Blockchain technology and crytptocurrency adoption is going mainstream, but there are little set backs and challenges faced each day by users while trying to make transactions. These challenges include the complex and tedious nature of moving funds from one place to the other before finally completing a set transaction.
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The CoinMetro Ecosystem will include

A quick and intuitive exchange.
A trading platform rich in features that offers unique opportunities for investment in digital assets.
A turnkey solution from ICO Express.

All services can be accessed through an optimized web application with an impressive user interface, fully integrated with leading blockchain platforms in the industry.CoinMetro will price all services using our own digital ERC20 utility token, called COIN.

Our vision is that newcomers to the digital economy can start buying their first Bitcoin instantly through our simple and support platform. Professional operators will enjoy a fast, secure and highly flexible environment that integrates family functions in our digital asset ecosystem. CoinMetro will also offer innovative investment models, such as our Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) platform and an Exchange-Traded Crypto Fund (ETCF) with the aim of providing users with access to digital asset diversification options with one click.

The complete bonus structure available in the ecosphere selling tokens.
Benefit as an initiate.
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An exciting business opportunity should come with equally exciting rewards. Early adopters can earn up to a 500% bonus based on the final COIN value if we reach our maximum limit of 300,000,000 COIN during our planned token sales event.

More than just a price jump.

The Token Sale CoinMetro events are unique in that they offer tiered bonuses that include not only a growing token price but also lifetime discounts on both CoinMetro and FXPIG, a commitment on our part to support our token liquidity and future value, as well as-as access to futures- Sale of Token sale.

The pre-token sale price will start at 0.03 EUR. The price will increase by 0.02 EUR after every 12.5M of COINS is sold. The hard cap is set to 50M. Token selling prices will start at 0.11 EUR (in case the previous sale to the token runs out) and will increase by 0.01 EUR for each 50M soft cap. The maximum limit for the sale of tokens is set at 300M (including 50M of the Sale prior to the token). The final price of COIN during the last softness of the main sale of tokens will be linked to 0.15 euro cents per coin.

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