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What is 3Dapp?

The 3Dapp platform is a global blockchain based marketplace for producer consumers, not limited to any restrictions; an online hypermarket where you can buy digital goods, gadget parts and consumables; bind services that bind producers and clients, fundraising platforms, escrow services – all into one.

3Dapp uses all the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain technology and 3D technology on a worldwide scale. Issues such as patent protection of copyright and secure P2P transactions will be resolved with the help of blockchain encryption. Both manufacturers and consumers who use the 3Dapp platform will get a new approach to designing their digital goods, manufacturing, and global distribution.

The 3Dapp platform is the global base for manufacturers consumers, it is not limited to any restrictions; online hypermarket where you can buy digital goods, spare parts for gadgets and supplies; order processing services that connect producers and customers, fundraising platforms, escrow services – everything becomes one.

Now can you imagine what will happen soon when everyone will have a personal device capable of producing items of any kind? Or to bring a variety of 3D experiences with movies, music, and communications? The only valuable thing could be the application software for them.

In the near future thousands of on-line stores selling consumer goods will be replaced with some stores that sell digital goods due to the development of 3D technology. There is little doubt that manufacturing companies – and all network related supplies – are becoming increasingly digital. Such digital transformation lies behind what is commonly called the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. ”

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Main functions of 3Dapp platform:

  • World marketplace for digital goods
  • Platform for investments in venture projects
  • A fundrising platform
  • Platform for freelancers
  • Blockchain certification center for copyrights
  • Marketing and advertisement tool.
  • Advanced Escrow service based on Smart contracts
  • Intellectual exchange allowing to sell and to buy bright ideas.
  • The 3Dapp platform is a universal center of world trade and investments.

Our Target

The main 3Dapp goals are:

  • Become the leading application store and B2B platform in the world.
  • Become a fundraising platform for small companies and individuals to get their digital project funding from a pool of investors.
  • To serve as an investment platform for venture capital and to minimize the risk of allowing spread the findings to multiple projects and get fund and operating insurance.
  • To protect the 3D software developers from unauthorized copying and plagiarism
  • Benefits of Blockchain technology
  • Be a platform for DApp based on Ethereum technology
  • Become a platform for income for developers and private artists
  • Become a B2B market that caters to the needs of industrial companies and helps them to produce new machines and consumer goods
  • To serve manufacturers as a marketing tool to study Consumer demand
  • To serve as a P2P platform for the film industry that connects Entertainment and content companies, such as film production, record labels, and more with cinemas, radio stations, TV channels with end consumers.
  • To serve the development of 3D industry and bring the most advanced achievement of 3D technology to the final consumer. To develop consumer demand for 3D software.
    Our vision


3Dapp platform service and launch

3Dapp IPO

The launch of the Fund-Investment platform

Pool Pool Investor Formation

Creation Community Freelancer

Intellectual Database for Venture Projects has several hundreds of applications for 3D printers, VR Glasses,

3D Movies, 3D environments, DApp Ethereum apps, etc.


3Dapp platform market

growth capitalization up to 500 M USD

The launch of the 3Dapp crypto bank

The launch of the 3Dapp crypto insurance service contains hundreds of thousands of apps, movies, 3D models, DApps, etc.


Market capitalization of the 3Dapp platform

Growth of up to 1 billion USD

As the growth of the 3D printer market, 3DAPP, annual turnover reaches 5 bln USD

The 3DAPP token value tends to be equal to 10k USD

3DAPP.STOE contains millions of apps, movies, 3D models, Dapps, software for heavy industry, cars, drones, etc.

It’s a success story you can follow today.

Sales Token

The 3Dapp platform is understood to be an ‘equal opportunity’ solution for all

participants do not care whether it’s a large-scale company or someone who works as a freelancer. Both can have all the advantages of a revolutionary 3Dapp platform service from an earlier start that was not possible, for example in the case of Amazon, Google play, or the appearance of Alibaba. Following our strong statements about equality of participation we care about the time and money of our clients and offer them to use different cryptocurrencies for 3Dapp token purchases.

In addition to ETH, the main cryptocurrency or altcoin such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XPR), Dash (DASH), Neo Coin (NEO), Ethereum Classic (ETC) , Cardano (ADA), Monero (XMR), Stellar (XLM), EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX) will be accepted during all Token Sale sales.

As long as their protocols are different from Smart contract currency, all transactions must be handled manually, which can increase the handling time up to several hours during peak activity. If paid in another cryptocurrency then ETH, the token will be sent manually to the ERC20 compatible wallet that must be provided when registering.

Payments in fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, CNY and others are not supported.

  • Initial value of 1 token 3Dapp = 0.0001 ETH
  • Token divided by package according to Diagram (Infographic)
  • It must be sold 50% of all tokens during all sales rounds and if they will terminate 15% backup tokens as well.
  • Hard Cap = 500 000 000 3Dapp tokens
  • If the Hard Cap is reached and all 50% tokens are sold, the ordered token package = 150000 000 (15%) will be placed on the current or next sales cycle.
  • The manual bonus system will be applied with ranges ranging from 10% to 50%
  • Hard Cap for all rounds Sales = 500 000 000 3Dapp tokens
  • Soft cap = 10.000.000 3Dapp token. Soft caps should be achieved at least after Sales of the 4th then Sales Token will be considered successful.
  • If the soft cap will not be reached, the manual refund option will be used.
  • Sales package token can be sold to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Registration is available at any time during all rounds.
  • All unsold tokens after all four Sales Rounds are burned.
  • All unsold backup tokens will be burned after the Exchange round, they are not for sale.
  • The token purchase will launch in March 2019, after the IPO

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The creator of the Open source code product known as Blockchain technology dreams about equal opportunities for everyone who uses it. The main characteristics of Blockchain such as decentralization, distributed data storage, and secure encryption provide opportunities for small companies or private individuals to gain almost equal strength with large companies or manufacturers. Following the current economic vectors we move on to small-scale companies, or even households that produce most of the goods themselves, using 3D printers, lasers, robots or anything else.

This could mean further development of the applications required for this new production, the emergence of new global markets, such as printers and 3D food applications (receipts) for them, 3D projectors for video and messaging and many more.

The 3Dapp platform meets all these new global market demands and allows everyone to choose their role in it. You can be an investor, fundraising for startups, freelance programmers, or well-known companies, or customers – there’s a special offer for everyone, whoever it is.

3Dapps’ Branch of 3Dapp – is a great tool even for sales and marketing. It helps to answer the fundamental question of what modern economy should be produced and who will buy it.

It shrinks the supply chain in action, ‘squish’ producers and consumers together, where the only thing matters – digital information is distributed through the 3Dapp platform.


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3Dapp Team

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