Equitybase- technologies to the global real estate investment industry.

Equitybase Real Estate platform is a new Ethereum Smart Contract based ecosystem that applies Blockchain technologies to the global Real Estate investment industry. By lowering barriers to entry and increasing market liquidity with transparent pricing, it will giving greater access to global investment and fractional trading in Real Estate industry.

Equitybase will offer an effective and direct model of investing and securing the value of the existing 500+ Billion USD equivalent in cryptocurrency, to the less volatile and growing real estate market, by generating rental income, value appreciation and hedging. Utilized in investment or trading by purchasing equity base tokens in equivalent value without incurring fees on our platform.

Participants worldwide will be able to utilize our platform to invest and diversify their portfolio, along with the liquidity of a public market but generate the returns of a private market. Backed by our experts with a strong track record and reputation in real estate development, consumer electronics and tech industry, we at Equitybase have raised a $300,000 seed round

We have founded and exited high profile online companies along with extensive experience in the real estate industry and operating startups for over the last 15 years. By summer of 2018, a full functional website will be launched on our Equitybase Platform.

Where any participants will be able to invest in fractional commercial real estate holdings and obtain dividends from rent roll along with asset appreciation, which will be held by a smart contract and paid with crypto or fiat currency along with the liquidity of a traditional public markets.

By fall of 2018, IOS and Android apps will be available to our platform users as well, with the full functionality of our website securely on their mobile devices.

Equitybase Ecosystem

Equitybase Platform provide a entire investment ecosystem from dividends, investing, liquidating and exchanging.

Equity Reserve

Equity Reserve will enact as a secondary reserve operator which provides an additional layer of liquidity to the Equity Exchange platform, it will be utilize as a reserve pool to continuous enable platform users to liquidate their holdings with guarantee buyback on the exchange.

Equity Invest

Equity Invest allow developer and fund manager to tokenize the projects on the platform and provide update project status, disburse funds, along direct interaction with investors.
Investors would be able to track earning, sponsors and project credit rating, payment history, withdraw dividends and gains.

Equity Exchange

Equity Exchange enable investors to liquid or purchase tokenize real estate holdings on the platform via crypto and fiat currency. Equity Exchange will be able to add intrinsic valve base upon the performance and demand of each holdings individually.

Equity Fund

(4th Quarter 2018 ICO, Reg. A+ Offering)

Equity Fund target 7%+ annual yield payout from asset operating income on a quarterly basis. Equity Fund growth will comes from its capital event or refinance of asset holding which enable its token holder generate additional yield overtime. Equity Fund will be tradeable on our Equity Exchange and third party crypto exchange platform with full liquidity.

Problems in real estate and the solutions equitybase will be providing.


  1. Liquidity of asset
    Equity investments has long lock-in period ranging from 3-10 years

  2. Access to funds
    Traditional financing channel would take 3-6 months to accomplished

  3. Cost of Credit
    Interest rate would varies by region and developers equity would be substantial

  4. Barrier of Entry
    Upfront cost are tremendous

  5. High Fees
    From 5%+ for financing and .25%+ for trading


  1. Worldwide Access
    Issuers can finance their asset, investors can invest and liquidate holdings

  2. No Minimum Investment
    Investors can invest any amount without minimum investment restriction

  3. Credit Rating System
    Investors can track performances and track record of issuers

  4. Liquid Investment
    Provide the flexibility for investors to liquidate their holdings on any investment anytime

  5. Zero Fees
    BASE token holder will be able to utilize the platform without incurring any fees

Token specifications.

Token Symbol: BASE

Total Token Supply: 360,000,000 BASE

Hard Cap: $50.4 Million

Token Price: $0.28

Minimum Purchase: None

Accepting: Ethereum, Wire Transfer

ERC20 Token: Yes

Individual Cap: None

Countries Allowed: Equitybase does not exclude persons from any nations from participating in our ICO. All participants are encouraged to check their respective country/region ICO regulation.


Total availablity of BASE token will be set at 360,000,000 of which 50% will be sold during ICO, remaining reserve token will be held for 1 year and peridically release to stimulated the platform’s growth if needed.

20% of the tokens will be allocated to the founding team members and its advisors with a 12 month vesting period.

10% of overall token allotment will be distributed for community program marketing prior and after the ICO process

Tokensale details.

During the first week (March 14-20), the discount will be 30%.
During the second week (March 21-27), the discount will be 25%.
During the third week (March 27 - April 3), the discount will be 20%.
During the fourth week (April 4-10), the discount will be 15%.
During the fifth week (April 11-16), the discount will be 10%.
During the sixth week (April 17-23), the discount will be 5%.
During the seventh week (April 24-30), the discount will be 0%.
The last week of sale will not be accompanied by discounts, instead investors will be offered to buy tokens at a stable price (0.28 USD).
A total of 360 million tokens will be released, although the hardcage is already marked at 178 million tokens

Equitybase team members.

Equitybase is piloted by a groups of individuals who has proven there self to be transparent and take the success of the project as there major priority.

The head of the project Morgan M. Chan is the general partner of the real estate fund with a capital of 100 million dollars. He has been an active participant of the market since 2000 and attracted more than 300 000 USD to the start of the project.
Co-founder and marketing manager is Connie Yiu, a specialist who has proven himself in many well-known projects.


Website: https://equitybase.co

White Paper: https://equitybase.co/equitybasewhitepaper1.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/equitybaseco/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/equitybase/

T.me: https://t.me/equitybase

Medium: https://medium.com/equitybase