Evareium is the first private real estate investment platform to incorporate full blocking benchmarking. Evareium platform provides investment option in a tokenized private real estate with a mandate to continue investing in a robust project  leading to an increase of all acquisitions managed by the Evareium team.

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Evareium platform focus its target only on the acquisition of real estate assets outside the most profitable markets with high capital growth and strong investment return potential that gives way for instant liquidity through tokenized blockchain exchanges. The first official launch of sales of evareium tokens through online subscription dashboard began on February 1, 2018. ITO will run in three stages until the end of April 2018, but may be extended.

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Evareium hope to revolutionize and disrupt the Global Private Equity Real Estate fund market of over 700 billion dollars on a massive level. Evareium platform hope to fulfill this by using an army of intellectuals and professionals from the Dubai and global real estate, hospitality, fintech, private equity and banking sectors with experienced gathered over 50 years working for international and world class corporate institutions in the Middle East and North Africa regions and other parts of the globe. Therefore team Evareium is made up of a wide range of professional experts with decades of experience in the real estate, banking and other sectors of the global economy.

Evarium platform will create an independent exchange, when implemented will create a lower entry point when we have real estate assets with greater liquidity potential, compared to the traditional equity model in the traditional way. Private equity models becomes profitable with the reliability of EVM tokens, if implemented will open the door to profit billion dollars at the present time.

The Evareium platform creates a business model that will replicate core management of classic private equity investments. Through the offer of several Evareium tokens; such as an EVT token that has benefits to its users to help create active demand continuously and will create potential profitable ecosystem business models for EVM and EVT investors. Fund investment on the Evareium token will be secure, through the Evareium SPV facility that will generate cash from the management of a portfolio of high quality real estate assets.

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Token holders are given the access to benefit from the growth in the real estate vibrant market

There is the opportunity of spreading your investments over a large pool of assets instead of just one or a few.

The tradability of the token to be issued "EVM" will ensure a lower entry point for more investors into Evareium.

The EVM holder will benefit from availing a strong business model and core investment management team to address a new and unique aspect of the regional real estate sector – and one, which is deemed to be abundant with opportunities.

The potential long-term growth trajectory of the EVM token is therefore substantially greater than for other token offerings in the market to date given the fundamentally asset-backed and cash flow-backed nature of EVM. etc.


  1. Uniqueness of Technology/ Idea/Product

  2. Adoption

  3. Marketing

  4. Investment strategy


Initial Token Offering

Issuance: 150,000,000 EVM in total (no hard cap)

Offering Rate: 1 EVM to 1 US$ equivalent (par value)

Start Date: Official ITO launch date March 1, 2018

Accepting: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum’s Ether (ETH)


First ICO Release

Tokens on sale : 30,000,000 only in this release

Start date : 1st March 2018

Finish date : 5 April 2018

Offer price : initially US$ 0.85 per 1 EVM token (reflecting 15% discount to US$ 1 par value) changing by 1.25 percentage points each 7-days to 10% finally in week 5 to end of this tranche release.

BONUS credits for EVT : 50% from 1st to 7th March

: 45% from 8th to 14th March

: 40% from 15th to 22nd March

: 35% from 23rd to 29th March

: 30% from 30th March to 5th April

Tokens issued : a few days after standard KYC/AML check (into the platform wallet)

Second ICO Release

Tokens on sale : UNLIMITED

Start date : 6th April, 2018

Finish date : 30th April and ongoing at the discretion of the issuer

Offer price : US$ 1 per EVM token to US$ 1 par value

BONUS credits for EVT : 30 % from 6th to 12th April

: 25% from 13th to 19th April

: 15% from 19th April onwards ’til the end of ITO (extended as required)

Tokens issued : a few days after standard KYC/AML check

Accepted currency: BTC, ETH

Token standard: Ethereum ERC 20 through a smart contract

EVAREIUM presents a good investment opportunity for investors who want to invest in the Real Estate Business.


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Kind Regards, please ensure to join this great project.



WEBSITE: https://evareium.io/

WHITEPAPER : https://evareium.io/assets/img/pdf/Evareium-White-Paper-Januar-2018.pdf

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Evareium_ITO

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Evareion-293401257819150/

Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/GI8QjELv63b4TdB1fZQADA

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