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Pointium is a platform that uses block chains to solve problems related to direct damage to users, and poorly implemented loyalty programs and increased liabilities to companies as a result of too many loyalty programs using points

Pointium is a global and decentralized platform, used to manage cumulative points and loyalty programs. Analyze a large number of different loyalty programs using points, the developer did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to users, as well as loyalty programs that are not successfully implemented and increased liabilities to the company.

Pointium offers a solution to this problem using blocking technology. Due to low transaction costs and high security, Pointium converts the score into a Pointium token (PNT) and provides the user with a loyalty program.

Let's consider how the project represents value for such systems and how this project differs from a similar project block platform to integrate scores. All Pointium users may redeem their points or miles from the affiliate program for the Pointium token or otherwise, exchange their tokens for points in the affiliate program. Users can use the Pointium token to purchase products in the affiliate program. Affiliate programs will benefit from more opportunities provided by marketing, promotion, and shopping.

Pointium is a platform that uses blocks to solve problems related to direct damage to users, and poorly implemented loyalty programs and increased liability to companies as a result of too many loyalty programs using scores. Pointium integrates points into Pointium token (PNT) and provides users with loyalty programs. For the lowest cost with maximum security. In addition to reliability and low transaction costs, Pointium uses block-block technology to eliminate brokers, providing users and partners with more sensible results.

Points and miles are mainly used in our economic activities. According to the survey, two-thirds of Americans use an average point system from 29 different companies. For example, when flying on an airplane for a business trip, using a credit card or in an online store, glasses are collected at any time. Usually these items receive a certain percentage of the purchase amount when we buy goods and services. For customers, points reduce prices for products, allowing them to use points in the future such as cash for purchases of goods and services. For businesses, they can expect increased customer loyalty and can encourage customers to focus on their services.

Pointium users can easily integrate and manage Pointium tokens and their points for any company worldwide in Pointium Wallet. Users can also easily exchange their points for either Pointium token or Pointium token for partner points. In addition, Wallet Pointium includes an advertising channel that provides advertisers or coupon partners to users or partners in real-time. This allows the Pointium partnership to attract more customers and promote more loyalty programs. In addition, at Pointium Store, users can purchase products or services from a partnership.

Every company we meet runs a loyalty program using points. The market for this item costs more than $ 300 billion and grows 6% per year. However, this means there are many different types of scores, as there are many businesses around the world. In desperation, this makes it difficult for clients to manage and use their points. Even for businesses, unused points lead to loyalty programs that are lower than expected and negatively affect their debt. Pointium is a solution to decentralization on the basis of clogging, which solves the problem of current loyalty programs with the use of glasses. The main features of Pointium include Pointium Wallet, Pointium Exchange, Promotion Feeds and Pointium Store.

The Pointium project is a decentralized, block-based solution that solves the problems of existing loyalty programs that use points. The key features of Pointium are the purse Pointium Wallet, Exchange Pointium Exchange, Promotion Feed and Pointium Shop.

The Pointium project is a decentralized block-based solution that solves the problem of existing loyalty programs using points. The main features of Pointium are Wallet Pointium wallet, Pointium Exchange Exchange, Promotional Feed, and Pointium Shop.

What problems did the project finish?

Below are the problems identified. Increase in corporate liabilities: unused points are recorded as liabilities. As customer points become less used, corporate liabilities become more significant and negatively impact their financial estimates. Poor loyalty program performance: this is due to low use of points, companies can not achieve loyalty program performance, as expected. This poor productivity puts social costs both for customers and for business

Management point complexity: on average, you are enrolled in 29 different point programs, which makes it difficult to manage points and leads to the fact that the glasses are out of date.
The benefits will be provided by this platform.

Both users and businesses can take advantage of the pontium platform. Users can redeem their points for Pointium Tokens (PNT) or use their points at Shop Point. Users get access to promotions quickly through an advertising channel to access special ads from interested companies.

