ETHernitymining is a primary adequate and expandable mining platform based on blockchain innovation that works with 100% sustainable power source and 91% vitality for operation facilities through green wellsprings greatly affecting the cryptographic market.

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ETHernitymining guarantees productive and stable task in the long haul that offers focal points that are not found on traditional mining stages, for example, a 30% rebate on buys, and this rate is compensated with extra mining gear.

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ETHernitymining targets the arrangement of mining administrations by adding to nature, sparing cash and giving a sound commitment. It is additionally the main mining stage that works with scholarly contracts bolstered by piece chain innovations, along these lines maintaining a strategic distance from installment stages for stores and withdrawals, so exchanges can be done securely without the danger of extortion or refusal of assertions.

ETHernitymining is the primary biological mining stage, decentralized, which is fit for self-extension without the requirement for extra speculation, with just 20% benefit, which is consequently reinvested for its improvement and extension of offices, is an imaginative task that guarantees to be more helpful for a long time, as it never stops to create, it utilizes just sustainable power sources and offers unimaginable rebates to its speculators in mining hardware.


ETHernitymining has closed a deal with a hardware provider that can run up to a 30% discount on our purchase rewarded in extra mining rigs. Therefore clients will receive up to 30% mining capacity at no extra charge.

‚ÄčETHernitymining uses the strongest financial tool, compounding interest. Which means automatically reinvest 20% of the monthly generated mining returns. Reinvested amounts are used to expand existing facilities or deploy new ones.

Ethernitymining can and will become one of the most profitable mining opportunities for individuals or investment groups.

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ETM tokens can be purchased during the stages of our token sale. As soon as our token sale ends our smart contract will be deployed with the total amount of ETM that are sold during the token sale. Anyone that doesn't manage to buy tokens during the sale can only participate if a holder is willing to sell his tokens privately or on a public exchange where ETM is tradable.

After the end of the token sale all purchased tokens will be distributed to all contributors personal wallets. Tokens will be locked until after the group purchase is confirmed by our partner. Before the order will be placed our attorney will legalize a document that contains everyone that contributed to the token sale.

Your amount of tokens determine your share of ownership in the group bulk purchase. As soon as we unlock tokens for transfers you can freely sell your tokens. By selling your tokens you hand over the ownership of mining hardware to the person you are sending the tokens to.

After our group bulk purchase we will deploy our first facility in South Africa with our mining partner. As soon as our facility is up and running weekly return payouts will commence. Within 72 hours the smart contract distributes the Ethereum directly to token holder personal wallets.



No payments through an investment platform, no withdrawal requests, no more waiting on your money. No more being afraid platform gets hacked or scared to have joined a ponzi platform. All our weekly return transfers will automatically get executed by our smart contract.


Complete freedom to join or quit our mining opportunity. Ownership of mining shares is linked to our ETM tokens. Our members aren't tied to fixed contract durations. If you urgently need to release funds or just want to quit our mining project you just have to sell your tokens on the exchange.


Our smart contract distributes returns directly to your wallet. Buy and sell mining hardware shares instantly. Go to any exchange where ETM is tradable and you can sell and buy mining shares instantly.


We create a more or less stable crypto environment for our token to grow in value in a steady way. ETM tokens are directly attached to mining hardware and will increase in value in a similar way like our capacity will do. Beside the speculative value on the exchanges ETM will also have a value attached to the total value of our mining hardware. In this way investors will have some stability in their investment.


Compared to other mining services we deliver a much more profitable opportunity. Our hardware deal gives token holders up to 30% extra mining capacity. With our compounding system we manage to increase mining capacity and returns by 2-3% on a monthly basis.

Buy back

Beginning 2019 we will implement our buy back guarantee. If the market price on the public exchanges doesn't reach the real value of the token than we will offer the opportunity to buy back the tokens at the current real value determined by the total value of all our mining facilities.


Name: ETHernitymining.

Token symbol: ETM

Total supply: 150.000.000ETM

Soft cap: 2.500.000$

Hard cap: 21.000.000$

Cash ETHernitymining is an (ETM) lessening on your benefit, a sum of 150,000,000,000,000,000 ETMs accessible available to be purchased will be given, the measure of the ETM gained will decide your enthusiasm on the buy of the gathering, since with the obtaining of this Cryptocurrency isn't just piece of this undertaking, yet additionally adds to the securing of Hadware, which likewise has the upside of turning into the proprietor and in this way incorporated into the report that will be set up by the ETHernitymining attorney toward the finish of the ICO, and they will be unmistakable in a scholarly contract to which all co-creators will be incorporated. Clarify that you won't just turn out to be a piece of this undertaking, yet additionally get a benefit that will be evaluated by the volume of interests in ETM.

The ICO procedure of this stage was arranged in two phases, the first, which will be held from March 5 to April 15, 2018, in which the cost will be $ 0.12 for each ETM, and the base sum for its obtaining will be $ 7,500 MT and the greatest the buy sum is 750,000 tons, since inside this first pre-deal there will be a chance to get to the reference stage, since they are the first to buy ETM chips. The second stage is an open ICO that is booked for the period from April 16 to April 30, 2018, the cost of which is $ 0.15 for each ETM, the base buy sum is 2,500ETM and the greatest is 750,000ETM, ETMs will increment by $ 0.1 after the parcel amount has been depleted (25,000,000,000,000), and the base buys can be produced using 100ETM.


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Kind Regards, please ensure to be part of this great project.




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