart Plugin
WordPress Plugin
WooCommerce Plugin
Big Commerce Integration

Q4 2018
1000 Merchants processing with MFC
MFC stand alone POS hardware release

Q1 2019
Global payment system roll out
5000 Merchants processing with MFC
MFM Testnet deployed

Q2 2019
MF Mainnet deployed
MFM coin swap (MFX token is swapped for MFM coin at 1:1 ratio)
MFF token is issued (MFF will work as an independent payment token on the MFM Blockchain)
MFF airdrop


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