What is SprintX?

We are introducing a new stage of supporting entrepreneurs and developing new business ideas that will open up a potential market for crypto-conversions and its many functions.

Ecosystem The
ecosystem consists of 3 components: SprintX, SwitchX, Fundación NOVA.

We solve three problems for Startup to launch our own ICO:

Developing an intellectual contract is your idea through a smart contract and in ICO Maker.

Integration in Exchange. The generated token, integrated into Exchange for trading, increases its value and provides a clearer map for the future token.

Conversion to Fiat-Crypto costs and conversion solution via debit card services or banking services.

The SprintX platform will be integrated as SwitchX Exchange, and has various functions such as:

To ensure the development of new ISO.
Automatically turn on the tokens of these ICOs in SwitchX Exchange.
Actively participate in the launch and promotion of each ICO.
A platform for creating smart contracts.
Automatic development of smart contracts on the block chain Ethereum.
Personalized counseling.
The availability of banking facilities for the transition to FIAT.
Including a debit card automatically linked to your balance
in the crypto currency.
Access to customers for the use of hot and cold wallets.
Access to digital strategy.
Specialized consultants in various fields of ICO.

What are our services:

Debit Card Services
Assimilation in Airdrop
Ability to adapt to forks
Hot and cold wallets
Welcome to a new reality in which we guarantee access to technology for great minds and visionaries who now have the opportunity to find initial funding through our platforms.

SwitchX - Crypto and Fiat Exchange - will be located in Canton Zug, Switzerland. The house of all things Crypto and will have a banking license in Switzerland that will be regulated and act as a bank offering a variety of services and benefits that another exchange does not offer.

Switchx will differ from the other Crypto Exchanges in the following aspects:

Give any user a virtual debit card associated with the funds in their accounts, which will allow making payments directly using the Exchange funds.

Users will be provided with the necessary crypto currency accounts that they need, and the opportunity to provide them with cold and hot wallets.

SwitchX will provide users with a virtual card that will allow you to make payments in any trade or on a website using Exchange tools. There is no need to use other intermediaries to be able to use money managed on the exchange.

A set of simple, powerful and accessible tools will be provided to companies or individuals without knowledge of programming, which allows you to instantly deploy smart contracts on various types of blockbusters (in particular, Ethereum)

Active support of all air races, whether bitokoyn or other crypto-isolation, which use the block-chain bitkoynov. The user will not have to request it, SwitchX will provide it when they appear.

The platform will use an intelligent contract generator that will help standardize templates and personalize them to launch the ICO. The functions and characteristics of the intellectual contract generator include:

Standard and simple for personalization templates.

Can automatically deploy smart contracts without
human intervention.

The ability to test smart contract features before
launching ICO

Users of the SprintX platform will use SprintX coins to participate in the company's transactions. Coin allocation using ICO is the provision of SprintX with sufficient funding to develop the platform and the advantages of investors. Also, the platform has a system of rewards for investors.

📘 Team 📘

Jose Rivas / Founder
Brigham Santos / CEO
Adrian Gomes / Director of Public Affairs
Fabiola Leon / Strategy Manager
Carlos Carranza / Digital Marketing
Specialist Oscar Machado / Information Specialist
Chelsea Acosta / Social Media Manager
Eduardo Argueta / Specialist of Investigation
Eduardo Megia / Developer interface
Designer Fernando Martir / UX / UI
Xochilt Guardado / Strategic Designer

WEBSITE https://sprintx.io/
whitepaper https://sprintx.io/docs/whitepaper-sprintx-en.pdf
TWITTER https://twitter.com/ICOsprintx
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