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What is Mobility Tokens?

Mobility Tokens will be the fuel that drives the ecosystem, including community and platform development. In the first stage, it will be used to recognize our fans, early adopters. More usage (eg integration with charging stations or telecoms to make payments) will be developed to ensure continuous ecosystem growth and benefit the platform for its own community.

Our aim is to build a strong and open community of supporters and enthusiasts. Now you can test and research electric cars and earn MOB tokens.

Test drives and experience reviews will start the community from scratch and raise awareness of adoption and demand for better mobility solutions.

Mostly for the electric car to enter the market and to be used by people, Mobility Token has set up an incentive program, people will test drive on electric cars and win the MOB tokens by writing their experiences with their honest opinions after these test drives.

On this count, more people will be guided by electric cars.

40% of the tokens will be distributed to all participants identified in the rewards program.

These tokens will be produced on a monthly basis (optional) and will be distributed to prize winners. For a more detailed description of the various awards, please see whitepaper.

Mobility Tokens

  • Commercial field innovative

Companies will want to create their own transportation solutions. They can use Mobility Tokens for this.

  • In front of the law

This area will lead the way for innovations to be adapted to legal processes, for smart cities and for everyone to work in harmony with the law.

  • Block-chain technology

Using block-chain technology, innovative companies will be able to integrate their business into this evolved ecosystem.

  • First in the race

Elon will be able to play first on this platform for everyone who is ahead of Tesla of Musk and wants to take part in the ongoing competition.

  • By joining the community

You can invest in your future technology, take part in it. Everybody in this community can make the world a better place by using electric energy-powered cars instead of fashioned fossil fuels.

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You can also earn money from the prize pool

  • By making test drives

  • By writing your experience in detail

  • Translucent leaf

  • By joining the telegram channel

  • By sharing on Facebook

Token Sales Information

Total Token Source - 100.000.000 (% 100)

Bounty Token - 40.000.000 (% 40)

Tokens for sale - 50.000.000 (% 50)


December 2017 - the database of electric cars is completed,

March 2018 - Clear announcement and launch

April 2018 - Token sale launch

May 2018 - Website translations

July 2018 - Garage integrations

August 2018 - Integration with charging stations

September 2018 - Open API for further integration

2019 January - Mobility Token Wallet launch

2020 February - Award program ends

2020 February - Bounty program end


We want to create new mobility solutions, for innovative companies ..


Opportunities related to innovation regulators, smart cities and non-urban regulatory


In the name of innovative companies we want to integrate ecosystem and develop.


For pIoneers who should be on the edge.


Join the largest global community of Mobılıty Enthusiasts and innovators.

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