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PHOTOCHAIN is an ICO project released in a new concept comes as the next generation of stock photography platform. Photochain comes with the use of blockchain technology to enable fair p2p trade between digital works between artists and buyers, ensuring a safe, uncomplicated and fair trading process for both parties. Moreover, the artist receives up to 95% of the final sale price.

Photochain comes with a clear advantage over conventional photo stocks for both types of users: contributors and customers. Contributors in Photochain benefit from a very low cost - only 5% of the sale price. The opportunity to maintain 95% of the final sale price allows contributors to offer their jobs cheaper, and consequently the market becomes more affordable for customers. This type of fair market not only benefits the users, but should also benefit the photography industry as a whole, as the possibility of increased revenue contributes to better performing contributions.

P2p platform with Photochain, we released a new concept as the next generation of platform stock photography. We use this technology to allow a fair p2p trading between digital works between artists and buyers.

Thus, the terms of use specific to this platform, ensuring secure trade, the process is not complicated and is fair for both parties. Moreover, artists receive up to 95% of the final sale price

Photochain’s Mission

Photochain gives clear advantages over conventional photo stocks to both kinds of users: contributors and customers. Contributors at Photochain benefit from an extremely low fee – only 5% of the selling price.

This opportunity to keep 95% of the final sale price allows contributors to offer their work cheaper, and consequently the market becomes more affordable for customers. This type of fair market not only benefits the users, but should benefit the photography industry as a whole, as the possibility of increased income incentivizes contributors to perform better.

These profound market changes are only made possible by using blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, machine learning and Photochain’s own user community. Most of the processes become automated and decentralized, significantly reducing costs of platform governance.

It’s unavoidable that more and more stock photography contributors and customers will prefer to use Photochain.

The development of the Photochain platform is an ambitious and organically growing process. Our main aims for the project come under three significant prongs:

P2P Marketplace
It is very important to us that only the artist themselves can determine the value of their work and that they are given the opportunity to offer their work to lots of potential buyers. Our platform provides this opportunity which is realised using synergies from Blockchain technology and machine learning.

Crypto Economy
The platform Photochain appeals to a broad audience that currently still aren’t adopters of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. The relatable use case of “Photochain” will appeal to this audience. The easy-to-use GUI and trading processes facilitate the onboarding process and supports the Crypto Economy to become mainstream.

Photochain Digital Copyright Chain
Over the course of the project, more and more artists will be able to strengthen their copyright using the Photochain platform, since their works will be linked to their name. This link is manifested as a transaction in the Ethereum blockchain and is therefore visible to all users at all times. This means that the artist’s ownership of the image can be accounted for. The database with all manifested links has been constructed in a decentralised way. We call this database a DCC.

Photochain’s Ecosystem

The Photochain DApp is a platform specialized in the trade of stock photography, in which processes are reduced to a necessary minimum in order to guarantee simplicity and transparency.

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The Advantages Of This Platform:

security-Blockchain allows a secure transaction and fully verifiable for buyers and sellers. You can trust your work.

Decentralized digital works are encrypted and stored in the database is decentralized. There are no major businesses that control the photography that you upload.

DApp-content will be used exclusively for the trade of photography. We use a bot to make sure only acceptable content listed.

Copyright-your work is permanently associated with your identity across the blockchain. And machine learning plus our active community, protect you from fraud.


PHOTON is a useful means of tokens used in Photochain Ecosystems. Each type of transactions on the platform will require the use of Token PHOTON. The case of a photon is the Token:

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Token Details


SHOP SHOP PHOTON : 10,000,000 PHT Currency received: ETH, BTC, LTC Token exchange rate: 1 PHT = 0.000085 ETH (in accordance with other crypto, 50% discount on standard IPM price).

