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BitSchool's ideas and designs are focused on capitalizing on the opportunities brought by the latest high-tech advances rather than solving contemporary problems. Most importantly, BitSchool aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), Location-Based Technology, and Blockchain to advance the global education paradigm This has always been one of the most important educational goals
provides personalized learning tailored to the level of proficiency and student needs per topic, sub topic or topic. However, as teachers have to deal with the educational needs of some students in the classroom and as tutors do not have enough time to get to know their customers in a relatively short period of coaching, it is in fact not always easy to match the specific educational needs of students or subscriber les.

BitSchool leverages AI technology to provide the most ideal way for teachers and tutors to assess the level of learners' mastery over certain topics, sub topics or subjects, and thus help provide a perfect student learning experience. Furthermore, BitSchool will advance AI technology to include Dynamic Marking System
and Adaptive Video Technology, among others, which will not only significantly improve BitSchool's
personal learning capabilities, but also create an ideal independent learning environment for learners.

Innovative Reward Program
One of the biggest problems and online home tutoring jobs or eLearning platform is promoting
brand and expand its user base as quickly as possible. In this case, the adoption of Blockchain into the BitSchool Platform is powerful, and it is an important factor of differentiation and competitive advantage. Through a process called 'Tokening' (see '4.15 Tokening'), teachers, tutors or customers may obtain tokens in return by contributing to the development of BitSchool including but not limited to new tutor / customer references, donating data to AI Databases, and organizing activities social for BitSchool promotion. The rewards are only 5 Probably because BitSchool is based on blockchain technology and they are expected to help significantly increase interest and participation in BitSchool.

Token Sales Plan
• Token inventory amount: 400,000,000 Token
• Max Cap (Max Public Funding Target): 300,000,000 Token
• Min Cap (Min Public Funding Target): 4.000.000 Token
• Token Name: BitSchool Token (BSCH)
• Token exchange rate : 1ETH = 6000 Token
• Coin fund: ETH
• Minimum purchase: 0.01ETH
• Official Smart Contract Address: The details of BitSchool's smart contract (wallet) address to receive Eter will be announced at least 48 hours prior to commencement of presale and crowdsale respectively.
Max Cap only declares the purpose of BitSchool crowdsale and is not a necessity to start the development and launch of the BitSchool Platform. If successfully hit Max Cap, we will get sufficient funds to develop advanced AI products that include learning machinelearning capabilities, all the requirements of our guidance service platform, our global shaping operations, and executing aggressive global marketing strategies. If the BitSchool crowdsale reaches Min Cap, we can still develop our tutoring platform and AI prototypes base, but may also have to rely on talent contributions and reach other sources of funding.

Team members
Bad Edwards: CMO
Has worked in the field of marketing, brand management, database marketing and research markets for telecommunications, IT, satellite TV and fast consumer goods industries in UK and Indonesia Asia. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science, BSc (Honors) in Operational
Research with Computing from the University of Leeds, UK and a Postgraduate in ICT teaching. Currently, Head of Computer Studies at a UK High School and a teacher in IT and Computer Science. Bad has been in the education industry for 15 years.

Evan Stanfield: Marketing Manager
Evan is a Digital Marketing Specialist, Web Analyst, and Graphic Designer with over decades of experience with expertise in print design, digital campaign creation, and identifying cross-figure correlations With a brand marketing background, graphic analysis and design in one Indonesia's leading educational production company and one of the leading behavioral healthcare providers in Los Angeles, Evan has created a skill that allows it to remember every target audience.

Deok Gun Park: Chief Architect of AI
Bebek received BS in electrical engineering and MS in biomedical engineering at Seoul National University, Korea. Before coming to the US to get his PhD, Duck mainly works in IT Architect positions at IT startups. He will receive a PhD in computer science at the University of Maryland in May 2018 and have been sequestered at Google, IBM Watson, and MS. His research and expertise fields include Visual Analytics, Text Mining, and Artificial General Intelligence. Duck will head and become the core designer of R & D Center AI BitSchool.

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