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MIDEX is that the initial innovative cryptocurrency finance platform supported Blockchain Technology supported Smart-Contract. it's calculable that MIDEX is going to be the primary cryptocurrency bank, comprising ancient bank merchandise, the most recent digital technology. , huge knowledge and net stuff. MIDEX was established to bring the cryptocurrency market into a stable, clear and accessible state.
The launch of Midex is a crucial event for the whole international economy because it makes the crypto-ecosystem stable, clear and accessible.
The Midex infrastructure relies on a standard principle, that facilitates this project. The module relies on a multi-level and decentralized knowledge warehouse that operates on obstruction technology. encryption and multi-stage client identification with the assistance of reticulate tools offer high system security.
In Midex, you can quickly access the extensive crypto currency market on a legal basis.

External accounts can be connected.
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Several crypto-currency exchanges and financial accounts can be effectively linked.

Exchange of various crypto-currencies on one platform.
This gives you the opportunity to deal with several crypto-currency markets in a single unified platform for placing primary coins. Different markets can quickly exchange assets.

A collection of stock quotes.
Exchange rates for cryptocurrency can be accurately monitored in advanced mode.

Security in Midex.
The Midex security system is unrivaled. All potential threats are taken into account.

The principle of cold storage.
In cold wallets, they store the underlying assets in crypto, which are separated from the Internet. In the case of daily operations, wallets are regularly aggregated.
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Midex is developed for all and to convey benefits for every kind of users. For investors, you'll be able to manage your plus quicker, easier, and safer, access to the exchange, support from the knowledgeable, and plenty of additional. This platform is additionally helpful for business homeowners to use cryptocurrencies lawfully and versatile.

Moreover, you'll be able to exchange crypto and act currencies anytime you wish. API system provides you with the multi-currency payment system and safety transactions. As a dealer, you have got the multi-currency platform for mercantilism. you'll be able to simply manage your plus higher by mistreatment single account solely. for private users, you'll be able to exchange cryptocurrency and electronic cash anytime you wish whereas managing it well. you'll be able to additionally use it for varied functions a bit like once you use the standard cash.
Midex could be a safe and cozy platform attributable to the employment of many options. as an example, blockchain is employed to secure the complete system by giving further protection.
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The platform is additionally supported by biometry thus you'll be able to verify your account and any user’s actions safely. API technology provides you with a system which may exchange completely different cryptocurrency.
Blocked and franchised contracts.
The midex company widely uses the technology of locks ICOs. Thus, financial data can never be lost or replaced.

Token Information
Pre-sale of Midex coins is currently active. Pre-sales will continue to be active between January 15, 2018 and February 15, 2018. Then the main sales phase will follow and it is planned to run until April 15, 2018. 85% of the total MDX tokens to be produced will be offered to the public during the sales period. Three other 5% parts will be distributed under the Midex Team, Consultants and Award campaign.
Token Details
Token Name : MDX Tokens
Token price : 0.00189 ETH for 1 MDX token
Token Protocol : ETH / ERC-20

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