Pointium Wallet allows you to simultaneously manage and integrate multiple partners at once. Companies have access to more customers, allowing them to quickly sell their products to pointers. The Pointium exchange model helps companies effectively reduce their obligations.

Partners can encourage greater loyalty to potential customers by using Promise Feed and Pointium Stores.

Tokens are compatible with ERC-20 wallets, such as MyEtherWallet and Metamask. During major pre-sales and sales, Pointium will provide 800,000,000 PNT, equivalent to 50% of the total supply (1,600,000,000 PNT). The remaining tokens will be burned.
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ICO participants can repeatedly participate in large pre-sales and sales. Prior to participating, all participants must agree to the terms and conditions of Pointium and upload an equivalent passport or identity card for KYC. As soon as participation is complete, the PNT will be transferred to the ERC-20 participants' wallet. After the token sale, the KYC procedure will proceed. Tokens that are not affected during KYC will be burned and equivalent to Ethereum will be returned, with the exception of certain charges (due to gas).

Upon completion of KYC, the token will be opened before the exchange list. The distribution of Pointium tokens is illustrated in the pie chart.

ICO Key Dates

Hardcap 240.000.000 PNT
1st period April 1, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ April 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
1st exchange rate 1 ETH = 110,500 PNT (30% bonus)
2nd period April 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ April 29, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
2nd exchange rate 1 ETH = 102,000 PNT (20% bonus)

The main sale.
Hardcap 560.000.000 PNT
1st period May 1, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ May 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
1st exchange rate 1 ETH = 93,500 PNT (10% bonus)
2nd period May 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ May 29, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
2nd exchange rate 1 ETH = 85,000 PNT (without bonus)

Upon completion of the carousel, you will need to undergo the verification procedure of KYC.


Pointium will first build Pointium Wallet and then target for the travel-related businesses. The
overall roadmap is as follows

The Pointium Token is designed as an ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum platform and takes advantage of blocking technology. Target audience Pointium is the airline, hotel and travel agency that is the market leader, as well as online stores around the world. With such advantages, Pointium, based on sophisticated, safe and effective blocking technology, will control 300 billion dollars in the world market.
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Robert Peck is CEO and co-founder POINTIUM, he was already 13 years old is a manager at IBM and Dell, expanding their knowledge in the field of IT and management. In particular, he has been working as a manager for more than 10 years in the global business team, helping to expand IBM and DELL technologies in world markets. Based on this experience, he, as CEO, seeks to lead the global point market through Pointium.

Patrick Fraser is the chief operating officer and co-founder of POINTIUM, he is an operational expert with 15 years of experience. He led the team as a manager, based on his experience working for Bank of America. In recognition of his abilities, he moved to Amex and led the new business development and planning. He was interested in the business of the credit card system, so he founded Pointium. As chief operating officer, he is currently responsible for the development of Pointium's business and promotes partnerships with various companies.

Chief technical director and co-founder Stanislav Abramov has 10 years of experience as a software engineer in IBM and HP. Interested in investigating the blockages that IBM pursued as a new business, he is considering the case of the blockade. Currently he works with Pointium to create the Pointium platform due to his experience as a researcher and developer.

Chief Marketing Specialist Eric Clarke was a marketing specialist and spent eight years working as an advertising and marketing manager for Adidas and its affiliates. He is a genius for understanding customer needs and marketing. Currently, he is responsible for marketing on the world market, as a CMO from Pointium.
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Bounty campaign

For the bounty campaigns, there are 60,000,000 PNTs reserved (~ 4% of the total, equivalent to ~ 600 ETH).
The cost of PNT = 1 ETH for 110,500 ~ 85,000 PNT (depends on the discount when purchasing).
Period of bounty campaigns: March 20, 2018 - May 28, 2018 (10 weeks)
Connect to the bounty program of the project!
Budget distribution:
14% Translations
17% Twitter
25% Articles
21% Video
16% Group chat
7% Telegram

  • The total number of PNT and Distribution budgets were changed - the developers added a bounty Group chat. However, the number of PNT tokens for each bounty campaign remained at the same level, as the total total number of PNTs increased.

