TRU REPUTATION NETWORK operates based on blockchain technology through decentralized total transparency enables users to review true digital reputation.
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The Tru Reputation network is based on:

• Tru Feedback Algorithm

• Proof Of Reputation

• Semantic Terms

• Rewarding contributions and charging for consumption

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Authentic Reputation

All feedback received by the Tru Reputation Network is linked to a transaction ensuring the authenticity of the Reputation for every participant in the Tru Reputation Network.

Qualified Participants

By requiring that all feedback be linked to a transaction between two or more parties, the Tru Reputation Network ensures that all parties providing Feedback were involved, preventing fake feedback.

Mutual Feedback

By requiring all parties involved in a transaction provide feedback to the Tru Reputation Network, it allows both sides to offer their feedback ensuring best behaviour when providing feedback.

Persistent Reputation

The Tru Reputation Protocol allows you persist your Reputation beyond single platforms to all platforms in the Tru Reputation Network.

Patent Pending Algorithm

By leveraging the patent pending the Semantic Term Feedback Algorithm, the Tru Reputation Protocol enables Reputation that uses easy to understand, simple feedback that is resistant to bots and fake reviews.

Reward Driven

Each party that provides feedback within the Tru Reputation Network receives Tru Reputation Tokens. Tru Reputation Tokens are in turn required by 3rd parties wishing to query the Tru Reputation Network ensuring value for your effort.


The Tru Reputation Protocol provides the capability to localise any Reputation to any written language automatically enabling international commerce by removing the barriers of communication.


Tru Reputation Protocol reputation data is transparently immutable and non-repudiable ensuring the highest levels of trust in the feedback within the Tru Reputation Network.


  1. Transaction occurs between two or more parties on a Platform in the Tru Reputation Network. A Transaction could be an exchange of currency on a Exchange Platform, an exchange of money for service performed, or buying a product.

  2. At the conclusion of the Transaction each party involved selects Semantic Terms Feedback. This feedback is submitted to the Tru Reputation Network where it is is linked their Tru Reputation Profile but inaccessible to anyone but the parties involved until Consensus Wait Stage is complete.

  3. Once Private Reporting Stage has been submitted completed, a reporting consensus period of 7 days occurs. If neither side raises an object to the Semantic Terms Feedback submitted, once this time period elapses, the Semantic Terms Feedback becomes visible for each party through any searches against the Tru Reputation Network.

  4. Once the the Consensus Wait Stage is complete, the Semantic Terms Feedback becomes publicly searchable against their Tru Reputation Profile.

  5. Once the Consensus Wait Stage is complete, Tru Reputation Tokens (TRU) are distributed equally to the parties involved in the Transaction (including the Platform participating in Tru Reputation Network). TRU is required to query the Tru Reputation Network data.

  6. Once the Public Reporting Stage occurs, your Reputation is visible for anyone to search for using the Tru Reputation Network. This allows you to persist your Reputation across any Platform in the Tru Reputation Network - from Crypto exchanges, to Web retail sites.

  7. Because TRU is required by any entity that wants to query the Tru Reputation Network it can be traded, sold and exchanged. Earn for participating in the Tru Reputation Network and monetize your input & Reputation. If an objection is raised, an automated resolution mechanism is triggered, that seeks to resolve the dispute.


Tru Reputation Token (TRU) is an ERC20-tompatible token. The token sale is split into two distinct sales; a pre-sale was held in the first quarter of 2018 and a crowd sale for the remaining tokens will be held in the second quarter of 2018.

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