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About BitEsprit?

BitEsprit is a universal cryptocurrency trading solution with an integrated trade copy function that facilitates the trade of Bitcoin and Altcoin with fiat currency. In the event of the exchange of all crypto-currencies with the trading partner Altcoin-fiat, debit cards issued by BitEsprit are linked to the user’s balances, copies, duty-free list of ICO tokens and extended graphical functions to redefine how the industry thinks about exchanging altcoins.

To facilitate sharing of profits earned in fiat, we allow obtaining BitSpirit debit cards with fiat balances from our users. No need to go to dozens of separate websites to get everything you need. BitSprit is here to answer all your cryptographic needs.

The purpose of BitEsprit

BitEsprit seeks to remove barriers to entry into the Altcoin trade ecosystem for both traders and promises new projects that want to attract attention. Their exchange will help those traders who fought against the lack of direct access to altcoin, the lack of trading skills, unsuitable user interfaces, and unsafe exchanges. In addition, altcoin developers are also experiencing serious problems caused by very high commissions for exchanging new ICO tokens, which will be included in their choice. Thus, BitEsprit aims to provide equal opportunities for these projects to gain access to liquidity to help them grow without exposing themselves to financial barriers, such as exorbitant registration fees. These factors have to some extent affected all the currency traders’ cryptocurrency.

BitEsprit function

Exchange BitEsprit will contain more than 100 crypto variants for trading with the main cryptocurrency, as well as with the currency fiat and will work in low cost, half of which will be paid by the BEC. Exchange BitEsprit will facilitate trade in copies with the purchase and sale of simple crypto conversions, and will also allow users to have their own BitEsprit debit card linked to financial funds on their user accounts, and will also have complex solutions created in painful areas, so everything comes to the door users of BitEsprit in one online trading platform.

The problem

Dissolution of currency exchange services need not complicate the entry of the market, because users buy and sell on websites when other sites.

This information comes from eight reasons:

The disintegration of trade and investment services in cryptocurrency.
Trade Altcoin-fiat is still very shackled
Most people who insert altcoin bags cannot be used in surgery to succeed
High Contribution Fee for OIC Token
The collapse of the current use
Lack of atmosphere
Lack of liquidity
Do not answer or no Customers
BitSpirit revolutionized the way we market today's cryptocurrency, making it the largest clearinghouse for experienced and novice traders.

The BitSpirit platform will feature over 100 cryptocurrencies to trade against major currencies.

With the exchange platform, we will facilitate trading copy at the same time with the purchase and sale of simple cryptocurrency, and this will also enable our users to have their own BitSpirit, a debit card issued related to the trust fund from your user account.


We want an obstacle that prevents Altcoin's trading participation from disappearing. In order for this idea to come true, the operating platform of the copy is designed to ensure that all beginners in the world of cryptocurrency start their adventure in the world of commerce with equal opportunities.

Platform functions.
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Copy the trade
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Our copy operating platform, integrated into all of our internal markets, is a method for operators who do not have much experience in copying and learning from the most expert traders, offering value to beginners and experts.

BitSpirit debit card
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Make a fiat profit by swapping altcoin and paying for food using the benefits you make by placing it on your BitSpirit debit card with just one click. You no longer need to withdraw your earnings from your bank account. We made everything happen in one place.

Online Portfolio

Our portfolio of multi-currency online portfolios, completely separate from the platform, will be a great place to store your cryptographic resources. You will be the sole owner of your private key, at the same time you will be a single click away from fund placements on the BitSprit platform to start trading.


Coin: BEC Platform: ERC 20 CrowdSale Price: 1 BEC = USD 0,85 Minimum investment: 1000 US dollars Soft cover: US $ 15,000,000 Hard cover: US $ 43,000,000 Pre-Sale Beginning: April 3, 2018 Preliminary price of discounts: level 1: USD 0.30; Level 2: USD 0.50; Level 3: USD 0,65 Receive: ETH, BTC Minimum investment: USD 1000 Crowdsale Beginning: April 27, 2018Crowdsale Price: USD 0,85 Minimum investment: USD 50 Country: United Kingdom

White list / KYC: KYC

Forbidden area: United States

Commercial launch: Q4, 2018 est.

Operating profitability: Q2, 2019 est.

About BitEsprit Token

Name: BitEsprit (BEC

Symbol: (BEC)

Total token supply: 100,000,000 BEC

Total token to be sold: 70,000,000 BEC (70%)

Soft Cap: $ 15,000,000

Hard Cap: $ 43,756,410

Pre-sale begins: 03 April 2018 16:00 CET

Crowdsale starts: 27 April 2018 16:00 CET

Price token crowdsale: $ 0.85



TOKEN TOTAL FOR 70,000,000 BEC (70%)

CAP COMPLETE $ 15,000,000

HARD CAP $ 43,756,410

PRE-SALE BEGINS 03 April 2018 16:00 CET

START BEGINS April 27, 2018 16:00 CET





Q3 2017

Drafting and teamwork.

The concept of integrated trading solutions was born in correspondence with our market analysis to find the weakness of the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. Once done, we start recruiting the people we consider most appropriate to contribute to the project.

Q4 2017

Initial development and proof of concept.

The initial work was done to validate our concept. This step is a necessary condition to disclose our project to the public.

First quarter of 2018

Advisory Board and Public Announcements.

Meet an advisory committee, set BitSpirit as a corporate entity and share our project publicly.

Q2 2018

ICO and preparation.

ICO and preparations for major development stages have been completed.

Q3 2018

The main stage of development.

Appropriate engines, user interface designs and mobile applications are being developed in this phase, while defining the conditions appropriate for ISO 27001 and PCI DSS audits to be conducted in subsequent months.

Q4 2018

BitSpirit opens beta and error programs.

Our community will have the opportunity to test our system and be rewarded for finding weak links.

First quarter of 2019

The official launch of BitEsprit Cryptocurrency Exchange.

The official launch of our all-in-one trading solution.

Q2 2019

Debit card issuing and integration of fiat trading pairs.

Launches operations on cryptocurrency against USD, GBP, and EUR, as well as deposit/guardian and launches PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, China UnionPay payment methods. Our users can also start ordering their own BitSpirit debit card.

Q3 2019

The launch of a free mobile app and ICO token referral program.

BitSpirit application launch for mobile on iOS and Android. Successful ICO projects can start the application process in our ICO registration program at no cost.

Q4 2019

BitSpirit online wallet launched.

The final step to make our exchange a complete platform is planned.


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