Freelancing is essentially freedom. Not the freedom of working less than a regular job. But the freedom to choose your assignments and employees not only within your office but globally. By participating in LanceChain, you help more and more people explore new opportunities and enjoy that freedom.

LanceChain is a decentralized blockchain based marketplace for freelancers and project owners. The platform provides the opportunity to work and hire with 0% commission and no central authority. By removing the middleman between the freelancer and the customer, They ensure that users are not giving away their profit to platforms. On top of that, They offer additional security on every deal, achieved by the Ethereum smart contract escrow system and the unique dispute settlement process. They have adopted a very special approach towards talent management and innovative talent vetting program will enable the business representatives hire top professionals quickly and wisely. With LanceChain both the project owners and the freelancers can count on direct communication and uncensored,

dependable and immutable ratings and reviews.

0% commission on each deal, no matter if it’s hourly rate or fixed fee model
No censorship due to the nature of blockchain
Guaranteed payments
Clear terms and conditions
Opportunities to earn more by participating in various processes within the platform
One of a kind dispute settlement approach, providing additional security
Support of the blockchain community
Unbiased, free choice

Estimate of the market share LanceChain aims at.

Capitalization of the freelancing economy for 2017 is 1.4 trillion US dollars. If only 0.1% of the Freelancer community were to use our platform – which is feasible for our project - the amount of money in circulation on LanceChain would exceed $1,400,000,000 USD.

Advantages of LanceChain
First and foremost - 0% commission. No freelancer will pay for his work and no business owner will overpay for his assignment.
Guaranteed payments by taking full advantage of the blockchain network.
Unique dispute settlement approach. LANC token holders will elect an objective community of experts
who will settle disputes in the rare cases freelancers and business owners have an argument.
No biased reviews. We do not centralize. We do not create rating score based on one review. We do not depend on any central authority.
Talent recognition program. With us, proper talent allocation & assessment matters.


Main Goal

To connect people who seek with those who offer remote opportunities. By utilizing the blockchain concept we can achieve this in a cost-efficient, transparent, high quality and secure manner.

The current solutions on the market apply high fees and often take non-transparent decisions affecting both freelancers and project owners. We highly honor every single effort and we believe both parties deserve more. By going into such a big market, we will be able to introduce a model providing the core tools of the platform users of no charge. On the other hand, to keep the platform running and constantly improving, our premium set of features, help on hiring pre-vetted top-talents, project management as a service, top listed job offers and expert dispute settlements will require reasonable fees.

LanceChain represents the right balance by which users will be able to use and utilize the platform daily without the need to buy any paid features. However, once the LanceChain becomes a core part of their work life, they will have the opportunity to purchase platform enhancements. The freemium model is working best for services whose value to users increases with time and LanceChain will become a day to day means of work and hire for its customers, making the model a perfect fit.

By having the core functionality completely free of charge in combination with premium features, LanceChain will attract the most customers. Further, the free to use platform has the benefit of the network effect. A network effect is what happens when a product or service becomes more valuable the more people use it. LanceChain will aim to additionally incentivize its users to migrate from their old platforms to experience the new way of working.
Why Blockchain?

The blockchain technology is a vital and irreplaceable part of the LanceChain platform ideas, believes and success. Utilizing the decentralized and distributed ledger in conjunction with the smart contracts execution will result in a transparent, immutable, manipulation resistant and no single authority controlled processes
Support Of the Blockchain Community

We are strong supporters and believe the blockchain technology has a huge potential. Our predictions are the decentralized networks will play key role in forming the future of human technological growth. We want to actively support that growth by promoting the development of decentralized applications (DAPPS). To achieve that LanceChain`s premium features will be available free of charge to users that have proven desire to implement blockchain projects or take proactive actions in supporting the blockchain community.
LanceChain will use three ways to elect SMEs for the

Decentralized Expert Team:
Freelancers will be able to apply to become an SME in an area of expertise
Tokenholders will be able to elect a freelancer to become an SME.
LanceChain will elect and pick renowned freelancers and experts to become a member of the Dispute team.


Name: LanceChain

Symbol: LANC

Platform: Ethereum

Interface: ERC-20 Token Standard

Max Total Supply: 96 800 000

Utility Token

Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 31,000 ETH

Price: 1400 - 2000 LANC per 1 ETH (depending on the round)

Any contributions above the hard cap will be automatically retuned by the smart contract.
Token distribution:

50% LANC issued to contributors in the fundraiser

20% allocated to partnerships, community grants and public bounties

20% to LanceChain’s long-term operating budget,

10% to founders, team members, advisors and early contributors. Founders and team contributors will be subject to a two year vesting schedule.

Early participation bonus: Up to 42% bonus when participating earlier.

Tokens availability: Purchased LANC tokens will be distributed immediately. LANC tokens will be purchaseable and liquidated through the smart contract immediately after the fundraiser opens however will not be transferrable until the end of the ICO.
Road Map

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