TTC Protocol is a decentralized and token-incentivized social networking protocol for advanced social platforms based on blockchain technology. The TTC Protocol provides a dynamic social user experience by rewarding participant via TTC token.

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Social network users are rewarded for generating, distributing, and interacting with other users and their content therefore the number of end users grows then the TTC Protocol becomes more valuable making the commercial value of the TTC token increase.

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The TTC token (TTC) is a universal token based on blockchain for smart contracts distributed as rewards on a daily basis to users. Advertisers can promote brands and products through the TTC resulting to more profits of both users and advertisers. This encourages active users in making contributions and maintaining positive and consistent personal images on the platform.

Rewards are divided into three types:

= Content reward

For users who create high quality content and interact with content by liking, commenting, sharing, or reporting

= Reputation reward

For users with long term contribution and consistency through creating high quality content, and gaining recognition from others.

= Advertising reward

For users involved in promotional activities like watching advertisements, participating in themed campaigns, or customer surveys. Advertisers are given TTC tokens.

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Promotional campaign

An advertiser sets up a campaign that asks users to generate content that follows the campaign directions. Users making content for the campaign get rewarded according to how much other users interact with the content made.

Display advertisements

TTC tokens are awarded to users that watch displayed advertisement.

Customer survey

An advertiser selects a group of users to complete a customer survey. Users that participate in the survey get the rewards of the TTC tokens.


System identification

The system will automatically identify and quarantine a set of predetermined abnormal behaviors, such as repeating meaningless comments in short time span. Users exhibiting these behaviors would be exempt from reward disbursement.


When a particular piece of content is reported multiple times by several different users, the content’s determined value and chance of exposure drops dramatically. As a result, any content reward for the creator and those who interact with it would be minimized.


Any content that has been reported by a certain number of users will be automatically sent to an audit committee comprising users with comparatively higher standing within the TTC Protocol. If more than half of the committee members reach an unfavorable verdict as to the appropriateness of the content for the TTC Protocol, the content will be suspended from circulation while the content creator faces a decrease in reputation value. Conversely, the reporters and committee members who reached the verdict in favor of the reporter will receive an increase in reputation value. In the reverse verdict that rules for the content instead of against, the opposite will be true. Reporters and committee members will decrease in reputation value while the creator will increase in reputation value.


TTC token improves users experience via:

  1. Emoticons

Users can purchase emoticons developed bythird party contributors with TTC tokens.

  1. Chat bots

Third party chat bots can offer various services such as on-demand weather reports, up-to-date exchange rates, and other premium services.

  1. Private gifting

Once users follow one another, the chat feature is enabled. Users can send other users gifts of TTC tokens via private chat.

  1. Discount coupons

Users can use TTC tokens to purchase discount coupons for online and offline stores. Additional scenarios in other DAPPs might include bounty payments, interactive game earnings, special item purchases, and more.

  1. Polls

Users can use TTC tokens to start a poll that gathers general opinion on a specific topic. Poll participants are rewarded with TTC tokens.


TTC will be issued on ECH20 with a total of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion), of which 25% of the money will be sold for sale. ICO participants can purchase TTC with ETH in exchange.

1ETH = 4,000TTC

Nama Token: TTC

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC-20

Number of issues: 250,000,000

Pre-ICO: 10 pages 12 Mac 2018

Main-ICO: 10 am 26th Mac 2018


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  1. Token Sale 25%

250,000,000 TTC

  1. Rewarding Pool 25%

250,000,000 TTC

  1. Ecosystem Building 20%

200,000,000 TTC

  1. Foundation 20%

200,000,000 TTC

  1. Team 8%

80,000,000 TTC

  1. Old users & Bounty 2%

20,000,000 TTC


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Brian Cheng ~ President & Founder

Chase Chang ~ VP, Ekosistem

Yixiao Wang ~ Product Director

Yuanyong Zhai Technical Director ~

He is the Director of Steering Director

Director of Growth Jie Wu

Peng Liu Peng Peng

Xiangyang Wang Technical Chairman ~

Liang Zhang ~ Lead Teknikal

Yi Mo ~ The Right Product Manager

Bingqing Chen ~ Senior Product Manager

Shihao Guo ~ Pengurus Produk Kanan

Yunji Ma ~ Reka Major Shape

Kinds Regards, please ensure to join this great platform.






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