XTRD is bringing proven financial technologies to the cryptocurrency market. This means higher liquidity, lower fees, and combined platforms. XTRADE is a platform for trade in crypto-currencies, solving existing problems of more than 60 broken and decentralized pools of liquidity and providing safe, modern trade for participants in cryptographic markets around the world.

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XTRADE will function as a provider of performance technologies for trading. The platform provides price transparency, higher liquidity, low slippage, fast execution, low cost, trading multiple markets with one account. XTRD aims to build trading infrastructure (Hardware and Software) in the crypto space and become one of the first full-services shop in the cryptocurrency markets for large traders and funds.

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Finance and trading experts created XTRD to bring solution to the problems of crypto currency and trading practices by increasing the value of productivity of present trading practices.

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The first stage has already been implemented. FIX API - financial information protocol eXchange (FIX) as a "universal" language for international financial transactions, provides interaction with brokers, stock exchanges, mutual funds, investment banks and market participants through a universal format.

The second stage with the implementation in 2018 is the launch of XTRADE PRO, a reliable, multi-reverse stand-alone trading platform for active traders. Will include applications that are used to manage trading through several trading asset management systems. Includes extended consolidated order books, input orders for hot keys and custom order types with 24-hour uptime.

At the third stage, the liquidity and mediation program XTRADE SPA will be included. Its task is to promote partnerships with existing exchanges to minimize regulatory barriers. This will allow you to trade at the best price with the lowest possible transaction costs, as well as the ability to exchange crypto currency with just one account.

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XTRD is an ERC20 compliant utility token generated on the Ethereum blockchain and will be used as a means of payment by trading participants for services provided by XTRD. Trading fees will be collected through the cryptographic economy, facilitated by the XTRD token.

As XTRD tokens are used to pay for services on the XTRD trading network, line tokens will be cycled back into the network. Discounts of 25% on XTRD services (execution, colocation, market data, software licensing) will be available for token holders in general and discounts of 40% on XTRD services will be available for token holders who maintain an average monthly stake of at least 50,000 XTRD tokens.

Hard cap: $45M.

Base price: 1 XTRD = $0.1.

Already raised over 50% of their hard cap which is almost $25M.

Main sale: might get cancelled if XTRD sells out in the pre-sale (which ends March 31).

Token distribution: in 8–10 business days after the ICO end.

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Tokens will be generated after the sale so that burning of unsold tokens is unnecessary.

XTRD will utilize the funds generated form the token generation event to:

• Facilitate the creation of the FIX API and XTRD GUI platforms;

• Maintain a large balance sheet allowing for cross-exchange execution with XTRD SPA;

• Make markets in multiple crypto currencies to minimize spreads and increase liquidity for market participants;

• Employ legal and compliance teams to ensure regulatory compliance and proactively engage with regulators;

• Onboard sales and marketing teams to develop a client base; and

• Create a venture arm to seed emerging trading technologies in the crypto execution space


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