XMED chain (XMC) is a medical data storage application based on blockchain technology, AI and big data analysis technologies. XMED chain stores data in the forms of blocks which are encrypted for safety to reduce leakage therefore helping users to keep their medical record safe. The stored medical data helps users for online consultation, medical appointment and finding in value added services and provides information on insurance products. XMC converts the data into smart contracts and then stores in blockchain also XMC application could be downloaded on mobile to upload the medical data.

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XMC integrate the global health care system which provide the platform to store and exchange the data with the other institutions. The encrypted data storage allows the safe transfer of data between institutions and also provide related medical information to patients. The anonymous data will be analyzed by the AI and big data analytical system whereby intellectual analysis and evaluation, accurate consultation results can be generated with higher efficiency and quality.

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XMC aim to improve standardization of medical data processing and implement a system where information can be exchanged transparently in a secured manner, ultimately forming a globalized medical data system based on users’ needs.


= Smart contract

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Users can send their medical records or other information to the XMC system. The system will analyzes the data and generates best possible health care options for that user and provides a patient information platform to find a safe one-time health consultation.

= Representation and verification of medical documents

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The verification of medical records uses the technology of "consensus / algorithm AI / encryption", which provides loading, verification and transmission of unchanged and protected data. Individual users must have primary control over their personal data.

= Identification and translation of medical documents

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After the medical record is checked, the AI system identifies and converts the content into a text format. The AI technology translates the text language into the default system language of the user.

= Intellectual compliance of medical data

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By database, users can learn global data patents, including height, sex, weight, symptoms, hospitals, and medical technologies and drugs that have been tested, and also the degree of satisfaction, etc. Due to the AI technology, the data can be intellectually distorted and agreed at different levels. As a result of intellectual screening, the AI system will provide the most appropriate global medical solutions based on the patient's medical record and discard unverified data from the Internet.


= XMED chain (XMC) is first medical data storage application uses the blockchain technology, AI and big data analysis technologies. XMC is a decentralized feature of the blockchain technology that keep record safe to generate global medical solutions to users and improve data sharing among institutions.

= Safe and reliable medical data circulation

The XMC system greatly improves data security. The encrypted nature of the blockchain technology ensure the safe circulation of medical data. Users can provide encrypted medical records to institutions and authorize data circulation among agencies with confidence.

= Efficient data sharing among users

Using API of the XMC system users can authorize data sharing efficiently and instantly within and between institutions. Therefore solves the cumbersome data transfers in the past, enabling seamless transfer between institutions. XMC improves the reimbursement process of medical institutions and insurance companies thereby shorten the trading cycle of medical institutions and upstream suppliers.

= Utilization of global medical services

XMC’s analysis provides users medical service information, treatment programs, satisfaction rating and other relevant information helping patients to select the best global medical program that meets their medical needs.

= Help build a health chain that everyone benefits from

XMC is an application with a wide range of users. Every individual or institutional user that provides and shares medical data can receive XMC Token as a reward for the contribution to the medical ecosystem.

= Improve service quality

Individual users can upload medical records and save encrypted data on XMC, making it a digital asset. Under smart contract agreement, institutions use XMC system API to efficiently manage medical data to improve the overall quality of medical services and provide patients with more value-added services.


XMC Token sale Structure

= Hard Cap: USD 22M

= XMC Tokens will be allocated to early purchasers

Private Seed

= $5M (Invite Only)

Private Pre-sale

= $10M (Invite Only)Please Advise XMC Team of the private presale bonus Structure

Public Pre-sale

= $4M, 15% Bonus

= 50% Principle lockup for 3 months

= Bonus Lockup for 3 months

= Individual 15ETH – 50ETH


= $3M

= Individual maximum $ 10K

= No lock up

XMC Token Details

= The XMC Token sale will have a hard cap of USD 22M

= Based on the ETH smart contract

= The exchange rate between XMC Token and ETH based on the exchange rate as issued by coinmarketcap.com on 8am Hong Kong time of the day, your amounts of XMC Token will be confirmed by email notifications.

XMC Token is issued by initial coin offering (ICO) with an upper limit set, which accounts for 31.4% of the total tokens generated. XMC Token total supply will be set as: 700,000,000 XMC Tokens. 31.4% tokens will be used in ICO public sale. The price is 0.1 USD Dollar for 1 XMC Token.

The tokens which are not sold in ICO will be automatically destroyed.


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