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BITPENTA — The trust contract based investments platform

A UK registered company, BitPenta Limited is an online trading platform. BitPenta specializes in the trading of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining solutions.

BitPenta has been in this business for more than a decade now, trading on Forex and Stock Markets with private clients since 2005. Our professional traders have more than 12 years experience in Forex and Stock Market and since 2013 they have been trading full time in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Trading Trading cryptocurrency in its simplest form is buying and selling of currencies; betting on the changing price difference between different currencies. Sharp price movements combined with leverage and experience of our professionals can quickly produce substantial results. When trading with BitPenta, you are trading only on the price change of the digital coin and not physically purchasing it.

Bitpenta will bear all these losses for you as we are here to provide you a safe and reliable income, professional Bitpenta traders have 10 to 15 years of experience in forex and stock markets and now these professionals are trading full time on critical crypto since 2013, so they have a tight grip on daily, medium, and long-term trades.

ico Bitpenta raises funds to invest in trade and the mining sector to increase daily and secure revenue with loyal professionals

The most funding we will collect from ico is to instill in the mining sector to secure secure profits and make the business to a new level for our clients. Bitpenta finds the best place in the world for the most part for profitable mining. so Any responsibility now is on our shoulders, you do not have to worry about one thing and one cent now your penny will be secure on a secure platform that is fully managed by Bitpenta

BitPenta Excess

Get your payment as soon as the request is made through our automated system without any restrictions.
Fortunately per hour
Invest with a minimum of 0.001 BTC to an unlimited maximum and earnprofit every hour forever through our profitable investment plan.
User Friendly Interface
BitPenta Limited designed the platform to be easy and easy to use.
Registered Company
BitPenta Limited is a UK registered company. This is verified by combining the number 11054604
24/7 Support
BitPenta is fully an automated platform and provides 24/7 client monitoring and support services.
Flexible International Group
BitPenta deploys its business globally to ensure the multi-vector nature and reliability of investment decisions.
Bitpenta Initial Coin Offering

Our ICO is raising funds to invest in trading and mining sector to boost daily and secure income with our loyal and experienced professionals. We are going to raise funds for future revenue for our beloved clients and for other individuals who have always had good faith on our professional and high-skilled team

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BitPenta is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and manage their BitPenta tokens using existing Ethereum clients including the official Ethereum Wallet, Mist, Parity,, or MetaMask. Do not send ETH from any exchange wallet or purse that you do not control the private key. We recommend MyEtherWallet or Metamask or a wallet that you control the free t key

BitPenta Token

Token name: BITPENTA
Symbol Token : PENTA
Price: 1 ETH = 1400 PENTA
Total Suplay: 9.000.000 PENTA
Pre Sales:

Pre Sale starting from 27 March 2018–2 April 2018
token price 1 ETH = 1400 x bonus 32% = 1848 Penta
Supply untuk pre sale 1,800,000 Penta + 32% bonus(576,000 penta) = 2,376,000 Penta
Public Sales

from April 2 to April 15
the token price is 1 ETH = 1400
No bonuses
Supply 5,670,000
Penta Token Developer & Distribution Team

Funds obtained from ICO will be used to develop the various sectors of the BitPenta platform.

  1. Mining & Trade Development: 70%

The main part of the funding we will collect from ICO will be applied to the mining sector to secure a secure profit and take the business to a higher level for our clients.

  1. Marketing: 10%

10% of the funds we will collect from ICO will be implemented in the marketing sector. The cryptocoin market is too crowded and to be the best, we will need unique and effective marketing with us.

  1. Litigation: 9%

9% of the funding we will collect from ICO will be implemented in the litigation sector. Because cryptocurrency is a new and growing field of law, it is important to keep working in the Litigation and Settlement section to help with controversial issues.

  1. Security: 11%

11% of the funding we will collect from ICO will be implemented in the security sector to make the BitPenta platform more secure and secure so that no security breach or theft of cryptocurrency currency is owned.


MARCH 2005 OFFLINE Business Operation starts

APRIL 2017 Formed Online Investment & Referal plans

MAY 2017 Development Starts for online project

MARCH 2018 ICO Launched

APRIL 2018 BitPenta Token available for trade on exchanges BitPenta Token will be avaiable for trade on exchanges right after the ICO ends.


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