With the mirage that we are getting services for free, we are just giving away all this data. It’s about time we figure out a way on how to retain and share only the information we want, and in such a manner that it’s more beneficial to the average user than the large companies.
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Beginning from simply the Seed, utilizing the major cryptographic capacities of sign/confirm/encode/ unscramble, the Essentia Framework can bootstrap and scale up from an insignificant headless setup to an undeniable and customized stage or foundation. This empowers the client, being it a human or a machine, to flawlessly cooperate with decentralized assets, frameworks or administrations and in addition with customary or on the other hand brought together variations. Just the client approaches their own information, IDs, setups, inclinations, wallets and more, from anyplace on the planet. Engaging him to effortlessly interface and use on-chain, off-chain and cross-chain administrations or assets in a protected, private and solid condition.

Essentia is simply creating a solution for efficient data management by decentralizing the data of companies and individuals. Essentia’s framework is designed such that it can be integrated with any device, application, blockchain or website and which can be a benchmark for the way it is decentralized for future applications, i.e. users can decentralize their data, which can effectively create a transparent solution for data management.

How It Works
Essentia simply creates a form of decentralized interoperable container which will hold all digital data and assets. These containers are referred to as Essences. In here, users own their data which comes from individuals, companies and devices. Third parties and dApps can access these data streams as pluggable oracles, likewise, developers can use the Essentia framework to develop and create data management tools, identity solutions, data exchanges, decentralized CRMs and much more. Essentia simply helps you to use your data in the most advanced possible way in such a way that you’re in full control of how it is being used by providing the opportunity to choose what is being done to the data.
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Modular: The Essentia framework expands to fit your growing decentralized life. Add dApps, platforms, and wallets at the push of a button.
Scalable: High throughput allows Essentia to support millions of users simultaneously.
Full Data Ownership: Your data. Your property. Take the power back and regain control of your digital identity and freedom.
Multi-Chain. Multi-device: Essentia supports different blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more. It can work on any device, IOT or CLI.
All In One Seed: One secure seed. Countless applications. Essentia is the key that unlocks your decentralized web experience.
KYC and GDPR by default: Conform to enhanced verification procedures safely without risking your data or privacy. Both for companies and users.

Master nodes
Essentia will implement master nodes with a total block reward corresponding to 10% of the total supply of tokens ever existing to be PoS mined over the course of the next 7 years, plus the fees for each block.
Each master node will require 100,000 (one hundred thousands tokens) to be locked in.
At least 2000 nodes are expected.
Every block reward will be 10 seconds.
For more information, the document “ESS Token Utility” can be consulted here or from the Docs menu on top.

About Tokensale and Distribution
Token type: ERC20
Token name: ESS token

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For more information about this project, Visit:
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