About BitSchool
BitSchool is the world’s first integrated eLearning platform that provides seamless connection and synergies between learning, Teaching and AI Study Guides with the purpose and mission of realizing a perfect personalized eco-learning system.
Teaching Learning AI eLearning

Personalized learning is the ultimate goal for anyone in the field of education and this is driving the recent surge of effort to apply high technology like AI to education or the emergence of various educational platforms like les or MOOC. However, at BitSchool, we are convinced that true and ideal individual learning is difficult to achieve by taking over a separate approach and can only be achieved through integrating AI learning with Teaching and Teaching. This integration is based on BitSchool’s philosophy that its numbers are forever greater than those of its parts and it appears how its application in educational reality.
Features owned by BitSchool
AI Adaptive Assessment
Adaptively arranges the problem for each question to ensure students are challenged and motivated
Adaptive Learning Plan
Recommended course activities and customized timings depend on the needs of the class
Adaptive Video Technology
Bringing videos tailored to students’ needs, style, and pathways
Generation of Automatic PLC
Displays the exact level of knowledge of each student down to the micro level of each sub topic studied
Dynamic Marking System
Allows classroom teachers, co-workers, paid tutors and task assessments automatically without hindrances
Gamified Learning
Levels, points, rewards and more are used to increase student engagement and impulse
On-Demand Tutor Service
Anyone can want spontaneous micro-lessons for topics or special cases where fittings are charged per minute
BitSchool Bidding System
Two-way Bid Systems bear the best prices for students and tutors
Provides comparable learning opportunities for low-income students around the world
That’s the feature offered by the BitSchool project, If you want to ask about the simulation .. can click here > AISimulation
Blockchain-powered platform

Blockchain is an integral member derived from BitSchool’s business type because it runs the launch, extends and performs the goodness of BitSchool! Blockchain is a BitSchool startup cost through token sales, it is possible BitSchool to expand through innovative Rensum Token Programs and ensure transparent transactions, and empower GoGreenFund BitSchool to contribute to bringing about similar study opportunities in our world.
Diagram Vennchool Venn

By integrating eLearning AI with online tutoring, BitSchool broadens its customer base beyond learners to teachers and tutors. This wide customer base makes BitSchool a very powerful type of business both from marketing and financial factors. The Venn diagram below illustrates that more than 87% of the products and BitSchool tools count towards targeting teachers (including schools) and tutors
About Token Economy
~> Sell
The AI eLearning application consists of more than 6 innovative products
Global services and product tutoring
On-Demand Tutoring Services
Integrated Web Solutions for efficient online lectures
~> Save
50% purchase price of AI eLearning application
50% of the purchase price of Integrated Web Solutions
With In-Purchase Discounts for AI’s Wholesale eLearning Packages (School Clients only)
~> Earn
By feeding study questions, answers, and feedback to the AI Database
By referring tutors, teachers, and customers to BitSchool
By volunteering your talent
By applying for a Scholarship (must be qualified as a Low-Income Student)
By leaving a service or customer experience review
By providing additional valuable contributions or ideas to improve the
BitSchool Platform
By promoting BitSchool in all the world
Embedded Options

Token stability is too necessary for the consistent growth of BitSchool. Therefore, to achieve and maintain the stability of the Token value, the value of the Token to AI BitSchool Product will remain at maximum [current Token market value, final value of ICO Token]] (larger take on both values) for the first year follow launch of BitSchool Platform. This scheme will act as an effective counter action on fluctuations in Token values that are not related to the actual performance of the BitSchool Platform but are compelled by speculative market movements. Especially if the put option is combined with the 50% discount given to the Token transaction for AI product, the Token to AI product value equals or exceeds twice the current Token market value. We assume the final value of ICO is $ 0.2
Roadmap Financial

BitSchool targets the international online tutoring market and the global eLearning market, and this makes BitSchool a very attractive business model both in finance and marketing. The international les and eLearning markets are expected to show strong growth of 14% each and CAGR 5% to 2021, and their combined earnings are expected to reach $ 376 billion in th. 2021. 2018 will be the perfect time to launch BitSchool
Project Roadmap

Token Distribution

Distribusi Token

Token Sales Distribution

Information :
Total Token Supply 400,000,000 BSCH
Minimum Achievement of 4,000,000 Tokens
Maximum Achievement 300,000,000 Tokens
Token Price: 1 ETH = 6,000 Token
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