About Betex

Betex is a Blockchain P2P Basic financing plan that consists of innovating financial differences such as the use of contracts of ethical origin. The reason will probably have the option to be restarted more quickly.

In view of this, Betex is the only platform, where almost 100% of the funds are distorted among successful manufacturers. To some extent, as a project manager, you don't get involved in anything. This provides the project with a certain amount of equity. In reality, Betex only makes 5% profit from fundraising, of which 2.5% is reduced to BETEX resources.

Advantages of Betex


Blockchain technology will provide open access to information at any time, providing a transparent process, accurate data, fair and equitable conditions.

Fair payment.

Whatever the result of your bet, we receive a winnings for the service alone.

General Liquidity Association.

The objective is to consolidate the maximum liquidity of derivative markets by creating a common set of liquidity for each trading resource rather than creating multiples.

White label for runners.

This system will allow you to quickly connect brokers that help maintain high liquidity and provide an increase in platform turnover in a short period of time and at a low price.

Access without a deposit.

Users of the platform will have instant access to all its functions and resources without having to make any kind of deposit.

Instant payments.

Payments will be automatically released through smart contracts directly into your ETH portfolio, ensuring immediate withdrawal without delay or cancellation.

Reference system.

The platform will offer a unique referral program. The broker will choose the size of the bonus and it will generally be equal to 0.5%. Therefore, the user can obtain up to 0.5% of a person's turnover.

Self-financing model.

0.5% of the global turnover will be used to support the platform and its development.


The Betex platform is designed to increase the load, this will not affect the performance of the platform. This is achieved through the correct organization of intellectual contracts, built-in architecture and hardware platform.

AWS infrastructure.

Placing the infrastructure on Amazon will provide a high level of reliability, hardware scale, speed of content delivery anywhere in the world.

Platform Ecosystem

Basically, you can get an interface with the Betex community and be a:

  1. Trader

Customers can obtain and partner with Betex through:

Web-based interface: ready;

Mobile applications: under development;

Desktop applications: under development

  1. Investor

Financial specialists can interact with the stage through their own dashboard where both general general points and stage speculators are stored. After the principle BETEX Sale of Token BETEX token holders will get their offer of the benefit of the stage made on commission. The number of tokens they own will specifically characterize their offer of the total measure of dispersion made to the token holders.

  1. Corridor

In the first quarter of 2018, representatives will be offered a ready-to-use agreement that will allow them to connect to the stage through a well-known vital white label seal. As such, it will be conceivable to quickly execute each of the platform's instruments and frameworks with a particular client base and facilitator space. Similarly, Betex Lab Limited, as a stage engineer, will provide interviews and specialized assistance.



Launch and test of the p2p binary options platform (MVP) on the test network;


Design of the web interface of the p2p sports betting section;


Commercial launch of Betex, the p2p binary options platform;

Development of the list of available trading pairs;

Launch and testing of the MVP section for p2p sports betting on the test network;

Development and testing of the mobile application for Android / iOS / desktop / statistics section / control panel;

Commercial launch of the p2p sports betting section;

Connection of the first intermediaries to the platform;

Development of an API for operating bots;

Launch of the mobile application for Android / iOS, desktop client;


Development and connection of API FIX;

Development of the p2p betting section in irregular events;

Network scaling and/or transfer to a more efficient block chain;

Launch of the section for p2p betting on irregular events;


Expansion and adaptation of the global market;

Break-even project.

About Token and ICO

Symbol: BETEX

ICO period: 1 March 2018 to 31 March 2018

Platform: Ethereum

Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC

Total supply: 10m BETEX

Price: 1 Betex = $ 3

Minimum purchase is 0.5 ETH or 0.05 BTC.

All participants will pass through KYC


Website: https://betexlab.com/

Whitepaper: https://betexlab.com/ico/betex-wp.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ betex_tokens

Telegram: https: //t.me/betex_ico

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Betex-Lab-108138139938618/

Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1893379