Evareium tokens are the ones that are asset-backed and have the hold of real estate preferably in United Arab Emirates. What these tokens actually do is to scrutinize and manage the real estate assets. Also, it supported overall by all the private investors because when they invest in the evareium tokens, their assets get all the benefits due to the fact that the goals that they had made are achieved with exemplary management skills and also they get the profits from the investments. The utility of evareium can be found in many sectors such as:
• Industries
• Hospitalities
• Short-stay oriented operations
• Educational institutes
• Leisure purposes.

The evareium tokens provide the following benefits to the investors:
• They provide multiple great opportunities for enhancing the capitals or for the improvement of the quality.
• The value of the acquisition is being added.
• The increase in number of opportunities allows the projects to go through developments and with short and clear timelines.
• Those assets are used which attract and gain the attention of the people.
• These include those ideal real estate where the rental tenants which are achieved are less than 10 and also they contacts the opportunity dates.

The strategies on which the evareium runs on are:
• The company of Evareium Investment Management Limited aims to maintain the private equity into the real estates by providing them with a decent management and discipline so that the demand for the token will get increased.
• The token to be used as a buying or a selling agent and the activities will be acknowledged through the use of smart contracts.
• These token will offer the best platform for a rapid, cheap, and private means for the investors to use the cryptocurrency to buy or sell the tokens.
• The buildings that will be resettled and remade will be both residential and potential.
• The assets which need a rapid sale will be offered the investments from these funds.
• Everything related to academics and health will be the ones to get invested on.
• Cheap housing along with their accommodating staff will be funded upon.
• Apartments that are serviced shall be included in the investment.
• Recycling old uses into a much better real estate usage so that it can get a better quality and a much higher rent.
• Media and technological companies or applications will also be included in the investment.

First ICO Release
The first ICO release was 1st March 2018:
The tokens that were on a sale : 30,000,000 restricted for just this release.
Beginning on: 1st March 2018
Ending on: 5 April 2018
Amount that was offered: Apparently, US$ 0.85 per 1 EVM token (reflecting 15% discount to US$ 1 par value) was changed by 1.25 percentage points each 7-days to 10% and at last at week 5 it was the end of this portion of release.
EVT’s bonus credits: 50% from 1st to 7th March
• : 45% from 8th to 14th March
• : 40% from 15th to 22nd March
• : 35% from 23rd to 29th March
• : 30% from 30th March to 5th April

Second ICO Release
The second token release will be on 6th April, 2018:
Number of tokens on sale: unlimited
Begin at: 6th April, 2018
Last at: 30th April still going on for the caution of the issue
Amount offered: US$ 1 per EVM token to US$ 1 par value
EVT’s bonus credits: 30 % from 6th to 12th April
• 25% from 13th to 19th April
• 15% from 19th April and still went on until the end of ITO (elongated according to the need)
Issuance of tokens: After the standard KYC/AML check
Accepted currency: BTC, ETH
Token standard: It is Ethereum ERC 20 which is being used through a smart contract.
There will be free token bonus for early investors in their Evareium Blockchain Utility Token (“EVT”). There will be free credit for the early IOT investors. Those investors who will hold their EVM will get EVT which will be launching soon in 2018 please check the road map for the more info.


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