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Yumerium is a gaming community where gamers share their experiences with other gamers which is a tangible form of viral marketing. Gamers will be properly compensated with YUM for the effort. Game developers can organize gifts for gamers with Yumerium as they see fit, such as sharing YUM to watch promotional videos, share links to social networks, leave reviews for their games, etc. Through this gift system, gamers will be more motivated to participate in the community proactively. With blockchain technology and smart contracting, Yumerium will decentralize payment systems by removing middlemen from transactions between game players and game developers.

Yumerium realized that using virtual space and imagination space will allow every user to get more opportunities to enjoy a game of renewable technology, Blockchain will connect the gaming world with the digital world, to keep the game from cheating, as well as minimize high transaction costs.

The use of smart contracts in addition to securing every transaction will also increase user loyalty, they will also be a catalyst for developers and publishers to support Platfrom, Token Yum will connect the game world with blockchain technology and believe it will be a solution to every problem that has been facing the industry Game.

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Yumerium works together with the largest VR Plus Company in korea, VR plus provides a complex and convenient virtual space that is connected with cafes and pc and is spread all over korea, this will help yumerium connect with many users who have difficulty in accessing game world such as making accounts, transaction payments and micropayments. Yumerium's goal is to provide solutions to address all the problems facing the gaming world, as well as create a decentralized market in buying and selling virtual goods Crowdsale Yumerium

Yumerium is a gaming token earned by playing, sharing and reviewing games and spending on any game that supports Yumerium. Game developers can use YUM to attract and engage with users using marketing tools such as referral bonus or air drop campaign / gift. Benefits to game developers: Reliable decentralized gateway payment solution with lower cryptocurrency payments and instant payment times. Acquisitions & engagements: with "mine" opportunities, game developers can provide powerful incentives to gain new users and expect higher engagement from Marketing players: All three-party games can easily reach Yumerium users through the Yumerium & Substream community.

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50% of the funds will be spent on developing the original Yumerium game, CryptoMine being the first original game to be fully integrated with the Yumerium system. The successful launch of a game will be crucial for testing system battles for widespread adoption. We will allocate 10% for development and 15% for the operation of the Yumerium system. We will separately allocate 20% for community marketing and development as "Marketing Funds" that will be critical to bringing new players into the community.

Launch partner game support Benefits for game developers

• Decentralized trustless payment gateway solution with payment with cryptocurrencies with a lower fee and instant payment time

• Acquisition & engagement: with “mining” opportunity, game developers can present strong incentive to acquire new users and expect higher engagement of players

• Marketing: 3rd party games can reach Yumerium users through Yumerium community &

• Publishing or crowdfunding opportunity for early concept games through voting from the community and funding from Yumerium.

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Token Sale Schedule / Discount Plan

Public Sale

• Public Presale Period: April 22 ~ May 12

• Public Sale Period: May 13 ~ May 19

• Token will be issued within 30 days after token sale ends

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Founding Team
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