Africa is a huge continent, where more than a billion people live. From an economic point of view, this is a very promising region. Now there are more and more solutions to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the hottest continent. One of these ideas will be discussed in this article.
The L-Pesa project is a financial crypto-exchange platform. L-Pesa will allow the inhabitants of Africa not only to use the services of money transfer and withdrawal, but will also provide an opportunity to receive microloans without filling a huge number of documents, avoiding a long wait for a response from the bank. All you need is to have a phone with a mobile application.
This project is capable of a truly revolutionary breakthrough. That's why participation in L-Pesa ICO can be an excellent investment. The team will release its own Kripton token, which has all chances for a great future. It may well be that the truth is in the statement of the creators: "L-Pesa - bitcoin for Africa" ​​is. Therefore, everyone can join the company.

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