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Etheera may be a new world platform with the multifunctional software system. the positioning is going to be terrible attention-grabbing for individuals engaged in work associated with the property. It offers several blessings over commonplace in operation strategies. The program permits you to feature, edit info concerning objects. The system selects the foremost acceptable to the necessities and requests of the housing and premises. Transactions on the Etheera platform square measure disbursed quickly and safely. the positioning helps to expand the network and attract new customers.
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They often do this in order to make sure that clients are able to afford their services again in the future or direct other people in need of an informed real estate company to come and seek for their services.Therefore, courtesy of this company you can find anything you want very fast despite the part of the world it is situated in.
How Does Etheera Work?
Basically, Etheera plans to solve every problem in the world of global real estate. To do that, the company will create a global portal with three broad functions:

  • Matching
    Etheera’s platform will connect buyers with sellers worldwide.

  • Multiple Tools
    Etheera’s platform will include tools like CRM functions, calendars, callbacks, visitor logs, newsletter support, email, external APIs, databases, real estate estimates, a global broker network, more and more.

  • Consulting
    Customers can access real estate consulting services through the Etheera platform. Overall,

Etheera aims to create an all in one real estate platform packed with tools. It’s all very ambitious. Users will be able to pay for a Basic or Pro account on the platform.

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IСO [10 Feb, 2018 - 30 Apr, 2018]

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