Fundamental rules:
All participants must fill out a form to apply for participation in each bounty campaign.
All participants must connect to the official Telegram channel ( ).
Please do not discuss the bounty in the main Telegram.
Please do not publish your application form in the project branch. To apply, use the appropriate form.
If you have any questions about the bounty, ask them to the developers.
All tokens will be paid after the end of the crowdsdale.
The developers reserve the right to change the campaign bounty without notice.
Developers do not follow personal messages on the forums. Write to the bounty manager in Telegram directly.

Fill out the application form for participation here:
You can reserve the translation by filling out the application form.
You must show your portfolio to the developers.
You can track the status here: The
organizers will confirm your application via Telegram within a week. Be sure to wait for it. If you do not receive drugs within a week, it means that your application was rejected.
After confirming your reservation, you can proceed with the transfer.
After reserving the translation of the ANN / Bounty branch, you will have 3 days to complete the transfer.
After reserving the whitepaper transfer, you will have 10 days to complete the transfer.
If we find that you have used Google Translate or another similar service, your work will be canceled and you will be disqualified from bounty campaigns.
Applications for translation into different languages ​​are not accepted.
Translation of ANN and BOUNTY branches: 1 steak
Transfer Whitepaper: 15 steaks

Campaign Twitter
Complete the application form for participation here:
Subscribe to the official Twitter page:
You must have at least 200 real followers.
Only one account will be accepted from one participant.
Place at least 2 unique tweets and 2 retweets a week (a maximum of one unique tweet / retweet per day).
You must use the #Pointium hashtag.
To update your report, quote your first message.
The first week begins on March 20.
Number of subscribers 200-1999: 10 steaks per week
Number of subscribers 1000+: 20 steaks per week You
can track the status here:

In-game campaign
Complete the application form for participation here:
Publish a unique article or review of Pointium.
The website must have a real audience.
The audience of readers should be connected with crypto-currencies, ICO or similar subjects.
The article should contain at least 500 words.
The article should include links to the official website, Telegram and Twitter.
Article in 500-999 words: 1 steak
Article in 1000-1999 words: 3
steaks Article in 2000+ words: 8 steaks You can
track the status here: = sharing

Campaign video
Fill out the application form for participation here:
Tell us about Pointium or make a review.
The video must be at least 2 minutes long.
The amount of your reward depends on the number of your subscribers.
Number of subscribers 100-999: 1 steak
Number of subscribers 1000-4999: 2 steaks
Number of subscribers 5000-9999: 4
steaks Number of subscribers 10000-14999: 7 steaks
Number of subscribers 15k +: 11 steaks You can
track the status here:

Group Chat Campaign
Create local group chat in any of the telegram / wechat / kakaotalk applications.
The number of steaks will depend on the number of participants in your group chat.
You must connect to the official channel Telegram:
Spam or incorrect statements to the address of other participants or to the project's address are prohibited.
Fill out the application form for participation here:
You must notify us by email ( to check your group.
Email should contain several screenshots - evidence of the subject matter of the Pointium ICO, proof of ownership of the group and links for joining the group.
Also, you can update the number of people in your chat via email.
Only one group will be accepted from one participant. After the acceptance of the participant's group, other groups will not be accepted.
50+ participants in the group: 1 steak
100+ members in the group: 2 steaks
200+ members in the group: 4
steaks 400+ members in the group: 7 steaks
800+ members in the group: 11 steaks You can
track the status here: https: / /

Telegram Campaign
Fill out the application form for participation here:
You need to connect to the official Telegram channel:
You need to register on the official website: https: // www.
Spam or incorrect statements addressed to other participants or to the project are prohibited.
Be active and answer questions about the project.
Stay in the group until the end of the ICO for an award.
Connect to our Telegram: 1 steak
For high user activity: an additional 10 steaks You can
track the status here:

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