ZPER is a ‘decentralized P2P(peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem

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ZPER is a ‘decentralized P2P(peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem’ using smart contract technology. Top P2P lending companies and robo-advisors have coalesced to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders worldwide.

ZPER is a decentralized credit and investment platform based on blockchain technology. It aims to create an innovative P2P financial ecosystem by combining industry values ​​and the values ​​of P2P financial assets worldwide. The ZPER platform will form a P2P (eXtensible) financial ecosystem that transcends countries and currencies and thus brings innovation in global funding. Within the ZPER ecosystem, participants need to provide a reasonable financial environment for borrowers and investors, each country’s ZPER Board, data providers, P2P finance companies recognized by Robo Advisors and NPL buyers can come together freely, share their value based on trust and acceptance fair rewards. Borrower

Also, until the end of 2019, there are more than 10 countries, thousands of data providers, and about 30 companies of Robo Advisor. we will create an ecosystem of allied 500 well-known P2P finance companies. Such an initiative will provide global funding. will make the investment industry more productive and innovative as a whole and ZPER will provide a stable environment where more than 300 million individuals, more than two million independent companies and more than 300,000 SMEs can collect or invest money.

How does RoboAdvisor Companies Work?

Investment returns include investment, investment periods, default rates, bankruptcy rates, etc. Based on their own ratios, they are analyzing the investment products in the ZPER ecosystem with their own algorithms and structuring them to enable investors to effectively diversify their investments. to make more profit. Investors can choose the products they want from a range of portfolios designed by more than one RoboAdvisor company.

Alliance Financial P2P

Designing Various Investment Products with the Global P2P Finance Alliance ZPER is an open ecosystem that P2P finance companies and related service companies around the world can join. Trusted P2P financial companies around the world offer a number of P2P investment products here. In addition, RoboAdvisor companies participate in the ZPER ecosystem design, offering safe, global and diversified investment portfolios to minimize the potential investment risks posed by changes in the internal and external financial environment. Ecosystem-related financial services also provide a safer investment, such as bond disposals and NPL procurement arrangements.

cross-border exchanges

ZPER connects borrowers and loan specialists who take into account only a few of their country’s money. The bank generates a higher return, while the borrower receives an advance to lower the cost of the loan.

Hazard management by Robo consultants

Universal perceived robo-guide estimates are a worldwide business portfolio. This calculation is then used to reduce the possibility of business and to provide security through speculative increase.

All participants will be rewarded fairly for their contributions.

Cross-border transactions

ZPER connects borrowers and lenders regardless of their countries’ currency. Lenders reap higher returns, while borrowers receive loans at lower interest rates.

Risk Management by Robo-advisors
Internationally-recognized robo-advisor algorithms constitute the global investment portfolios. The algorithm is then used to lower investment risk and provide security via investment diversification.

Project token:
ZPR Token is a method of appreciation that all members of the biological system will use. These are used as cash on all exchanges, including P2P down payment efforts, development loan payments, information supply gifts, commissions for NPL buyers. By using ZPR, the exchange is stored directly and free of form and limit of money.

Roadmap of the project:

Established the Funda / Midrate / Olley P2P financial platform
Established Finda’s financial product recommendation platform
Start ZPER
Partnering with leading domestic P2P financial firms and RoboAdvisor
Advance Sales & Crowdsale
Introduction of basic ZPER Wallet services
ZEROBO beta service test
Expand partnerships
The complete ZPEROBO service begins
Beta Open Market Service beta test
Open full of ZPER Open Market Services
Extended partnership

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