Number of tokens per one person: unlimited

Number of transactions minimum in Ethereal: 0.1 ETH

Maximum transaction amount in Ethereal: unlimited (in Hard Cap)

Minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin: 0.003 BTC

Maximum transaction amount: unlimited (in Hard Cap)

Start date: January 2017 End date: Now close

Name : PHOTON Token (PHTs)

Standard : Ethereum ERC20, utility based

Max Supply (Hard Cap) : 230,000,000

Release date : issued after crowdfunding

Represented value : tokenization of digital visual works

Photochain Token

We are realizing the Photochain DApp through the Photon token sale. We have successfully completed our private pre-sale and our main sale will begin on 6th of April 2018.

In line with best practices during the main sale, the amount of Photon tokens issued will have a realistic hard cap, at which point we will close the sale. PHT tokens will be issued following the end of the main sale. It may take up to 30 days to fully distribute all tokens.

To prevent us falling foul of potential future regulations, we ask for a KYC and anti-money laundering check for each contributor to the token sales. This protects both contributors and us. This also reflects our long-term commitment to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements that may be required of us

Photochain Main Sale

Photochain Crowdsale is an important milestone for the future of the project. The financing will mainly be needed to expand the Photochain Governance Team and the delivering the 1.0 version of the Photochain DApp.

Start date: 06.04.2018 at 8:00 am CET

End date: 18.05.2018 at 12:00 am CET

Maximum Amount of PHOTON Token: 230,000,000

PHOTON Token overall ICO Hard Cap (for sale): 170,000,000

Currency accepted: ETH, BTC

The exchange rate is 1 PHT = 0.00017 ETH (accordingly in other cryptocurrency assets, time based discounts should be taken into consideration).

Minimum transaction: (0.1 ETH and corresponding value in BTC)

Minimum transaction: (1000 ETH and corresponding value in BTC)

Only sold and allocated tokens are minted (no need to burn unsold tokens)

Time based discounts for the PHT tokens price during the Main Sale Event:

Day 1 to 10: -30% discount => 1 PHT = ETH 0.000119

Day 11 to 21: -20% discount => 1 PHT = ETH 0.000136

Day 22 to 32: -10% discount => 1 PHT = ETH 0.000153

Day 33 to 43: -5% discount => 1 PHT = ETH 0.000162

Financing the Photochain Project

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In order to ensure a speedy realization of the Photochain project , it is necessary that all Photochain Governance members are financed in their full-time work. The team will be continuously expanding, especially in the areas of developing and marketing. Since, in our opinion, in some Blockchain projects, security considerations fade into the background, we will dedicate a lot of attention to this topic. The development of safe Smart Contracts is only possible through well-planned test phases. We are convinced that the long-term success of the platform can be guaranteed, among other things, by ensuring a safe environment.

Additionally, a lot of publicity work will be done. Especiallymeetups and other events will be used to approach the photographers’ community around the world. Since the legal situation of a tokenization projects is not completely cleared up yet, we will dedicate reasonable means to legal overheads.

As a p2p DApp, Photochain is available around the entire world. Although the legal frameworks developed by us use world-wide standards like RM and RF licensing, it is necessary to consider the law standards of each country in question.

Photochain Roadmap

April 2017 Idea

Idea, business case and market research

June 2017Project evaluation

Development of the DApp prototype

September 2017Strategy & Design

Go-Live of the DApp prototype

October-November 2017Preparation for crowdsale

Communication and marketing activities

Commitment of the Blockchain Community

Commitment of the photography community

Legal form

Advisers and new team members

December 2017Pre-Sale preparations

Private Pre-Sale at special discounts for eraly supporters

January 2018Private Pre-Sale preparations

Private Pre-Sale at special discounts for early supporters

Enhanced documentation and planning

New team members

Community growing

New partnerships

February 2018Transition

Preparation for Main Sale Event

Compliance and regulations

Developing a more comprehensive Photochain DAPP version

Q1 2018Main Sale event (ICO)

Publishing of new collaboration partners

Regulatory compliance for our Main Sale Event

Q2 2018Operation

Photochain DApp Version 1.0 on the Ethereum


Trading of the PHT Tokens at Crypto Exchanges

Q3 2018Continual improvementPhotochain DApp as standalone client on all common operating systems

Photochain Team
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