Our body consists of complex organs and genes can be the source of the solution for many rare diseases. It must be practical for everyone to afford the treatment provided by the hospitals. Genomic data can be the source of development in the next generation of medical solution for many diseases that we never knew existed. There needs to be a platform which stores the data for everyone and provides full control to the owner.
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Shivom is creating a genomics ecosystem on the blockchain. We will offer an open marketplace for healthcare providers to add their apps and services, alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine.

Transform genomic data into usable information
Break down data silos
Help accelerate clinical trials
Facilitate drug research and development
Sponsor sequencing projects to get access to relevant data

Accelerate the age of genomics
Every one of the 7.6 billion people on earth has a unique code held within their genes that unlocks the secrets to appearance, ancestry, intellectual capabilities, health, and fitness. But, this code’s ability to reveal a predisposition to disease has been overlooked.

Improve global health
Now is the time for concerted, community-wide development for the “genomical” challenges of the coming decade. Currently, a few key players hold the monopoly on genomic data and make huge profits from selling it to 3rd parties, usually without sharing the earnings with the data donor.

Jumpstart genome-based precision medicine
We are changing the dynamics of the global healthcare market. We are utilizing the most advanced technologies including blockchain, cloud computing, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics to bring medical genomics into a new era.

Ensure the next level of data privacy
We are at the forefront of data security. We use state-of-the-art cryptography to add additional security levels to our platform that go well beyond blockchain technology for decentralization, protecting each user’s data from cybercriminals

Genomics for everyone is the foundation of the Shivom Project and one of its aims is to improve global health and as a real proof of Founder Sally Eaves, Dr. Axel Schumacher and Gourish Singla visit rural communities in India to talk with locals about their health care challenges and opportunities where genome technology can make a difference.

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Blockchain technology helps users transmit genomic data or quantifiable lifestyle information to other stakeholders. At the same time, the patient can keep sensitive information, such as substance abuse data, hidden from certain stakeholders. As a result, outcomes of research and precision medicine initiatives can be better supported. In addition, this framework allows stakeholders to incentivize their client’s lifestyle change. For example, an insurer could offer to pay for a client to have his genome sequenced.

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The ICO is not fixed yet but always get updated
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