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With the emergence of new coins in the form of an increasing number of fake projects put serious-minded creators and innovators and positive thinkers of beautiful and promising projects on the hard-to-get side. However, a great and talented person who has followed my posts and recommendations on ICO will get me to see that a real project with huge profit capacity is still out there that just stresses us, bloggers, sections to find and share. I am here again to present to you another moving cryptocurrency to meet the horrific prospective needs of cryptonaires in terms of investment and the rest of the world in terms of services and utilities. KONIOS has been a project with a healthy team and a great vision that is encoded in its services and utilities.

Konios has developed and programed platforms for all crypto fans around the world to enable them to enter the crypto world with cash. Easy access to
Koniosplatform only requires smartphone and Internet connection. This transaction is based on the principle of exchange developed in Switzerland, without the use of banks or other intermediaries. The exchange occurs face-to-face (F2F) with other users of the platform. The transaction process is precisely structured and is subject to the highest security rules. It was built by five security keys and the participants made the exchange with just four clicks on their smartphone.

In order to keep the transactions secure and the fees low, the own blockchain, which validates and registers all transactions and activities locally on the platform, is designed. It serves as a basis for the use of all cryptocurrencies without paying the respective chain fees. The Smart Contracts monitors and checks the transactions and all processes within the platform.

Active users of the platform will benefit from our reward system. This also increases the security of the platform and supports the worldwide acceptance of the exchange procedure. After each transaction, evaluations are given by the exchange partners. The evaluations give an insight into the professional behavior of the exchange partner. The reward and penalty parameters stored in the Smart-Contract sort incorrect behavior and reward the users for their positive contribution.

What is Konios?
Konios was created by a duo composed by Patrik Krasnic (CEO) and Mikel Krasniqi (CTO). The duo mixes the ability of e-commerce by Krasnic and the development abilities of Krasniqi. With a team of about 10 other professionals and four advisors.

As stated before, the goal of Konios is to create easy solutions for people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. Its platform will offer an easy way to buy and sell crypto and cash out whenever you want. The company believes that restrictions and regulations are bad for the blockchain market because they will hold the industry back from growing, so the solution is deregulation.

The company is also offering a place for posting services on the platform and be paid with cryptocurrency or fiat currency, which will make it more than an exchange. You can also offer products if you want. You just have to photograph them and then you will be able to sell them anytime that you want to.

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How to Use Konios?
At the moment, you cannot use Konios because the platform is still not operational, but it will be during 2018 (on Alpha and Beta phase). The tokens of the company, KON tokens, will be necessary for you to access the services. You can get them on the sale or in airdrops.

The Konios ICO will start on May 1 and it will last 60 days. 1 KON token will be equivalent to $0,01 USD. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, CHF, GBP, EUR, RMB and KRW to pay via wallet transfer or bank wire transfer.

4% of the total KON tokens will be for early supporters who can receive airdrop by registering with the company.

The Konios Timeline
The Konios platform was planned during most of 2017 and it finally started its development at the end of the year. The sales will happen during 2018 and also the first tests of the Alpha version of the Konios platform. If everything goes according to the company’s plan, the Beta version will launch in November and the platform will finally be released on 2019.

The calendar of the company goes until January 2020, when the KON tokens will be given to the development team.

The Konios ICO (KON Tokens) Verdict
Konios might have a discourse which speaks of revolution, but it was a quite a normal company, actually. It can work as an exchange, a financial platform, and even a marketplace, but nothing of this is very revolutionary or new, so be aware of that before you invest in Konios.

The Ads Bounty phase will start on April 1, 2018
If you are active on Twitter, Telegram, Youtube or another social platform,
we offer you a token of appreciation for your support.


ICO start : MAY 1, 2018
Price : 1 KON = 0,01 USD
ICO duration : 60 days
0–2 000 000 000 KON
TOTAL: 700 000 000 KON
2 000 000 000–2 600 000 000 KON
TOTAL: 120 000 000 KON
2 600 000 000–2 900 000 000 KON
TOTAL: 30 000 000 KON
Accepted currencies
Bitcoin / Ethereum
Payment methods
Wallet to wallet
Bank wire

Reward system 7%Team & Founders 5%Konios AG 5%Advisors 2%Presale 2%ICO 75%

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