Joy Gaming’s technology offers a novel solution to connect small developers, software houses, large casinos and players. It creates a gaming ecosystem that both empowers players and helps developers and casinos reduce risk.
The present Gaming condition is, all things considered, a reputation driven reputation worked by extended publicizing, To acquire and hold players, club are constrained to spend a ton of money to develop trust and reputation through brand care. In like manner, considerable club control redirection change. Players are constrained to trust this club in light of the nonappearance of straightforwardness suggests that players can not track their bets and thusly can not condemn the credibility of each bet. The smaller specialists furthermore persevere in light of the fact that they get somewhat level of the wage and face of the beguilement. Inconvenience circulating new preoccupations, for instance, nonappearance of direct salary and access to huge gaming stages.

Existing game market

The existing Gaming ecosystem is largely a reputation driven — a reputation built by an increase in advertising. To acquire and retain players, casinos are forced to spend large amounts of money to build trust and reputation through brand awareness. In addition, large casinos control game development. Players are forced to trust this casino because of the lack of transparency means players can not track the stakes and therefore can not judge the validity of each bet.

The smaller developers also suffer because they are paid in a small percentage of game revenue and face difficulties when publishing new games, such as: lack of direct revenue and access to major gaming platforms.

Joy Gaming Solutions

Joy Gaming solutions are blockchain based and allow developers to create games that run on their backend through smart contracts, not directly on blockchain. Since all results are recorded in blockchain, there is a much lower cheating. Thus the player can verify that the developer is running the game exactly as described on blockchain. Furthermore, game developers and home software can connect and integrate with liquidity providers, such as casinos, to provide direct access to their games. Both casinos and developers benefit from increased revenue and improved game innovation.

Token Sale

JoyTokens will be available for purchase on the Ethereal network as an ERC20 token. There is a current challenge with the token ERC20: if you send the token to Smart Contract, you must use the “approve + transfer form” function to initiate the transfer. But, if you send your token to an external address, you must use the “transfer” function. Unfortunately, if you make a mistake by using the function, then the money is lost.

Sample code for interface token ERC20

We are aware of this challenge and are working to ensure that it will not happen to our Clients. We plan to upgrade to the new and developed ERC223 standard (once fully developed). ERC223 has a new feature that triggers, in the case of scenarios described above, and the money is automatically sent back to the client.

Token sales structure

● Cryptocurrency diterima: Eter
● Hard-cap: JoyToken on sale has a hard cap [].
●Soft-cap: JoyToken on sale has a soft cover []. If the amount raised below, the offer is considered a failure.

Time scale: starts in [] and lasts up to 31 days or before all tokens are distributed.

● Oversubscription: when JoyToken bids increase more than [], token sales will be closed soon. There is a possibility of oversubscription. In such event, the amount of funds exceeded will be refunded within 15 days after the closing of the token sale. Please note that no interest will be paid in the case.
● Failure: If the token sale does not touch the soft-stamp, it will be considered a failed token sale. In such case, the offer shall terminate immediately with the amount of funds exceeding within 15 days after the token sale closes. Please note that no interest will be paid in the case.
● Other Risks: The token sale involves a number of other risks described in the Personal Placement Memorandum (PPM) that accompany the goods sales document. These risks include, but are not limited to, the potential for loss of value in tokens, inability to resell tokens, failure to develop Joy Gaming networks, and viability of technology risk. Readers are urged to read the PPM for a fuller explanation of the risks and get the right advice before continuing to invest.


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