The LanceChain platform is a decentralized blockchain based marketplace for freelancers and project owners. This platform provides the opportunity to work and hire with 0% commission and additional security on every deal achieved by the Ethereum smart contract escrow system and the unique dispute settlement process. The platform permit talent management and the innovative talent vetting program will enable the business representatives hire top professionals quickly and wisely whereby the project owners and the freelancers can count on direct communication uncensored, dependable, immutable ratings and reviews. LanceChain developer works with the manage as providing use of platform to offers future clients with the business of online projects auction to gains of access to the membership community network within the ETH/ERC20 blockchain administrative system as gathering connection between freelancers and projects owners as removing waste of disposals with the barriers of obstacles and bypasses middlemen to goes as building relation between customer and freelancer.

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The platform works with the guarantee on security as securing risks on chance with submission to follows of customs with the decentralized of network with the switches of algorithm to prepare of access with chance of authorization. The platform also has with the feature as clients to gains of guarantee as managing tasks with the projects listing and submission of work to secure of chance with the transmission of request with the jobs on objectives as following use with the systematical arrange of escrows within the lists of feature on desktop of platform with the service from LanceChain developer.

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The LanceChain platform is a decentralized marketplace designed for both freelancers and project owners, and it is based on the blockchain ecosystem. Payments are made in Lancechain directly between client and freelancer, usually directly in the currency of the platform itself LANC. The LanceChain platform will always be an open, free-to-use, commission-less platform. Unlike platforms that are currently on the market, and instead of charging a percentage of the work bill, LanceChain will implement a business model that is a combination of freemium and tiered subscription plans. All users will be able to use all core functionalities in order to work and hire successfully on the platform. In addition the users will be able to hand-pick enhanced functionality or subscribe for more advanced plans. Token holders with tokens above a specific threshold will be eligible for access to tiered subscription plans free of charge, which will promote the LANC token ecosystem. LanceChain will also stimulate the blockchain community by providing extra features and incentives to all blockchain work that is carried out using the platform.

By having the core functionality completely free of charge in combination with premium features, LanceChain will attract the most customers. Further, the free to use platform has the benefit of the network effect. A network effect is what happens when a product or service becomes more valuable the more people use it. LanceChain will aim to additionally incentivize its users to migrate from their old platforms to experience the new way of working.

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Benefit for Freelances inlude;

• Getting paid with totally 0% commission

• You get the right security of your work as LanceChain has got your back incase of dispute.

• You get a chance to market yourself for free.

• An opportunity to build a team with people you are familiar with.

• Getting into this unique platform is as easy as it gets.

Benefits for Project Owners;

• An opportunity to outsource and pay with totally 0% fee

• You will have full control over your project and expenditure.

• An access to pool of pre-vetted top-talents.

• An opportunity to even get a great project manager on top.

• Scale manpower up

Apart from the services the LanceChain Platform offers freelancers and business owners, it also plays an additional and a very important role that accelerates the platforms success as well:

• Talent Recognition Experts: Lanc Token holders on the platform that poses expert level skills in their various fields have an opportunity to leverage their knowledge by evaluating the freelancers skills and also help the LanceChain team in selecting the ones that are worthy of the top talent pool.

• Dispute Settlement Experts: Lanc Token holders will also get the chance to elect community members that posses the right set of skills, and this elected individuals will make adequate and transparent decisions within a dispute settlement process.


The LANC token is a key component of the LanceChain ecosystem. As an utility token, on top of transferring funds with no commission, it gives various benefits to its holders.

As the platform evolves, the LanceChain community will grow both in size and quality. While stimulating the possession of LANC tokens by incentivizing the token holders with special benefits, the demand and the value of LANC willdramatically increase. Token holders will be entitled to access our premium features for free as well as able to earn more and more by helping us shape our community. Holding LANC tokens grants its users the special ability to participate in the talent vetting and recognition program which allows you to acquire additional income by helping us assess the freelancers. Furthermore, by participating in the dispute settlement process, token holders will accumulate extra tokens. LANC token holders will be the key to sustainable long-term success of LanceChain.

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Interface: ERC20

Soft Cap: $1,000,000 (USD)

Hardcap: 31,000 ETH

Price : 1400 - 2000 LANC per 1 ETH (depending on the round)

Token Type: Utility Token

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0% LANC issued to contributors in the fundraiser

20% allocated to partnerships, community grants and public bounties

20% to LanceChain’s long-term operating budget,

10% to founders, team members, advisors and early contributors. Founders and team contributors will be subject to a two year vesting schedule.

Price: 1400–2000 LANC per 1 ETH (depending on the round)

Duration: 10 weeks, spread over three rounds

Early participation bonus: Up to 42% bonus when participating earlier.

Kick-off day: Provides equal opportunity to all freelancers, project owners and investors to participate on a discounted rate. For more on how kick-off day works, read on below.

Token availability: The LanceChain will accept Ethereum and Bitcoin contributions. LANC for ETH contributions will be distributed immediately. Funds will be able to be transferred, purchased and liquidated through the smart contract immediately after the fundraiser opens.


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