Cultural Places is a multi-way platform that connects and unites consumers and suppliers. It is the first holistic platform in the cultural sector that connects visitors, institutions, artists, creators, and donors. Cultural venues will disrupt the cultural sector as it changes relationships between all stakeholders and creates new business opportunities. It re-creates and simplifies cultural financing, sponsoring and ticketing.

Cultural Places uses the blockchain to enable cultural ticketing and cultural funding. Cultural Places’ own crypto token – the Cultural Coin – is based on the blockchain technology.

Vision & Mission
Cultural Places (CP) will connect every user interested in culture worldwide as a complete new and holistic cultural ecosystem. Cultural Places will be come a social network for every traveler who is planning a cultural related trip, any interested person who wants to buy or sell cultural related items (digital and physical) and everyone who wants to meet other culture lovers, artists and culture professionals.

What they do

  • Cultural Places Platform: Cultural Places opens up a gate to all aspects of a cultural user journey combining location based information, ticketing, crowdfunding, map & routing and trip planning. All on one platform.
  • Crypto-Ticketing: Cultural Places provides efficient ticketing utilizing the blockchain, which makes agency intermediaries unnecessary. Result: cheaper tickets, better margins.
  • Crypto-Crowdfunding: The platform offers a fundamentally new approach to cultural crowdfunding – connecting institutions, artists, patrons and private donors.


  • Smart crypto ticketing, crowd funding and payment
  • Less cost for customers and institutions
  • Security and transparency through crypto-token (blockchain)
  • Wide range of offerings and services (content, mobile guides, shop items, etc.)
  • Easy to use: Ticket and wallet on smartphone (easy refund or resale)
  • Easy to buy: in any currency – even crypto currency (BTC, ETH, Cultural Coin)
  • The cultural eco system benefits from several reward programs (also small institutions and artists)
  • Connecting and targeting all participants in the cultural world

Mobile Application
The mobile app is available for download on Apple App Store and Play store. It provides users digital content of partnering cultural institutions, as well as first user- and institution-interaction. Cultural Places already offers a variety of features. The most popular are interactive audio tours and multimedia guides. All content at Cultural Places is created, reviewed and approved by cultural institutions and related professionals. This guarantees relevance and accuracy.

Part of the Total supply of 1.5 billion Cultural Coins produced, 900 million Culture Coins (60%) will be offered to the public within ICO. Unsold Culture Coins will be burned after April 5, 2018. 10% (150 Miles) of Cultural Coins will be placed in a pool of stability. 2% (30 Miles) of Cultural Coins will be provided for the bounty program. 5% (75 Miles) will be distributed among Oagar Mobile Places' shareholders. 23% (345 Miles) of Cultural Coins will hamper to equip all partners, team members, advisors and early investors with Culture Coins. The holdback section is subject to the vesting period until 2019.

Why you should participate in Cultural Places ICO

Token Distribution
ICO Crowd Sale - 60%
Stability Pool - 10%
Holdback (Team, Partner, Investors etc) - 23%
Bounty Program - 2%
Early Investors - 5%

Strategic Investors words
“I support Cultural Places as it has tremendous potential and will revolutionize the cultural sector. Since the beginning we have full confidence into the management and the team. We are expecting the excellent, positive evolution to be continued.” by Dr. Karl Rimmer, IMR Technology Group, CEO, Austria

“Cultural Places is a platform, which brakes with traditional ticketing systems and provides unique visitor experiences. A particular focus is given upon the younger demographic.” by Roland Pflügl, Emerge Invest Consult, MP, Austria

“In the past just a few people were the cause of big changes in the world! Some inventions seemed to be small but became huge and ‘a small step for a man became a big step for all human kind’. I see cultural places make that small step as the first step of a fantastic voyage, disrupting a whole industry and I will be a part of it!” by Ronald van Onlangs, Strategic Investor, The Netherlands

“We create synergies between the culture and tourism industry and their target groups.” by Patrick Tomelitsch, CEO, Oroundo

Road Map

  • 2017:
    iOS / Android mobile app
    Cultural Concierge content delivery hardware
    Internal content management system for partner institutions
    More than 30 cultural clients in 6 countries
    Preparation for the ICO
  • 2018 Q1:
    Basic platform for cultural institutional registrations
    Mobile app development/improvements
  • 2018 Q2:
    Public beta platform with institutional content
    Ticketing features initiation
    Mobile app development/improvements
  • 2018 Q3:
    Places management for institutions
    Social features for app and web
    Guides and tours management for institutions
  • 2019 Q1 (End of January 2019):
    Ticketing integration on the web platform and mobile apps
    Ticket reader hardware / software
    Payment systems, contracts and wallets
  • 2019 Q3:
    Fundraising part of the platform
    Mobile app development/improvements
  • 2019 Q4:
    Whitelabeling feature implementation

Meet the Team

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