Vestarin platform help solve the problem of currency exchanges that will bridge small business owners in order to raise funds in order to build their business. Vestarin aim to create an environment in which traders can incorporate their products and services and receive exchange chips called VST. Users in this market will be able to purchase VST tokens to purchase different products and services.

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nd the increase in the number of users, the sum of the commissions in the Vestarin contract will multiply, increasing the cost of the VST token. The symbolic value of Vestarin's assets contract is the most important element of VST's symbolic value. By earning commissions from the platform, it creates sufficient funds to support a continuous increase in the price of the chips.

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  1. Vestarin hope to ultimately become the one-stop application market place to purchase goods, services and entertainment with cryptocurrencies.

  2. Integration for online and offline business

  3. Built-in chat to communicate within the community along with coin transfer functionalities

  4. ICO and start-up community rating and feedback system to help gauge successful projects and guide investors

  5. Information Hub for cryptocurrency related news, articles, and links.

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  1. Opportunity to purchase goods, services, and entertain using crypto currency.

  2. Developers can easily find project team.

  3. Benefits of using Crypto currency traders chat facility and make transactions using crypto currency.

  4. Trading with the best price and quality.

  5. Information about bitcoin and its opportunities will be provided easily for users.

  6. Minimize the risk of each user’s investment, so the user’s profit will be better.

  7. Integration of store, restaurant, service or entertainment, earn profit from the platform in the crypto currency.

  8. Integration of ICO if it is moderated by Vestarin platform specialists to identify scam and fake projects and create more market awareness.


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From January, 30 to February, 28

Maximum presale quantity: 15 000 000 VST

Price: 1 ETH = 3000 VST

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From March 5 up to April 4.

Maximum ICO quantity: 150 000 000 VST

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Token ERC20 and intelligent contract system, based on the Ethereum protocol. For this protocol, Vestarin Tokens can be easily transferred between portfolios and integrated into cryptomarkets.

A total of 200 000 000 tokens will be granted.

All chips remaining after the ICO and ICO will be destroyed.

Production 200 000 000 000 000 VST

7% Pre-ICO 15 000 000 VST

75% @ 150 000 000 VST

13% Founders 25 000 000 VST

5% Bounty 10,000,000,000,000,000 VST


Said Radzhabov - Managing Director

Jana Alieva - Business Development

Alex Strakh - Intelligent Contract Developer

Vlad Palamarchuk - Chief Technology Officer

Alina Bondar - Senior Back-End Developer

Max Tishchenko - Back End Developer

Yuriy Lysytsia - iOS Developer

Evgeniy Borisenko - Legal assistance

David Potier - Marketing Director

Daria Sabinina - Executive Director of Art

Max Kravchenko - Designer UX/UI


Wulf Kaal

Simon Cocking

Douglas Lyons

Reinhard Berger

Bojan Oremuž

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